Mar 17, 2011

Why Am I Here!

zzzz snore....ya that's how my mood is...sitting idly with nothing to do am almost writing with one eye open...hiding behind a pillar from the eyes of the world....

ok so with a brief intro given up here, i would like to add a few things to it...i am damn lazy..With two failed attempts of writing i didn't fail to create one...i failed to keep it back again with  determination to keep it updated.One of my closest friends wants to know what goes on in my head ...what is it that am involved with ....what is it that makes my life 'so-called' interesting...

So i thought why not....i can write all that happens in my life..all that i find interesting...all that i wish to share with people...

Am a person who would call up or text my friends to convey my thoughts, sometimes or i think always unasked advices(and still not feel guilty about it he he  because i am always right!!)....i am not the ones who would sit down and write an essay of my thoughts...but since my fans insist i think of doing it..(think??? duh!! u have already started)

To begin with i wasted two weeks thinking about what would be the name of my blog...i couldn't restrict my blog to one single topic...i want to include all the crap and all the topics under one what other name better than "this and that???"

and my blog address which goes as zindagi unlimited is because  i feel there no boundaries of living life...just live it...don't restrict it ; just live it......

I feel if people would have been giving  a penny for my thoughts then i would have been a millionaire by now :):);)

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  1. i agree you are damn lazy, with all the sms lingo you use in your post, you are justifying it!! :)


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