Mar 27, 2011

In the Quest For a True Musician

Being bored with thoughts of how to spend a weekend i came up with an idea of pursuing my passion for music.I had discontinued my music classes for reasons unknown even to me.And then came the thought of hunting a new music guru who could teach me music according to my terms and conditions.And I had one of  ma friends too in the same mission.We started our hunt for this new music guru and finally ended up shortlisting one.(the list just had one guru sigh!!!)With no proper address ,no name we set out on this mission of finding our Great Guru who would enlighten us with his divine music rendition. We toured entire dombivli (thats where I live) and after gulping down a glass of Coke Float reached his academy somehow.I noticed there was such a small notice board which no one would ever notice.

Entering the building and after knocking many doors we finally came to our so called renowned institution and we were greeted by an old lady who asked us to be seated.The room was filled with musical instruments like Veena ,harmonium and i was too eager to meet our sir.I and my friend was discussing the lipstick color she had applied and we were disturbed by this fellow aged 35- 40

The first question he asked me was "are u a southie?".I was not dressed in anyway like a typical south indian would do.I was like "yes".Then he asked my friend " and u??".She was like "I am  Marathi".He was very impressed and got involved in a conversation with her.He mistook  that i dont know the language and was like talking in his mother tongue which was marathi and then just stopped to ask me "Do you understand Marathi?". He was more interested in our surnames and was very impressed with my friends typical "KAR" as a suffix surname.Then he turned to me and he was like  are u from Mumbai or Karnataka when i told him i had undertaken training in Carnatic Music for 9 years.The rest of the conversation that we had fell on  deaf ears.
Now when we came out my friend was very impressed with him.He didn't impress me nor did his talks.I am writing this for her to know the reasons why i wouldn't want to be in his class keeping apart his laurels in the field of music.
1)the first and foremost reason being I am not a South Indian am first an Indian born on the soil of my very own Mumbai;very own in the same way like every other Mumbaikar does
2) Secondly ,i would like to put my thought through the medium of this song

Sangeet jaaye sarhad ke paar
Sangeet mein hai aisi fuhaar
Pathjhad mein bhi jo laaye bahaar
Sangeet ko naa roke deewar
Sangeet jaaye sarhad ke paar
Ho, sangeet maane naa dharm jaat
Sangeet maane naa dharm jaat
Sangeet se judi kaaynaat
 {this song means music has no can be heard everywhere .
.it can cross the mountains and rivers irrespective of which country it belongs.}
3)Thirdly music has no prejudices,Music is behind the boundaries of religion caste and creed. Music cannot be stopped.No air, no water, no force can stop the power of music.

4)A true artist is next to GOD.He doesn't understand religion.For him everything and everyone is the same.An artist should never mind whom his audiences are ,since the applause sounds the same from whomever it comes.You can never distinguish a clap from whom it has come ...can you??

5)And yes even though am a south indian i can sing Marathi songs which most of my Marathi friends cannot.Given a chance i would have proved it to him and would have made him realize music is no ones possession.No one can label music with religion and caste.

I believe a person who understands this and follows this is a true artist no matter how partial or loyal you are to your birthplace.Being a dancer i would not mind if i have to break into a Lavni or Kuchipudi because my legs would still  tap to the music even if am a bengali or am a marathi if i truly like the dance or the music .So sirjee aapko pranam(gudbye sir)....

Still in search of that true artist who would teach me.....


  1. it wud have been great to c his reaction if he wud hav heard u sing in Marathi..!!! :)

  2. @chandrika -thanku so just came from ma heart since i was really hurt by the mentality of people .

    @suneal-yeah i shud have got an opportunity then iwould have proved him wrong :)

  3. All the best to you to find your true guru. I agree about all the points you have mentioned in your rejection of the said guru. Music should truly be above all the petty considerations of region and language.

  4. @zephyr- thanku so much...... :)
    i hope i find one soon :)


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