Images have been taken from various sources in Google


Images have been taken from various sources in Google


Images have been taken from various sources in Google


Images have been taken from various sources in Google


Images have been taken from various sources in Google


Images have been taken from various sources in Google


Images have been taken from various sources in Google

Feb 26, 2013

My Voice Woes !!!

Not very sure as of now what would be your reaction when you call me for the first time and you hear me say "Hello" .For the first timers , i always try to warn them or rather alert them not to hang up if they hear a male voice from the other end.If you hear a male voice that is definitely me .And my dad never bothers to answer my calls since he has better things in life to do ;)Now what makes me say this..
I have always felt i have got a hoarse voice. Some say its sexy, some say its husky and some say i sound like rani mukherjee (now that's quite a compliment *blushes*) and some call me SIR. yeah don't be shocked. The first time someone addressed me as SIR on the phone and i was like "Dude , am miss chitra " .And then suddenly the string of apologies  poured  in. Initially it was once in a month where people addressed me as SIR and i took the pains of correcting them. Now every other call i am being addressed as SIR and it has stopped affecting me. It's not that i haven't tried to change them or rather correct them ; it's just that some are born dim wits.
I would want to share some of the wonderful conversations i have had in all these years .I have classified my callers into different categories.
1) The over-smart caller:
During a promotional Call
Salesperson :Hello
Chitra : Hi !!
Sales person :Sir , we have a new product ..blah blah.May i know your name please
Chitra :grrrr!!! My name is Chitra Nair (hoping that telling my name would stop him from calling me SIR)
Sales Person :Oh ok!!
Chitra :Heaves a sigh of relief.
Sales Person : So Mr.Chitr Nair (gobbles up the letter "a" in my name coz he thinks chitra cant be a guy's name ...idiot!!!)
Chitra :WTF!! its Chitra!!AM MISS CHITRA!! DO YOU GET ME???
He bags the oversmart caller award for his usage of his nonexistent brain.
2) The shy and ever giggly caller (the most irritating of all the types)
Chitra : Hi !!
Sales person :Sir , we have a new product ..blah blah.May i know your name please
Chitra :grrrr!!! My name is Chitra Nair
Sales Person :Oh ok!!
Chitra :Heaves a sigh of relief.
Sales Person : Sir aapko airtel k blah blah
Chitra : Am miss Chitra Nair.MISS HU MAIN!!!
Sales person: (Breaks into giggles and eventually laughs as if this was the most              humorous joke she had ever heard(BITCH!!!)) After she was done with her stupid giggling act She blurts out
"Aap MISS ho ?(giggles) Sorry MAM!!!"
I bang the phone down.

3)The most intelligent types: They never call me SIR
Here goes the conversation
Sales : hello
Chitra :Hey
Sales : mam, we have a new offer blah blah
Chitra :*feels like planting a kiss on the cheeks of the caller for being one among the very few who call me mam*

4)The ones who have fallen in love with me :This happened when i was in my college 
Receives a call from a group of gals and here goes the conversation
Chitra :yeah hello!!
Chitra :HEllooowwwwwwww
Gal :I love you
Chitra :Really ?
Gal :yes!!right from day one.
Chitra :WTF!!! you have fallen in love with a gal? Who the hell gave you my number?
Gal :Aap ladki ho?
Chitra  :*Disconnected*

I am proud of the voice quality that i have ,i don't  give a damn about what these people address me, these days..But yes!! it has put quite a lot of my friends in trouble too. For eg . i still remember a friend of mine telling me not to call her on her landline number   because her dad wouldn't spare her if guys called her up. 
I was shocked when i had called another friend on her landline number and her dad had received the call. Conversation went this way
Chitra :Hello
Dad : hello
Chitra:Uncle ,  S hai?
Dad : hai,par tum kaun?
Chitra : her friend
Dad (passes phone to daughter and says) : eka mulane tula call kela aahe
* the moment where in i wished the world ended *
I also called up a suspicious husband of a friend to convince him that his wife was out with me and not with a guy.In a fit of anger i failed to realise that i sounded like a male for many and very few realise its a gal  at the other end. During the call the only statement i heard  from his end was " hmmm,ok ok" as if he was analysing whether it was a gal or guy. I noticed he had a sweeter voice than mine. banged the phone down only to realise that, my call was the last nail in the coffin.
The other set of compliment that i have got after a singing performance was "Were you singing the male part too ?"  my lips uttered  a pleasant NO whereas my mind would say ,"YES!! you moron!! don't even know to differentiate ...what the hell are you doing on earth!!GET LOST".
I feel my voice is sexy and i think am the only one who feels so :P  But the day isnt far when i would respond to  "SIR" and fail to respond to "Madame!!
 WARNING: Next time you call me and you address me as SIR, I swear that would be the last time you ever said SIR !!All the airtel,bpl,lic callers i swear am going to sue you for changing my sex as per your own wish!! !


Feb 17, 2013

Writing To Me is....

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda

As I have said innumerable times, the very reason why I started writing is because a friend of mine was terribly frustrated with my constant banter and wanted me to shut my mouth somehow.So he suggested , why don't you pen down your thoughts when you have so much to talk about.That would be soothing for our ears too. And that's when I wondered why don't I take up to writing. And that's how my blog was born. I then took to writing on a serious note. I had tried writing once before this and I had failed miserably. Not because my number of followers were less; it was just that I wasn't addicted to it as I am now.
In the initial days of zindagiunlimited(my blog)I would write anything that would cross my mind. Had a fight with boss write it down, had a fight with a friend write it down. As the blog grew gradually and took its baby steps, you would notice that my posts became more sensible. Naive and a fresher in the writing field my posts scream out  lack of finesse. Opinions kept flowing in, my posts started improving, the readers increased, it gave boost to my confidence. I may not be a great writer but my blog ,my writings remind me or rather inspire me that someday your hard work would be rewarded. So keep working hard.
I always wanted to be a doctor but I turned out to be an engineer which I never wanted to be. Life has its own plans.Apart from the failed ambition of being a doctor ,I always nursed a dream of being a writer, a journo.I didn't know how to start , where to start. Studies took over most of my time till the time I became an engineer and got myself placed into a reputed firm. Writing took a front seat just two years back. Writing has taught me that no matter what your age is, you are never too old to pursue your dreams and ambitions.
Writing for me is like meditation.It gives me so much relief.I just forget the world when am writing andIwish the world forgets me too during the time whenIsit down to write. I shut myself in a room and stay away from everyone for a hour or so till the time am not done with my post. So much focus, so much positive energy and so much concentration goes into every single post.i feel enlightened. Writing has taught me that you dont have to sit and meditate to get inner peace.Your passions give you inner peace if used wisely. Just do what you like. Follow your passion till you reach the grave and you would be happy all your life. Had a frustrating day? you like dancing. Dance for a hour and you wouldn't even realise where all your frustrations have vanished.
I write what I feel like. I don't care how many read , what people feel like. I give a damn about what people think of my writing, how much they loathe reading my posts. One thing i know is I write for myself. And I don't post or write on anything that doesn't touch my heart. My heart is my biggest critic. Unless and until i feel that i have written to my heart's content I don't post it. My friends say there is a genuineness and a honesty in my work and that they can connect to it.I feel glad when people say that and i think that's the best compliment ever.
 In short at times as it is said music is the best way to ignore the rest of the world..i would want to rephrase it as writing is the best way to ignore the rest of the world!!!
Writing to me is just that!!

Feb 4, 2013

A Girl As My Heart Feels...

A  guest post by my close friend Shankarnarayanan Murali

A trick of the x and y chromosome …that has resulted in this beautiful creation…
A simple piece of emotion…to handle every situation !
A tactical piece of illusion that fools every guy’s expectations
A cute stretch of smile…that makes hearts to derail…
A compilation of the right things…that’s made this creation the best among everything!

If such is the case…
Then what’s exactly a gal

An apt companion in life’s path
A tactful compassion to every aftermath
A sure supporter for every action
A pure package of fashion and tradition
While superman exists in fiction…
A super women exists in reality…
A women is a blessing in disguise in any friction
A perfect blend of passion, pun and practicality !

Now what’s more in a girl…

An angel of truth and a character of addiction
A girl is a bundle of positive contradiction !
She'll take us for better; She'll take us for worse
She'll break open our head and then be our nurse !
Revengeful and merry ,at times they scream and yell
 Hates us like poison, but! Loves us like hell J

Yours Poetically
Mike Murali

Feb 3, 2013

Blue Print For Change

This post is a part of Weekend contest at BlogAdda.com in association with Chanakya's New Manifesto.

Be the Change you wish to see in others...

We all talk about changing the society. We talk about changing the country. Difficult it sounds but impossible it is not if we start bringing the change in ourselves.If each one of  us succeed in  changing ourselves, our country would be  a heaven on earth.

My cause of concerns are many , am one of the common man highly neglected by everyone right from the local leader appointed by us to the government. Am just born to run from pillar to post seeking for justice, seeking for mercy etc. My only crime is being a COMMON MAN.

5 of my worries or rather concerns which i would want to share would be

1)Loss of Humanity: If you are a  Mumbaikar, you would know this very well. Local train is the lifeline of Mumbai and it has also been a reason for the loss of many a lives. People jump into the running train as soon as the train reaches the station. People push and shove each other just to get in to the train.No one bothers about what if someone gets hurt. People getting down aren't allowed to get down and the ones standing at the station aren't allowed to get in. Ten minutes of pandemonium and the lucky ones manage to get in and reach their destination alive. People standing at the footboard stand their because they have no choice and there are  people who try to rob them of their stuff by pulling the handbags show that humanity no longer exists. Just for a small amount of money you end up taking someone's life. My life is too precious to be lost in such a hustle bustle for boarding train.

My Expectations From People: Its not the last train of your life. But yes if you end up acting insane , it could be the last train of your life.

Don't rob people of their valuables when they are already risking their life .That makes you a coward.Dont live on others earnings rather earn to live.

Expectations from the govt: Increase the number of trains. Increase police patrolling. Book everyone under strict laws who are into any kind of inhuman acts.

2)Racist Attitude : Fed up of being labelled as a Madrasi wherever i go. Get your basics right!! Every individual staying in South India isn't a madrasi. And every madrasi isnt dark skinned. Above all I prefer being labelled as an Indian rather than a madrasi and a whatever whatever. Is it really necessary to label people as per their caste, place of stay,color etc?Can't we just label them as humans ? Don't we all have two set of eyes ears and a tongue.Its blood flowing in all of us and not some statewise famous drink that takes its course in the arteries and the blood vessels.

My biggest concern is the racist attitude because i have been subjected to racist remarks every day in different ways.

Expectation from people: We are humans. We are not the whatever whatever as i mentioned above. Please treat everyone equally.What if you are fair skinned and not a madrasi & your kids turn out to be dark skinned.Do they become a madrasi then?

Expectations from the government : Inculcate values of secularism, equality at the ground level.Incorporate the feeling of humanity, love ,respect in the school curiculum. Stop fighting in the name of the religion,caste,creed,color.Try to build up schools and colleges that aim to bring out the best human possible. 

3) Freedom of Speech/Expression: I feel caged. I think twice before posting things on MY social networking site, my blog .I wonder whether i would jail just for telling what i feel.It wouldnt make much of a difference if a particular 'owaisi' makes anti religious comments and hurts sentiments, it wouldn't make much of a difference when i am being labelled madrasi, non maharashtrian  every day but yes it definitely changes the global economics statistics when i post a harmless status on my FB wall.Really ? are we this insecure? Does such a harmless status wet your pants?

Expectations from people:Express freely.Voice your opinions.We were taught pen is mightier than the sword, but they forgot to tell us that someone can even end up breaking the pens. Voice your opinions freely but in a respectable way. Don't misuse the freedom of expression.Use it strongly and put your points forward with conviction.Open your mouth only if you know why you are doing so.

 Expectations from the government : Just because you prefer being dumb, don't silence the many voices that have the power to lead us to a better,secular India via the medium of movies,songs, books etc.Instead take action against those who create havoc in the names of religion ,caste ,creed with their racist speech and comments.By penalizing the common man for putting up facebook statuses and letting go the very mob who vandalize the public property is the root cause of disharmony in the country.Make it clear what freedom of speech and expression means.Don't allow people to misuse this freedom.

4) Safety for women:Don't glorify us by calling us names like Nirbhaya,Damini etc.These names just show impotent our men have become, how impotent the system has become.Read these lines somewhere and I wish to share it here

What is manhood?
Is it a six-pack, gelled hair nd biceps?
Is it umpteen hours spent in a gym?
Is it rash driving and drunken brawls?
Kya tum jante ho main kiska beta hun?
Is it hair peeping out of an unbuttoned shirt?
The definition of manhood is not the inches in your pants.
But the space between your ears.
How you think is how manly you are.
The true test of your manhood is how you treat a woman.
All woman. Any woman. Every woman.
If you do not respect a woman u r only half a man.

Expectations from People: Raise voice if you have been abused .Raise voice if you see someone being abused. If you can't fight against the system , fight it at the ground level. Raise your sons properly .Teach them to respect women. Incorporate in studies that there are several other ways to prove superiority over women rather than raping them around. Inculcate values of sensitivity.

Expectations from the Govt: Don't  prove you are impotent everytime by staying silent.Implement existing laws ,make new laws and give harsher punishments to everyone who has raped any lady of her humility and respect to live in the society.There is no age no religion for a rapist.No wasting time in deciding whether the accused is a juvenile or not. If you can rape someone when you are a minor, by the time you be an adult you would end up f**king the whole nation. Dont leave anyone who is found guilty free!!

5) Hygiene: Lack of hygiene is what we indians are known for.And i agree with all those who think indians are perennially dirty.Had been to an embassy recently and happened to use the loo.I am someone who has the phobia of using the public loos but went for it because i thought here atleast people would use it well.But guess i was wrong. It was left in a dirty state .I had to call the lady again and asked her to clean it up. Do you expect people to clean up your s**t.? When you cant clean your own sh*t , how can you expect people to?I work with a reputed IT firm and people working with me are engineers from reputed institutes. But the way they leave the washrooms would make you think of them otherwise.

Expectations from people:Clean up your own shit!!!
Expecatations from Govt: Nothing.We choose the govt to make the country a better place to live in and not cleaning up people's shits.But yes since we indians are perenially dirty cleaning up the nullahs, and the gutters wouldnt do any harm.Waiting for the monsoons to arrive and then waiting for all of us to drown in the same water doesnt sound a good idea.Clean up the city right now!!

Tired of waiting to see a change in the country ?CHANGE YOURSELVES....AND A LOT OF THINGS WOULD CHANGE AUTOMATICALLY!!

You may enjoy reading !!!