Images have been taken from various sources in Google


Images have been taken from various sources in Google


Images have been taken from various sources in Google


Images have been taken from various sources in Google


Images have been taken from various sources in Google


Images have been taken from various sources in Google


Images have been taken from various sources in Google

May 26, 2013

My Best Buddy !!

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Sunil Nambiar is my best buddy who came into my life 8 years back when i was in engineering college and has never left my side since then.We first met actually when he answered my roll call instead of his and i felt like punching him :P But peaceloving creature that i am, i let it go.
Looking at him for the first time, I knew this guy can never be my friend .But then one fight after the other led to our friendship and then there has been no looking back.

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We are different as chalk and cheese. I am a total extrovert and he is an introvert. I am a chatterbox while he hardly talks..He is calm and me, noisy.He is patient and me restless. I confess i am a gossip monger and I have the most accurate ,updated news of all the people we both know. He says he isnt a gossip monger but everytime, i tell him,"You know what!!!I got some news about your Ms.  X " and he would be all ears forgetting the fact that he once boasted he doesnt  like to be a part of gossip sharing. He is always late and be prepared to wait for atleast 1 hour for him if you have decided to meet him. Though he never agrees that he is always late.. the truth is SUNIL YOU ARE ALWAYS LATE...GRR!!Always orders the worst thing on the menu card, his choices are terrible .. And then there are always exceptions.. ( Obviously Me as his choice of a friend :)) You Tell him hundred times about a school friend of yours, and he will never remember the name of the person the next time you talk about this particular friend. And you would have to start the story all over again and again. Never remembers birthdays . I am his calendar who keeps reminding him on most of our college friend's birthdays.And he is proud about it.When we sit to eat together,we see to it, the sauce is on his face, the milkshake is on my hair and the bill being pushed here and there. We are totally shameless when together and have no qualms about it. He is  someone who can never wait till a surprise unfolds. He would blackmail me into revealing what his birthday surprise would be.
But when it comes to friendship he is the most chilled out buddy i have ever got. I can open up my heart to him and he knows everything about me. We discuss everything under the roof right from the hottest gals to the hottest guys around. Both of us drooling at the sight of the hottest opposite sexes.I can trust him with my darkest secrets. I  know he would be around whenever i need someone to share my sorrows  and joys with. He is someone who supports me in whatever I wish to do.He is not as expressive as I am but whenever I am low he sees to it, he gives me the moral support and gets me out of it.Its not that we dont fight. We do fight! I punch him, He twists my arms and then he gets my USP ( Unique style pinch) and there i am declared the winner of the boxing match .. HAAHHAAH!!!(roars of laughter)I am totally lazy and he literally has to drag me to my feet incase we plan to meet. But whenever i need him, he is always around.
These may be very common qualities that many of my friends too have,but then he is the most special one because of his simplicity,humbleness and his ability to bear me throughout..!!!And the moments that we have had are the most cherished ones.( excluding the ice-candy liquid that you poured on my white dress :D)
Long Live Our Friendship!!
PS: The last time the call that you got from my dad ..was actually  made by me !! PHATTU!!! :D

May 19, 2013

Modern Healthcare - A Boon!

 This post is for the Apollo Hospitals contest in conjunction with Indiblogger.

“An apple a day keeps a doctor away” goes an age old saying which means if you have an apple a day you would have a good immunity and wouldn’t have to visit a doctor frequently. But with the increasing pollution, sedentary lifestyle, changed eating habits, increased junk food consumption staying away from doctor seems to be a distant dream .

Last week I had a sprained ankle and was down with immense pain .Tried a lot of home remedies but nothing seemed to work. Got no respite from the pain. Finally had to rush into my family doctor’s clinic wherein he prescribed some medicines and tied up an ankle binder and whoa!! The pain was gone.This is what modern medicine has been doing.. Miracles after miracles!! Doctor’s act like genies who just wave their magic wand and the pain is no more.I personally feel so relieved and safe at the hands of my family doctor and get a feeling that nothing would happen to me once I am at his clinic. That’s the faith and trust that I have on modern medicines and doctors.
Apollo Hospitals  have strived in giving the best medical facilities and have constantly made innovations in the key sectors of medical facilities on par with the West. Apollo hospital has been giving medicial facilities of international standards since decades and is a trustworthy brand.
There have been enormous increase in the medical inventions and they are a boon to mankind.But there have been certain inventions which no doubt has been the best inventions and life changing ones at the same time so far. If we are alive, we must pay an ovation to these miracles developed so far in the medical history.

To start with :

a) Vaccinations :
Source :doggonehealth.com
No invention could be on the same page as this one. This was a breakthrough discovery by Edward jenner which has helped reduce the catastrophic effects of diseases like polio, hepatitis, cholera,typhoid etc. Vaccinations are a solution composed of chemicals developed to attack the pathogens and reduce the dangerous effects of the diseases. The very discovery of vaccinations have helped eradicate Small pox and polio which were once deadly and were one of the greatest threats facing mankind.

b)Artificial Heart & Bypass Sugery

Source: Wired.com
Your heart is the most important part of the body. Any harm to this vital organ could prove to be fatal . My dad was admitted to the hospital five years back when he started complaining of acute chest pain and we were all shocked to find 7 blocks in his arteries with 97% blockages. We were all shocked and didn’t know what had to be done. I had broke down the moment the news arrived. That is when doctors suggested Bypass surgery where in the arteries or veins from other body parts of the patient’s body is grafted to the coronary arteries to bypass the blocks and Improve the blood supply to the heart and other parts of the body .Decades back,no one could have thought of this invention. Bypass surgery gave my dad a new lease of life and for us our dad back!
Artificial heart : Another major invention is the artificial heart which is used in case of patients with heart attacks and heart failures. A mechanical instrument which performs the function of heart has been a savior in many cases. A seven hour surgery to install this machine has been a savior in many cases.
Apollo Hospitals have been dealing with such cases with ease and a high level of successful rates due to its highly modern facilities.

c) Laser Surgeries :
LASER (Light Amplification by stimulated emission of radiation), an other remarkable  innovation has helped cure people of various health problems. LASER rays are used to cut into a tissue which was previously done using a scalpel. LASER now is used to cure eye defects like myopias , cataracts. It is also used with several effects like photothermal, photochemical effect etc. It is used to cure gastro intestinal problems as also intra-arterial illnesses without actually getting into the tissues.A breakthrough discovery in Medical science is widely used in Apollo Hospitals and have cured cases of myopias, hypermetropias and cataracts.

d) Liver Transplant : Liver Transplant ,another commendable finding where in the failed liver or the defective liver is replaced with a healthy one from a suitable donor have given many people a reasons to smile.Gone are the days when people used to die of liver cirrhosis. Liver Transplant gave people with liver failures and other illnesses a new lease of life. Apollo hospitals  has the fastest growing Liver Transplant program and boasts of 500 successful cases of Liver Transplant. Apollo Hospitals  perform approx. 238 liver transplant surgeries in a year making it one of the busies hospitals dealing with liver transplant program.
f) Bariatric Surgery: People who are fat like me would understand how this surgery has been a boon . People who are morbidly obese are suggested this surgery to reduce their weight.Several procedures are involved in the surgery. A new kind of surgery years back, but the percentage of success rates in these surgeries have increased in the recent years. Apollo hospitals have been conducting successful bariatric surgeries on their obese patients and giving them an altogether different identity. Thanks to the Sedentary life style with no physical workouts, obesity is haunting the young ones as well as oldies. Though most of the cases are dealt with proper diet and exercise, there are some cases where in bariatric surgery is proven to be more effective. Thanks to modern health care facilities for bringing up such inventions.

g) Infertility Care: Every gal wishes to have a kid of her own. But there are cases, where dreams have crashed and females fail to conceive. Infertility care treatments have thus proven a boon to couples who cannot conceive the normal way. Apollo Hospitals have helped a lot of ladies to be mothers of young energetic newborns. Thanks to the modern health care , giving birth to a baby isn’t just about a sperm and a ovum getting fused in a woman’s womb. It’s much more than that wherein the same procedure takes place first in a test tube and is then inserted into a mother’s womb . You can now have your baby the way you want and all the credit goes to modern health care and not your hubby dearest :P

These are just few inventions of the many discoveries that have been made. Medical science is one area of science which has continuously made growth and has achieved commendable milestones. Apollo Hospitals is one of the many hospitals that can proudly boast of having these inventions being practiced in all their branches. Apollo hospitals have all the modern amenities and health care systems in place and guarantees A class treatment at affordable rates.
Let us wish for  many more such wonderful innovations that would keep touching lives something that Apollo Hospitals has been doing for decades.


May 15, 2013

Mikey - An Inspiration!!!

I wish to get my story published in Chicken Soup for the Indian Entrepreneurs Soul in association with BlogAdda.com    

Mikey and me,
Were never meant to be (friends)
He came across as stern and rude,
And that would make me brood.
One day our paths met,
And For the game of Scrabble a team was set.
Kind, Caring, Insightful and what not,
Patient and The most God Fearing of the Lot.
Slowly and gradually did he become a friend
Cherish the moments that were spent.
All he does is talk and talk,
Wish to have such a friend in every walk.
It’s not his charm that I look up to him,
It’s his ability to solve issues that are grave and grim.
An attitude to call a Spade a Spade,
Learnt From him, being Frank and honest enough gets paid.
Respect your Subordinate , and be for them
These are the reasons  that make  you a gem.
If things go wrong, accept they are
Nip them from the bud and just don’t stand and stare.
Learnt From you, How a manager should be
Treat everyone Equally , doesn’t matter even if they are one, two or three
Mikey, Your greatness lies in your humble qualities as these,
Would always look up to you, even though we are different as chalk and cheese.
Look up to you, for the respect that you display for  females
You are a welcome change in the world of chauvinistic males.
Being A Leader,  A Manager, There are a hundred issues that you face.
Your Quality of Keeping Your Team United, adds to your grace
Learning a lot from you with every move you make,
You value relationships and see to it , they don't break.
You have ears for all,
No matter how big or small.
Words fall short to express the respect
Makes me wonder, how you always end up being correct ?
Value your opinions and thoughts
It’s amazing to know, how you untangle the knots.(in any issues)
“To be Mikey, isn’t an easy feat ”,
A Thousand Times would I repeat
Mikey! Hats Off!! And PleaseTake A Bow!
This Silly poem is only what I have for you now!
Would make you wonder why a silly poem at this hour,
Coz,Words are all that I have and will have forever.(to express respect in the best way)


You may enjoy reading !!!