Images have been taken from various sources in Google


Images have been taken from various sources in Google


Images have been taken from various sources in Google


Images have been taken from various sources in Google


Images have been taken from various sources in Google


Images have been taken from various sources in Google


Images have been taken from various sources in Google

Oct 24, 2013

Am Back!!

Oh my god i missed blogging so much. I have been away for the last two months( not sure whether anyone noticed) but  then it's been a hectic two months and i have missed my presence in  the blog-o-sphere.

I have been busy shedding weight, getting my boyfriend get engaged to me and lots more.  Ha!! so to cut short i would bring to you all the what ,why hows of my life :)

Ok ! several good things, bad things, and several I care a damn stuff happened  in  the last two months
We begin with the Good Stuff
Good Stuff :  Good Stuff coming in a number of blog posts after this one... Well I wouldnt disappoint you,I won an Ipad 3g and am going crazy about it. . Lots of engagement news ,marriage news. I shed lots of weight(this is the best news)
A close friend of mine got married and there couldn't be a more happier news than this one.

Bad stuff : Every bad stuff brings in a lot of lessons for those who want to take the downs in life positively.
Lots of friendships ruined. There is a reason why we aren't friends anymore- either u dont deserve me or its the vice versa. Whatever it is , I have no regrets.....

I don't Care A Damn Stuff : A so called "Bessshhhht Friend " left  few weeks back ,just left like a coward and betrayed my friendship in her/his  own sweet way.
Baby, I care a damn ... just for your information you are not someone people would want to know about, or you aren't that inspiring for me to keep a track on your whereabouts.. You are simply a face I would blink and miss
And yeah this person deserves this special mention here because you all would have had  a friend whom you thought was your best buddy but eventually turns out to be a bad horrible person . Am sure you guys would be able to relate with it .. what I went through !

Keep reading posts to have a detailed version of all the highlights...

Am back with a bang!! and you guys can expect some good quality posts.

Oct 2, 2013

Never Mind Yar! - Book Review

 This book review is a part of the Book Reviews Program at BlogAdda

As the book says "The title is an attitude - our tendency to feel defeated by the scale and nature of certain problems. Rather than meet them head on, we circumvent them with a sigh and a consoling “never mind, yaar”.

When long time friends Binaifer Desai and Louella D’Costa meet Shalini Dayal at Gyan Shakti College, a true friendship that transcends cultural and religious backgrounds is born. Louella is a Christian, Binaifer, a Parsi and Shalini, a Hindu.

The novel’s main plotline surrounds Shalini who has fallen for an impetuous student activist, Bhagu. Where does his desire to help the less fortunate lead him? The challenges are many - Shalini’s tradition bound family, the couple’s youth and inexperience and the travails of life in Mumbai, a city the girls love but know, is fraught with communal tension."

The story is based in Mumbai and it reflects the "chalta- hai"  attitude that we all have. The story begins with two girls from different backgrounds and different religions meeting up in college and how one thing leads to another and their lives change forever. Interestingly the Mumbai blasts and the riots are woven into the plot too.  The things that i liked about the book are how the  problems, the dilemnas that people face in Mumbai are expressed.Its really impressive the way the writer has chalked out the protagonists of her story.
Pros :You  may like this book, if you are bored of the typical love sagas that the new writers are churning up.This is something different and would grasp attention of those who love variety. I liked this book because it's about Mumbai- my city. The writer has portrayed Mumbai's spirit  even when it burned to ashes during blasts as also the brighter side of the city that never sleeps.

Cons: Lot of punctuation errors. The book is slow. You definitely need to put in a lot of effort to finish off the entire book.At certain parts, the story is confusing and loses the plot. There is a lack of clarity in the story too at certain areas. The story fails to draw your attention and keep you hooked to the book.

The cover of the book is bland and isn't attractive at all. The cover could have been much better and creative
Price - 350bucks
Ratings : 2/5 ( You can give this book a miss)
Still if you wish to against my reviews and give it a try you can find this book at pothi.com. Amazon India, Flipkart,Infibeam.

You may enjoy reading !!!