Oct 24, 2013

Am Back!!

Oh my god i missed blogging so much. I have been away for the last two months( not sure whether anyone noticed) but  then it's been a hectic two months and i have missed my presence in  the blog-o-sphere.

I have been busy shedding weight, getting my boyfriend get engaged to me and lots more.  Ha!! so to cut short i would bring to you all the what ,why hows of my life :)

Ok ! several good things, bad things, and several I care a damn stuff happened  in  the last two months
We begin with the Good Stuff
Good Stuff :  Good Stuff coming in a number of blog posts after this one... Well I wouldnt disappoint you,I won an Ipad 3g and am going crazy about it. . Lots of engagement news ,marriage news. I shed lots of weight(this is the best news)
A close friend of mine got married and there couldn't be a more happier news than this one.

Bad stuff : Every bad stuff brings in a lot of lessons for those who want to take the downs in life positively.
Lots of friendships ruined. There is a reason why we aren't friends anymore- either u dont deserve me or its the vice versa. Whatever it is , I have no regrets.....

I don't Care A Damn Stuff : A so called "Bessshhhht Friend " left  few weeks back ,just left like a coward and betrayed my friendship in her/his  own sweet way.
Baby, I care a damn ... just for your information you are not someone people would want to know about, or you aren't that inspiring for me to keep a track on your whereabouts.. You are simply a face I would blink and miss
And yeah this person deserves this special mention here because you all would have had  a friend whom you thought was your best buddy but eventually turns out to be a bad horrible person . Am sure you guys would be able to relate with it .. what I went through !

Keep reading posts to have a detailed version of all the highlights...

Am back with a bang!! and you guys can expect some good quality posts.


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