Images have been taken from various sources in Google


Images have been taken from various sources in Google


Images have been taken from various sources in Google


Images have been taken from various sources in Google


Images have been taken from various sources in Google


Images have been taken from various sources in Google


Images have been taken from various sources in Google

Mar 27, 2012

The Other Woman!

  This is an official entry for Stayfree held by Indiblogger

Days  when  I return back late from my office I peep outside my bus to have a breath of fresh air. As my  bus slowly passes through the main gate of a famous  IT company, the sight of beautiful young gals leaves me mesmerised. They are one like me,you and any other gal reading this article.They are prettier than me and hundreds of other simple looking gals. They would have had a rosier life than me ,you or anyone else. One look at them and you find nothing amiss. A second , closer look at them would be  anything but pretty. Their faces painted with heavy make  up, garish gaudy clothes with a plunging neckline with their ample cleavage on display waiting on the main roads for prospective clients. As my bus moves on I am always haunted with hundreds of questions running through my mind.
I  have always wondered what their lives would be like. How uncertain the next morning would be for them. Whether they would be alive or end up being battered and bruised by their clients. Whether they would be abused and treated as a machine working for the money that their clients spent on the pimps.
What surprises me is the hypocrisy of the men in our country; they want the ladies of their houses to be fully dressed, wearing mini skirt is still a taboo at many places but they wouldn’t mind displaying their masculinity to a fragile sex worker for a night of enjoyment ; rather to satisfy their lust. The men in our country get away with excuses that it is the improper dressing is the reason they  are provoked to rape but little do they admit to the fact it is the thought that is more wretched than the act.
One of the worst professions that woman have been into so far. Age no bar , sex no bar is something this profession follows studiously. Minor gals are forced into this profession , sold by their own families .Every single day hundreds of gals are pushed into this profession and no one knows what happens to them. They are lost in the crowd somewhere.No one is bothered about them nor the client ,nor the trafficker, no one!!
Read this on a site –Source Internet and couldn’t agree more to this.
"If it wasn't for men you wouldn't have prostitution," said Myers. "They think it's a joke, she's having a ball. No she isn't! They think they didn't do anything wrong – 'My wife is pregnant and I deserve to have my needs taken care of.' Well fuck your needs! And fuck the things you do to us, things that would have you arrested if you tried to do them to a date. Women need to be taught that their body isn’t an offering or a sacrifice."

Whats more depressing is the appalling work conditions ,the way they are subjected to torture and harassment.They are forced to satisfy 15-30 customers in a single day. Apart from being a symbol of lust for the customers,they also have to bear the brunt of the customers. They are forced to drink,smoke ,beaten black and blue ,forced to have banned drugs which have deadly side effects.No one speaks for them. No one raises a voice for them even when India is one of the biggest markets  of flesh trade.The risk of transmission of sexually transmitted diseases is also very high in  this profession.Sex trade is a viscous circle.Having read books, articles on them ,I can easily conclude their life is no less than hell.

What I think has to change is the current working conditions, they must have a voice to speak for their own rights, make this profession legalized, give them equal respect just like any other normal working woman. Because it is because of them that the number of rape cases is still under control .its because someone somewhere   sacrifices their body just for few bucks. Awareness should be created on a large scale to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Usage of condoms and educating about the use of the same, and  reasons why must they force their customers to have protected sex must be spread .Their children must get a chance to have a different life. The govt must do something about their education and well fare. They must introduce some kind of grants for these kids so that they lead a better life. Strict action and stringent laws must be enforced against people involved in the human trafficking racket. Medical checkups and vaccination programmes must be conducted on a large scale in the red light areas. Police harassment should be dealt by the government. They should have the right to choose the clients that they wish to have rather than being forced to sleep with any jerk. No one  knows whether they would return the next day safely after an entire night stint. Their safety should be taken care of.  Rehabilitation of minors who have been forced into this profession must be increased. They must be encouraged to start a new life on their own by involving them in the small scale industries.Last but not the least they must not be treated as an outcast.
Reading Hashi’s story made me write this article.( http://news.yahoo.com/bangladeshs-teenage-brothels-hold-dark-steroid-secret-024639562.html) There will be thousands of Hashi who have been pushed into this profession, and hundreds who would be prospective Hashi. The thought that gals are a burden to the society has to be changed. The thought that woman are a mere sex symbol has to be changed. The thought be changed,the act  be changed...Castrate the ones who force themselves on minors who are yet to know what all this mean.Make changes in the law such that no trafficker is ever let out free .Set an example in such a way that people tremble out of fear everytime they think to sell off their daughters for few pennies.

   And for normal citizens - BE ALERT! if you find any such case in your area of human trafficking or forced prostitution raise your voice against it.Be the Change to see the change.

Mar 11, 2012

Kyunki Sas Bhi Kabhi Bahu thi – Ha Toh??

  This is an official entry for Stayfree held by Indiblogger

 I know this is a weird headline to go for the topic “Time to Change”. But then this is exactly something that I want to change. I hope you  have got the idea by now. If no, Please continue reading.
I seriously get pissed off with the male dominance in our society.We talk about equal rights to woman, woman liberation ,empowerment etc et c all the words that can be put up together from the dictionary. But then we see nothing put up into practice.
We want equal rights for men and women but even today woman cant dress the way they want. We talk about liberty but still woman aren’t free to walk alone or be alone in the cities.We talk about  woman empowerment still everyday a girl child is dumped because of the only fault that the baby is a gal. I donot blame the male society alone here , woman are equally responsible for this state of the society.We woman give birth and we ourselves be a mute spectators to our child being dumped ,aborted or killed just because the child was a girl.being a mute spectator doesnt make  you a saint, you are equally a partner in crime.
TV, newspapers , internet etc are a medium to reach people. Its  a medium via which we can spread  a message to the society. If used in the right way ,these mediums can change the society,can change the outlook. I watch a  lot of tv soaps, shows etc on television like most of the people do. I have always wondered why it is always the woman whos being shown oppressed ,depressed,suppressed.Why only woman being shown tortured gives a lot of TRP’s .Surprisingly most of this soap operas are watched by the community of house wives.Kyunki sas bhi bahu thi – ha toh? just because a mother in law underwent torture and hundreds of marriages ,the new daughter in law too should undergo the same? Why is it always that a woman is shown  tortured by her in laws,her hubby on screen?Why is it most of the times a woman is shown betrayed by her husband.Why isn’t it vice versa? Why is it that woman are always shown to be weaker section of the society?Why is it woman are shown weeping and silently bearing the torture of the society just for the sake of her family.?Wny doesn’t a show garner trps where a woman is shown a strong character and doesn’t bend down to the rules of the society? Why is it shown that a dark skinned gal is unable to find a suitable groom?Why do shows like SAS BAHU AUR SAZISH sell like hot cakes? Why a dadisa(grandma) or a Ammaji kind of character who keeps her daughter in laws to daughters under her control become famous?WHY!WHY??WHY?Its the mentality that sucks! It’s the outlook that’s gone wrong. And the most surprising fact is Most of these shows made by woman producers and directors.Why making a woman weak in reel life or real life give an unexplained satisfaction or contentment?

I believe this is a thing which may have happened ages ago or may still be happening in  a lot of places. Why cant we bring about a change in the outlook of the people by bringing up shows or advertisements where woman are not being treated as a substance, a sex symbol,rather woman are depicted as a symbol of respect. Every house owns a TV color or black and white .People in India follow the television trends or the movie trends or whatever is shown on the big screen blindly. Egs of that are during the shaktiman days,people tried to enact and jumped from their roofs. When we live in such a  TV frenzy world,why not use the medium in a  proper way.

One thing I would love to change is the way the TV portrays woman.I would want woman to be shown as a strong character not  the ones who bend down to the torture of their inlaws or husbands.I want a character to be etched out which fights against the injustice done ,which sets up an example for the millions of woman watching these shows.I want a change in the characters that the makeup clad woman play.I want those characters to encourage woman  not to remain silent and fight back against the injust ice done to them.I want TV to reduce the male dominant serials to be brought down and come up with shows which shuns domestic violence rather propagates it.
We do not want reel life villains to come into life and give birth to real life ones every single day.We want our society to be a heaven to live in. We donot want our coming generations to be racist- the one who shuns dark skinned gals,rapist- the generation where in every gal wearing a mini skirt becomes entitled to rape,wife beater- the generation where thrashing a girl gives a lot of relief to the male ego,murderers- the generation which aborts evey gal child being born.etc.
This is the right time to bring in the change Pen is mightier than sword and so  I have used this medium in the smallest possible way to bring in the change. What are you waiting for?

 Wanna be the change you wish to make..Go the Stayfree way

Mar 7, 2012

Let Your Parents Grow!


 Kids moving out of their homes to pursue further studies is a common thing.Its more of a status issue these days. Its become more of a necessity to send the kids abroad to pursue further studies. So staying away from parents and home to pursue a career is also quite normal. But when your mom moves out of your home to pursue her career ? What is it that happens? It may be normal too or there may be people with this kind of stories but for me it was for the first time. It took me some time to realize and get in terms with the fact that at the age of 55 she would lead a life on her own miles away.
My mom got transferred to Delhi and moving with all bag and baggage to the capital at this age was both emotionally as well as physically taxing. When the news of her transfer came in ,we tried to pull in all strings to stop this transfer. But unfortunately nothing worked in our favour.And mom finally had to move in to the Capital city.It was a totally new thing for me to start all new without mom in the house.Right from cooking to cleaning everything was like something totally new.i wouldn’t say new but then handling all the responsibilities both in office and home was a challenge in itself.Before my mom was about to decide,she asked me whether you can manage without me.I did give a thought to it and I was in a dilemma .I knew I could handle  the responsibilities,but still I felt somewhere I wouldn’t be able to commit to it totally.i thought whether to say a yes or no to this question. But then I wondered,all the 24 years of my life my mom handled these responsibilities without a word of complain just for my career ,my life. And for me it was just a matter of few months. Immediately I was like I will take care of it ,not an issue.

My mom moved into Delhi and there was a total role reversal. Delhi being famous for its notorious activities had given me enough sleepless nights but then assurance from my dad and mom that she was in a safe locality gave me some relief. Somewhere I had started being a mom and treated my mom as my kid. I found that there was a total role reversal mentally, emotionally. I am someone who always cribbed when my mom used to call me every 4 hours to check in how things are going on. Now its me who does the same and every call makes me realize why I was wrong. My mom used to check out whether I had my lunch and breakfast when she was here. Now its me who calls her up and checks what all stuff she had during the day. Once she is out of the office, I call her up to check in whether she’s reached her hostel safely. I get pissed off when she doesn’t give me a call. I have stepped into her shoes ,though they don’t fit me that well am still trying to carry on with it. These days I am the one who’s advising what she is supposed to eat and what she’s supposed to avoid. This is something  I never did when she was here in Mumbai. The distances between us somehow made me connect to her more .I now understand why it’s difficult being a MOM!
Back here my mom was never interested in internet, emails. Rather she was against me being on GTalk and other social networking sites for a long time. But these days, much to my surprise the change in the location and staying away from the family has also brought a positive change in her and she has become more aware of  the new things that have come up like Face book, Gtalk etc.The first mail from her surprised me as well as broke me down. It was great to see my mom  being all changed and tech-savy. It was also nice to see her live a life full of freedom. She is getting a much deserved vacation .She has become more of an independent lady being all alone in a unknown city andcarefree.I see her grow every single day.I somewhere feel when our parents get old, they become more like kids and we are the ones who boss around.Today am proud of the fact ,that braving all odds that she has gone through in the last one year she has been there to regain her lost position and has been doing great .I believe whenever you get a chance like this ,where your parents want to move forward in life,where they want to learn something new ,do something new don’t be a hindrance for the same. Don’t put in your dreams on their pedestal to growth. Its very rare when you get to see your parents grow .I would say let them grow, encourage them to learn something new, specially Moms who have spent all life being in the four walls of the kitchen. 

Encouraging them to learn something new could be anything from teaching them to drive, enrolling them for a computer course,a new language, getting apart time job for them, hooking them up to some games ,getting them enrolled for yoga,encouraging them to write etc  as per their interest Let age not be a barrier.You too can join with them to make them feel better. If you know of any dreams that your parents couldn’t pursue whatever reason it may be, see to it you get them fulfilled .They deserve a break from the routine ,they deserve this atleast for giving the life you  are living now.

You may enjoy reading !!!