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Images have been taken from various sources in Google


Images have been taken from various sources in Google

Mar 29, 2013

It happened to me - Revisited.

 This post has been written as a part of Blog Adda's Soldiers For Women initiative

Having blogged about this incident before and narrating it many times to my friends to create awareness  among them, I again get this opportunity to narrate this incident  to honour the man who saved me years  back. Thanks a lot blogadda for taking up this initiative to honour such men.

This happened years back when I was a school going kid and was unaware of the terms like molestation, groping etc. I used to go early in the morning for my tuitions
One rainy morning I stepped out of my house as usual for my
tuitions.I was in standard 8th then. It was the last day of Ganesh Chaturthi and
around 7 in the morning. It was drizzling.It was wet & cold everywhere. I loved
the cold breeze hitting my face. There were hardly people on the roads due to the
festive occasion. It was unusually silent everywhere .My classes were about 15 min
away from my home and I used to walk my way to my classes.

Two routes led me to my destination-a long route and a short one. Me being a lazy
kid chose the shortcut route daily which would help me reach my tuitions just in five
minutes unlike the other route. The short cut route meant crossing a narrow lane ;
by narrow I mean only one person could enter from each side of  the lane at the same time.
If more people entered, one would have to literally squeeze in their way out. This
route was always avoided by people during the late night hours because the person at
one end couldn’t see the person coming from the other end until you reached midway.
And if something unfortunate ever happened midway it would take another five minutes
for you to cross the lane to reach the main road where the lane ended. The lane was
like a snake ,long unending,the mouth and tail of which were miles apart.
For me it was just another day.I entered the lane and it suddenly started raining.I
saw a man in his forties clad in a lungi walking towards me. I took out my umbrella
and started walking towards the other end of the lane.We both were walking towards
each other.When I first saw him he was at quite a distance and so I was busy trying
to switch open my umbrella. In no time I felt someone groping me and fondling my
breasts. By the time I realized what was happening, I saw him running away.I followed
him still unsure of exactly what to term the act he had done to me.Within seconds he
had disappeared.He was nowhere in sight. I came out of the lane back from where I
had started ,completely shaken,scared and not knowing what had happened to me.I had
lost the guts to cross the lane all alone. I knew he had done something wrong to me
and I wanted to reach my parents somehow.

Ten years back there weren’t any cell phones, sex education wasn’t mandatory as it
is now,our families never discussed sex, molestation, rape.  just like today it’s a taboo to talk about it openly.I called up
my parents from a local booth and I didn’t know what to tell them as to what had
happened. I had done no wrong but then the conservative attitude of not discussing
such dirty stuff stopped me from coming up with the truth and i lied to my parents
someone tried to snatch my gold chain.

At night, my mom was worried about how I would go the next day. My dad was like
why do you have to choose a path which people avoid when chain snatching is on a
rise. Why can’t you go via the longer route. I was asked to stop wearing gold chain
for further safety. I have always been someone who wouldn’t bear wrong done to me silently .I just stood there and told my dad “Why would I
change my route when I haven’t done anything wrong. If u wish to drop me daily you
can come with me, if no, I am not changing any route ,any path” And the conversation
ended there forever.

I was scared for a few days but then there was no change in my plan to use the same
route again. All I thought was I hadn’t done any wrong and I am not encouraging

someone who does wrong by me changing my way. Days passed by and After a period of 3
months, as usual I was going for my classes. I entered the lane and there were some
other ladies too who were behind me in the lane. They too had entered the lane at
the same time with me. I reached midway and I came face to face with the same man.
A chill ran down my spine. I could no way forget his face .I still remember his face even after ten years .He too
had recognized me and gave me a wicked smile; a smile that still gives me goose bumps. I
trembled but then I knew I had to get out of the lane to save my self. I was sure
of the fact that he wouldn’t do anything in the lane since there were ladies behind
me.I ran my way out of the lane,and after walking few steps out of
the lane I turned back only to find that he was following me and was at a hand’s distance.
My heart raced , it thumped louder and harder and I went totally blank.A moment came when I totally became blank and failed to do understand what I was doing and what I should do next. A feeling of fear of what will happen , an anger all cropped up at the same time.But something in me kept me going .I knew running to a crowded place
could save me of the worst that awaited me. The roads were empty since it was an
early morning time, but I didn’t lose hope. Getting into any unknown building wasn’t
any safe option either .I kept running and he kept following.Suddenly I saw a man in
his fifties coming out of a building.He was out for a morning stroll.I ran to him and broke down and told him the entire story. There were no mobile phones then and so I couldn’t get in touch with anyone except for him.He understood what I was trying to say, and asked me to show who the man was.By the time , I could show him the ugly face of my molester he escaped.This gentleman then dropped me all the way to my tuitions and ensured I was safe.

Twelve Years later, I still feel indebted to him.He was an unknown face just like all the others who were around me and who were mute.He saved my life by just being there with me. Just being there for some lady can also make a lot of difference to the situation. I still dread to think what would have happened to me that day if I wouldn’t have bumped into him. Moreover why I feel indebted to him is he tried to understand my woe, was there with me when I needed someone the most and didn’t leave me all alone to suffer.He could have turned a deaf ear to my pleas just like so many of us do everytime we see a woman being felt,touched inappropriately in buses,trains, platforms. But he didn’t .That makes him my hero, my savior,my soldier who saved my life, who has taught me the lesson to be there for someone who needs the most.

If just being there for some one can bring this change, then why not be there for someone?Next time you see a lady being molested, prove you exist in this world as a human being and not an animal…Prove you are alive ..Be there for her…

Mar 24, 2013

Braids & Plaits

This is a prize winning entry for the ‘Beautiful Ends To Your Beautiful Braids‘ contest, powered by Indiblogger  for Dove Split Ends Rescue System

If you have read Locks and Mane -2 and Locks and Mane – Part1, you would know how controversial the topic hair is in my house and how dove has been a rescuer all my life. Aunties and uncles , grandmoms and grandpas all  have an opinion about something that grows on my head. You cut an inch of it and you get into a controversy. You color it a bit and they would end up colouring  your life hell with all the emotional stories and melodrama.Ah!! that is when I feel how lovely childhood days were. Childhood days meant  care free days.It was never a question of concern as to how I looked, how my haircut looked, how plump  I was. Nothing!! Nothing mattered.
During my nursery days , I had cute curly hair . And whatever haircut I opted for, the ends would curl up.No one ever tried to figure out what haircut my mom had given me. It all looked the same, just the names were different. And for me whatever my mom did to my hair meant the final verdict. Whatever she decided was the best, had to be the best. My curly look…

As I grew up, it was my mom’s wish or rather my mom dreamt of both we sisters having long straight hair.She cropped my cute curly hair just because she wanted to (yeah no one bothered to ask me anything!!). She took her lovely scissors and tried her hand at haircutting. And that is when I got the bald look. I sported it at such a young age  (And you gave all the credit to the likes of Persis Khambatta and other baldies.. huh!!!)My hair unlike me was bold enough to go with its own choice and grew wavy.Am sure some weird chemical reactions took place and then what shot up were wavy mane. Here is how I looked ( my wavy hair growing days)when I could wear that lovely underwear without being slapped with lawsuits for obscenity

the middle one in the blue underwear is me*blushes*

Mom was the in charge of the Dermatology department and  Every Sunday, oiling,shampooing,conditioning resulted in  some good quality shoots to grow. Though my hair wasn’t the best , I still loved it. My mom used to tie up plaits for school ,my hair all oiled and in place. Even a tornado wouldn’t be able to move a strand for sure; it would all be in place. The ends never got a chance to split.They were oiled and glued to each other. I guess even they were scared of my mom’s fury.However the ends of my hair  met a tragic end (or I would say funny!! When I now think of my  childhood days)
I was a nerd in school and I would be glued to my books all the time .I would be lost in my world of maths and science with no interest in fashion. I had this huge black framed specks which wasn’t in fashion then as it is now and my hair oiled and tied up in plaits. By now you would have an idea how I looked.It was my craft exam and I was pathetic in drawing and crafts. My cow would look like a lion and vice versa. And for me getting a C in drawing and crafts would mean the end of the world. We were asked to make a chain of beads and making a chain would involve thread, needle and threading the needle which was nothing short of a herculean task for someone who had poor eyesight like me. I got busy with my craft making with my long plaits behind me. My plaits were long enough to be on my classmate’s desk sitting behind me in case I sat erect. I had this naughty classmate of mine (who was sitting behind me )who displayed his craftsmanship on my hair ends.I was too lost to have realized that my hair ends were being worked upon. The first thing my mom till date notices on both of us siblings are 1) the gold chain that we are forced to flaunt(being a true southie) 2) hair length. And I walked out of my exam hall like a dumb chick and my mom noticed the hair ends were all uneven. It took her no time to realize what had happened and then all the hell broke loose.What followed was complaints to the principal ,c omplaints to the boy’s family and complaints everywhere. But what remained unchanged were the crisscross ends of my hair.I was excited that now my hair would have to be cut so that they become even and that’s what followed suit. My mom became all melodramatic and me all ecstatic. Those were the sweet childhood days.
I also ended up having a chewing gum stuck at the end of my plaits once(now dont ask me how!! am still clueless) which again resulted in chopping off my shoots. And comeon! those were my childhood days and looks never mattered....

Now I am a full grown 25 year old working professional who has no time to look after her hair. Thanks to the busy schedules that we all have. It is exposed to dust ,dirt pollution every single day. Now my mom thinks am too old enough to take care of myself. The hair is no longer oiled regularly. The hair has been cut short . The hair becomes greasy every third day. When mom retired, dove came into my life and now handles the Dermatology department. Dove has always made peace with my hair. The problem of greasiness, and dandruff were all solved by the broad range of Dove shampoo and conditioners( you can see the pics of my hair in my earlier articles).But Being in the USA for few months and after being exposed to harsh climatic conditions over there, I returned back with a dry scalp and lots of split ends .My hair had become rough like a coir. The ends were so rough that it could be mistaken for a dish scrubber L I was distressed and my mom refused to touch my hair. She blamed my carelessness and lack of oiling  the hair(her only treatment for all kinds of ailments) as the main reason . And unlike childhood days , i couldnot afford to walk into my office with those dry,frizzy hair with those split ends which added to the beauty .....grrrr!!! I was planning to trim my hair further but i wondered what would be left of my (now)short hair if i trimmed it again and that is when Dove SPLIT END RESCUE SHAMPOO came to my rescue. The number of ends that refused to be back together are all lovey dovey and are back together …Thanks to the cupid that Dove played and helped them getting back together. The number of split ends have drastically reduced and my mom is happy because she thinks its her oil that has worked. It is actually the fiber activities in the Dove Split End Rescue System that have reduced the damage caused. They worked deep down the dry,dead strands and have given them a new life.And now when i tie up my hair in plaits they look wow! Thanks Dove… You put an end to my woes

And as the famous saying goes

                                                       All’s well that Ends Well J


What if every story doesn’t have an happy ending… the story of your hair would never have a tragic end with Dove at your rescue… Try out!!


Mar 18, 2013

Life In USA

When the news of me going to USA broke out, there were mixed reactions coming in from all the quarters, happy parents, excited sister, crazy friends, jealous relatives,bitchy aunties and a nervous me.Advices started pouring in from all those who had never been to USA and the one’s in USA kept mum.Everytime a friend of mine left for USA and called me, my first question to them had always been “What’s your first impression about USA ?” and since they are not quite expressive like me , I never got a satisfactory answer. The moment had come when I was going to get an answer for my own question.
After all the melodrama at the airport(a typical Indian farewell) I went for  checkin with a heavy heart and tears in my eyes. Due to my dad’s influence got to travel business class for the first time ever in my life… and so it finds a place in my blog.. Business class means you are going to be treated like a queen. That was the only solace during the journey. The rest of the journey was terrible and pathetic. Being an aerophobic, I almost felt like the 24 hour journey would be my last ever .Reached JFK airport  at 10.30pm . And then I asked myself… how do you find USA. My facebook message inbox were brimming with messages like “DUDE , be happy you are in USA” .
After all the technical snags and stuff, finally I reached at 3.30 in the morning where I was in no mood to analyse what USA is. Over the week, I got to learn a lot about this place and this is what I feel about  it:

To start with let me talk about people

People : Here people are straightforward. Here you wouldn’t find people misleading you. Incase they don’t know a thing, they would say it on your face. Right from a cab driver to the reception desk,no one would try minting extra money from you. There have been incidents where my friends have been conned. But that’s a rare case as compared to the huge number of occurences in India. Here everyone treats you with respect.  I learnt a fact that saying Hi, hello to unknown people creates a lot of difference.It helps you break the ice between two individuals. There have been days when I would be nervous and panicky here in USA to get into a cab alone and go to markets and malls , but a single Hi from the cab driver always made me feel better. The cab drivers here are so polite ,decent and kind unlike their indian counterparts who just wait for a foreign tourist to board their cab so that they can loot them. Men here treat women with respect.There is no pushing,shoving  no nothing…As far as people are concerned, better stay away from Indians over there.. that will make your life hell lot easy. Blend in the US culture( which is not just partying and boozing) and you are bound to love this place.As far as the Indians  here are concerned, the moment they step into USA  they feel they are of the likes Of Obama and Bill Clinton. You may find lots of indecent and weird Indians here …stay away from them.
Food : If you are on a short trip to USA ,carry every damn indian thing along with you rather than coming here and paying double the rate for the same stuff. And don’t come here with the typical mentality ( we can have pizzas and burgers), its not that easy. Even If you feel like having a pizza , a taxi to the nearest pizza corner would charge minimum 6$. Am a hardcore nonvegetarian , but I couldn’t stand the sight of frozen meat here. I fear I may end up turning vegetarian. Everything here is in a frozen state.Defrost and have the stale food is the mantra to survive here in USA.If you are a hard core foodie and  if you are very used to the hot tasty food served on your table daily by your poor mum then you are going to starve.
Car : You are paralysed if you don’t have one or rather if you don’t know to drive. No one walks here,everyone drives. All that you find on roads are cars and more cars.If you don’t have a car, you need to be dependent on some of your moron colleagues, bear their mood swings to reach to the nearest place.Here our rickshaws win my votes and the respect for the rickshaws have multiplied threefold.

Family : The only thing that India lamely boasts of is the family ,culture and values.Here too people value their families, rather better than us.They see to it they spend time with their family on an outing atleast once a year.In india most of the houses, to spend time with family means to order food at home from expensive restaurants…that’s it. Not everyone here is a Kim Kardashian or Humphrey Davies .Here people respect their family and the values.

Helpdesk : Here helpdesks are meant to help out people unlike our Indian counterparts which are set up to test people’s patience to the limit. I have had an experience of calling these helpdesk people for various reasons and the way they handled my issues is commendable. They see to it you are at ease. And when they say we are sorry for inconvenience they mean it.
Transportation : There is none.Everyone uses their private cars and you would find no one walking on the street.No trains , no busses for long distances .So this is where I felt , GOD!! We talk so much about  The USA and there are no  proper transportation facilities even to the nearby location.For a Mumbaikar who is so used to travelling by trains , even if its  by bearing the kicks and blows ,its like a sudden paralytic attack. Your movement is totally restricted.

Night life: Walking  all alone to the nearby building can  be quite scary ,its terribly dark in here .And every shop shut downs by 8-9pm here.Even at JFK airport most of the shops shut down by 10pm. And I was like Gosh!! Our airport has the shops running 24/7 .So this becomes quite frustrating specially if you are a Mumbaikar in USA. People  back in India feel USA is all about party and booze and lavish lifestyle. I would say there is a lot of hype created about life in USA .People may party and have fun here but then life here gets boring if you don’t have someone to talk to.There is so much of privacy in here that one cannot walk down to the neighbours apartment without informing even if its an Indian who just came in yesterday to USA. There is a lot of loneliness here. If you want to lead a great life here, you need to have your family or friends.Or else it becomes monotonous to come back home and watch TV or chat away.
The most important thing in USA is that you need to be totally independent.You just cant be dependent on anyone for anything. Living in USA teaches you the way of living life. It makes you responsible, independent. Those who are highly dependent on others for every small thing are going to have a tough time in here.

USA taught me to value my friendships and my relationships with people. Everyday when I come back to my room and I find no one to talk to, no one to share anything with I realize what I am missing, I realize what I took for granted. No one looks forward for your coming back home here.Its the empty rooms waiting. No one cooks  food for you even If you are sick. Even if you are sick , you need to take care of yourself. Respect  relationships and don’t  take them for granted.
Coming to USA is a best experience in itself and I recommend it to everyone because being here will teach you the right way to live life.

My verdict would be: USA is overrated in several aspects and life isn’t all about partying here .Only the Fittest can survive here alone. You can have the best life in here if you have your friends or your family here

Mar 14, 2013

Blogging For A Social Cause!!

This post is written as a part of The Indiblogger contest - iDiya For Indichange

I always wanted to be associated with some NGO but never knew how to go by it. I used to do my bit by teaching kids for free at my place wherein the privileged as well as underprivileged kids. I work as an engineer in a reputed IT firm and am also a part of the company’s  musical troupe where in I sing. When it comes to singing am open to sing for any kind of audience and it’s not necessarily the elite class. And so one day, It was announced that the company’s musical troupe would be performing for an orphanage  called as Mukta Jeevan as a part of  their CSR activities. I was more than happy because I somewhere thought that this was the start I have been always looking out for.We started early at around 9 to set off to this place which is very far off from the city and is located in the Shahapur taluka. Here we were given the responsibility to entertain kids aged 5- 15yr. The troupe had been working for a week to entertain their live audience to be. The moment we reached there , all these kids , neatly dressed were brought to the main hall where in we performed , had a merry time and gave them a day of happiness. My heart sank to know they were orphans. I wondered how could someone leave such cute kids back here and never turn up again . I felt connected to the place. I could feel a deep connect to the place, to the kids. I had a talk with the Sister incharge – Sister Barbara just to know about why these kids were here and made a promise to myself that I would be coming back here.
I left the place with a heavy heart but with a determination to do something for the kids over there. I wondered what could be the best thing to be given to these tiny tots . Suddenly it clicked to me , that nothing would be better than giving a computer to the organization so that the kids have the basic computer education. Education is a right that must not be denied to anyone is something i feel strongly and so the decision to get in a personal computer for the kids. Then came the question of funds- how and from where the money would come. To be honest , I am not someone who is in a very financially secure position who could end up giving funds to the organization. I thought of using my writing ability to draw in funds . And here came the first post .Seeing my desperation to get something down for the kids, a friend decided to sponsor in the entire amount for the computer system. I was more than happy with this generous act of his. Then I had an interaction with the sister again and asked whether the organization had a website to its credit and she had responded,”Many people come and go, make a lot of promises .But nothing has been done so far”. To which I responded, “ I will take in the responsibility of getting the website created”. And again I wondered who would help me with everything right from the domain hosting to website creation. I promoted my need on social networking sites and to be honest help flowed in. The  technical team in my  organization came forward and took the first step.Slowly and gradually help started pouring in from unknown quarters. And today we have a rough ,unpolished look of the website www.mukta-jeevan.org
Happy that I had done my bit, I decided to pay a personal visit  to Mukta Jeevan again on the eve of Christmas,along with the system, clothes, chocolates etc . And some of my close friends who had helped me in every step too decided to join me. Sister took me to the kids again,and some of them did recognize me because I had performed. I was thrilled to know that they did  remember me. I had my sets of favourites too in the lots of kids; but I found some of them were missing as well as there new faces in the lot too. I asked sister, “ I see that some of them aren’t here, whereas there are some new additions to the group”. That is when I realized that the kids are HIV positive and some had expired .And the new faces were the ones abandoned by relatives.  My heart sank.
It saddened me to know that even after their death, the relatives don’t turn up to claim their bodies and give a decent funeral which every single person deserves. And then these were kids who were infected with this disease not because it was their fault. They did not deserve a life like this.They don’t deserve a death like this.
The sisters carry out the burial process and have made different burial grounds on the basis of the religion and customs. I happened to visit the burial grounds (which is within the NGO grounds) , they were not good enough. And the biggest hurdle the sister’s face is to carry the body late at night to these places because there are no lights over there.
There are lots of issues that needs to be addressed but this is something I found was the most saddening of all. The kids get everything here, food , clothes , education till they live, medical treatment etc.One thing that I would want these kids to get is a decent funeral , a decent burial ground, a decent death which I would want even for myself. Then why not these kids. And above all these, I would want to create awareness on a large scale that HIV doesn't spread by caring ,sharing or touch. I do my bit by taking my friends over there, who spend time with them, give them the moment of happiness. But I believe it’s not sufficient. An awareness has to be created that HIV doesn’t spread if you touch, hug or care for a HIV infected person. A fear still lurks in the hearts of people that HIV spreads through touch.The kids are so so cute in there , that everytime I go there I don’t feel like coming back. I wonder how the relatives could just abandon them and never turn back. There is a stigma still associated with HIV and awareness has to reach every nook every corner. Creating an awareness , and changing the mindset of the people may take in a long time and may take years  but something that can be changed is the conditions under which the HIV infected people are leading their lives. I believe they too have the right to lead lives just like  any other normal person they have the right to education, medical facilities and to say the least die a decent death. Mukta Jeevan aims at providing the HIV infected people a decent life .And I wish to be  of  whatever little help I can be. Hats off to the sisters who selflessly serve these kids who are no where related to them but have dedicated their lives to the service of the needy. One such person who has inspired me is Sister Barbara(along with the other sisters) with her selfless service to these needy kids.

If I win this contest, or rather you consider this as a winning post, I would want the money to go in the building of a decent crematorium because I believe that is what I would want to do next for the organization.

Mar 9, 2013

An Ode To The Special Woman In My Life

‘I am writing a Tribute to Mom in association with Parentous.com

Women are an integral part of everyone’s life .She is a wife, daughter, boss, sister,aunt , granny .She makes our lives complete.A woman has touched everyone’s life in some or the other way. Today I wish to make a special mention of the woman who made me what I am and still manages to stay in the backlight. Two words I type about her and my eyes swell with tears of pride. Here am talking about my Mom., who may not even read this article unlike others. I have been thinking to write about her since so many  days but then everytime something or the other cropped up.Now when I sit across the other end of the globe, all I have on my mind is My mom!!!
Managing her studies and mine both at the same time, she managed to make me a dancer,singer,writer,and an engineer.quite a feat!!! Typing up my braids in the morning to bringing me back home from the nursery  she managed to do it all. I have always had issues with my parents regarding the fact why they didn’t have much time for both sisters and why both of my parents had to work.But today I have my answer with me .And I am not sure whether I could be such a wonderful mom to my kids and make them what my mom made me!!! I don’t know how she feels seeing me and my sista all grown up and settled but my friend says she was proud of me making it to USA- her biggest dream !!!
Today when I see kids, they are so indisciplined,and the innocence all gone.And the parents stiIl go ga-ga over their kids.I still remember being tied up to a sewing machine for being rude for hours until I apologized.Spare the rod and spoil the child this is what I have always believed in.And even today I feel the need to ask my mom before going out.
Most of my friends know what kind of a personality my mom is- superstitious to the core, extremely friendly , panicky and someone who speaks her heart. She is a motor mouth and a loud mouth too and has no qualms about the same. She is someone who bargains with the shopkeeper , leaves the shop and makes promises never to return to that dirty shop again, and still returning back after a few minutes to the same shop and buying the same stuff .She is someone who would be very sure that her daughter is into an affair with the worst guy ever in her class . She is someone who believes three people setting out for some good work is going to bring lots of problems .She is someone who wants her daughter to wear dupatta pinned on both sides like a typical Aunty and she thinks that’s the latest fashion. She is someone who finds matches for her daughter’s friends and scares the hell outta them. She is someone who exclaimed seeing her daughter (I)standing with the CEO of the company in a picture and then asking her,” No wonder you are going to USA”. And I was like “yeah I don’t work et all…. I go to USA just because I pose “ She is someone who thinks wearing one piece dress is equivalent to wearing nothing .She is someone who keeps talking when the TV is on with,”Dekho dekho what she has worn”. She is someone whom you confide about someone and say and she blurts it out infront of the same person. Like it happened that day, I was talking about my cousin’s husband and I passed a remark that ,”OMG!!! He just doesn’t talk …phew!!!” .And after sometime it happened we bumped into him and the first comment my mom made was,”Chitra was saying you never talk and it turns her off!!” And she laughed as if she had cracked a great joke..Thats my mom for you. She is someone who gets carried away by emotions, and would want her daughter to go on touching everyone’s feet at social occasions even if I don’t have an ounce of respect for them. She would be like,”Chitra , touch Radha Aunty’s feet” and I would be like god!!!!She is someone who starts panicking when the clock ticks 9pm and the endless calls would start.There were days when my friends thought I had a secret boyfriend- thanks to the endless time I used to spend with the phone.My mom is extremely cool about my friend's boyfriends - doesnt matter even if its four or ten.. she would be like so whats the big deal.... yeah the big deals start only with your daughter...
She is someone who would see all the mallu guys as the prospective grooms for me... She would pray to GOD!!!,"i just hope this guy becomes my son - in - law".Thanks to all those guys ,they have become my good friends and they have managed to get married to their girlfriends ... :):) thank you guys!!! am indebted forever!! :P

However she is, she is a unique package of unconditional love and affection. SHE  IS MY MOM!! My pride, my creator, one with whom I fight the most, but without whom I am incomplete.She has made me what I am today.The efforts and perseverance, not to forget the endless sacrifice that she has put up to bring me up is commendable and i doubt whether i can do it for my own kids someday. I may not be able to say all this to her but just hope one day she would read this……

Happy Mother's Day MOM- The Most Special Woman in My Life….!!!!My Life Is Incomplete Without You!!!

You may enjoy reading !!!