Jul 8, 2012

Locks And Mane - Part 2!!

 This is the prize winning entry for the Dove contest on Indiblogger

After crying my heart out about my hair in Locks and Mane –Part 1 , I have been given an other chance by Dove to weep and say it all about my once dull,frizzy,lackluster,snappy hair and several snappy moments associated with it .Amidst tears and woes, I would like to thank Dove for the wonderful hamper to cheer me up and make me feel someone cares for my hair,someone wants to make me look and feel great and beautiful.
Hair is one of the most important asset a person can have..Too much of it and too less of it both can leave you depressed ..sigh!! I don’t have too much of it ,neither do I have less of it but then whatever bits and pieces ( oh I mean strands!) I possess they have troubled me to the core till Dove happened. They have created embarrassing situations for me at places and I have bore them silently till my savior DOVE came knocking..

I would like to describe some of the snappy ( hair breakage ) moments with you which I still preserve and think of (when I have lots of work to do I the office :P)
Snappy Moments!!
At work: Washroom is one of the most important conference room of my professional life. That is one place where my friends and I gang up and discuss the last night happenings, all the gossips..The major discussions of life are taken there, right from the new film that is released to the new crush and his gal friend in the office, gossips about the bosses , moments of anger and frustration during appraisals etc etc... The list just goes on. Apart from all this juicy stuff makeup and hairstyling too takes a front seat in the IT campus washrooms. And one day as per my daily routine as I combed my hair and was just about to leave the washroom and what do I hear from the housekeeping attendant ,” kya kitna bal gira hai madam aapka... Mujhe abhi fir se saf karna padenga( what is this,its your hair all around.. I would have to clean it all again )L Ouch!! ... that was actually an OUCH moment!! Being praised so liberally in front of al the wannabes of my company was one of the most embarrassing scenes I was ever put into... GRR!!!
At home: DAD’s Drama!
My dad is a cleanliness freak and I can say he loves sweeping our home very often. He just can’t bear even a grain of sand coming in ...forget strands of Hair!!.. During my hair fall days (Locks and Mane Part1 days) whenever my dad used to sweep our home.. he would loudly announce “ the whole house is filled with her hair ,See there its flying“ GRR!! Those were the days I wished getting bald like Persis Khambatta and other female actors who had gone bald to make a style statement unlike me who wanted to go bald to get rid of the embarrassment.
During Stage Rehearsals: My patient Co performer
Being a bharatnatyam dancer I had to enact the scene of Draupadi being dragged and brought to the stage by Duryodhana where she Is stripped in front of everyone... I got the chance to play Draupadi(for a change Someone thought I had feminine qualities!!) .So there was this scene where I was dragged by hair by my co performer..Everytime we ended up performing the scene during the rehearsals ,she would come to me patiently, hand over the broken dry frizzy strands and say “Keep it,your property!”
I was more alarmed than sad or depressed when the quantity increased daily.. I started feeling there was more hair on my co performer’s hand rather than that on my head :P
This wasn’t the end of my apathy .. Marriages added to them more moments of despair and apathy.. PHEW!!
At marriages: Bitchy Aunties
Indian marriages are best known for gossiping about the bride,brides family ,and about other gals who come in for the ceremony.Hardly anyone is around to bless the couple .A major part of them wait for the ceremony to end and hog the delicacies,some are there just to bitch about the bride and some are there to bitch about ME!!! The moment they see me,no matter how indianly sexy I try to be ,paying no attention to my attire all they would talk or rather debate about my Hair..Sometimes it’s the length,sometime it’s the texture ,sometimes its about not oiling my hair,sometimes its about overshampooing my hair...but everytime it has to be MY HAIR!!They would exclaim sadly as if I have turned bald the moment the saw me,”Oh what has happened to your hair?”And then they would try to get in my mom’s attention to my hair by saying ,”Doesn’t she take care of it>?” And my mom would make an expression which clearly states” This gal is out of my control now... Sab iske DAD k pyar ka natija hai ..”(its all her dad’s fault.. its due to his over affection and love) As if the moment he stops giving me the much needed attention my hair would shoot up...
OHH how much do I dislike MY HAIR!!! L and those bitchy Aunties...
My hair once upon a time was like Rakhi Sawant – gained attention for all the wrong reasons :P
Emotional Senti Drama: My MOM!!!!
Hair is one of the favourite topics on which my mom can give lectures for hours.And whatever health problem you have ,she would find a connection with not oiling the hair be it cold or headache .. And when the topic is “MY HAIR” she goes all emotional... “What a beautiful hair she had... I had put in so much efforts..But this gal she never took care of it.. She cut her hair short.. “And she would continue cursing my hair stylish for cutting my hair short ..:P As far as I remember I never had strong lustrous hair before DOVE fell on my head and left my hair moisturized
... I have tried explaining my mom that my hair was never strong but in vain...
But recently when she dropped home from Delhi,I was surprised when she complimented me for my hair..Dove happened to me while one of my hairstylist suggested me the same and that was the end of my hair problems! Dove's damage therapy treatment works wonders on hairs.. Try it out gals!!
All thanks to Dove for making it beautiful than ever... Dove+MOM’s compliments = WOW HAIR!!!Now I get to hear no more bitching from aunties,no more liberal praises from the housekeeping staff,no more lectures from dad.... My hair breathes and has got a new life...Its all lively and superb!!!
Thanks to Dove !! What if am worth it, there has to be you to make me one JAnd here is the pic of my hair ta... da!!!!

                                               Source :My Head :P


  1. i dnt knw whether ur hair has actually improved or not..bt d way u have written it, u have done excellent marketing for Dove and anyone would be tempted to use Dove for once after reading this..!!! :)

  2. @suneal: thanks a lot.. dove is actually worth it

  3. well written.. yes such gossips do happen in my office.. all the best for the contest..

  4. Congratulation for Winning in IndiBlog contest.

  5. Very well written Chitra... :)
    Now I can say the prize was well desereved :) :) :)
    Keep It Up

  6. thanku shrey sagar :)am glad u liked it :)


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