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Mar 27, 2011

In the Quest For a True Musician

Being bored with thoughts of how to spend a weekend i came up with an idea of pursuing my passion for music.I had discontinued my music classes for reasons unknown even to me.And then came the thought of hunting a new music guru who could teach me music according to my terms and conditions.And I had one of  ma friends too in the same mission.We started our hunt for this new music guru and finally ended up shortlisting one.(the list just had one guru sigh!!!)With no proper address ,no name we set out on this mission of finding our Great Guru who would enlighten us with his divine music rendition. We toured entire dombivli (thats where I live) and after gulping down a glass of Coke Float reached his academy somehow.I noticed there was such a small notice board which no one would ever notice.

Entering the building and after knocking many doors we finally came to our so called renowned institution and we were greeted by an old lady who asked us to be seated.The room was filled with musical instruments like Veena ,harmonium and i was too eager to meet our sir.I and my friend was discussing the lipstick color she had applied and we were disturbed by this fellow aged 35- 40

The first question he asked me was "are u a southie?".I was not dressed in anyway like a typical south indian would do.I was like "yes".Then he asked my friend " and u??".She was like "I am  Marathi".He was very impressed and got involved in a conversation with her.He mistook  that i dont know the language and was like talking in his mother tongue which was marathi and then just stopped to ask me "Do you understand Marathi?". He was more interested in our surnames and was very impressed with my friends typical "KAR" as a suffix surname.Then he turned to me and he was like  are u from Mumbai or Karnataka when i told him i had undertaken training in Carnatic Music for 9 years.The rest of the conversation that we had fell on  deaf ears.
Now when we came out my friend was very impressed with him.He didn't impress me nor did his talks.I am writing this for her to know the reasons why i wouldn't want to be in his class keeping apart his laurels in the field of music.
1)the first and foremost reason being I am not a South Indian am first an Indian born on the soil of my very own Mumbai;very own in the same way like every other Mumbaikar does
2) Secondly ,i would like to put my thought through the medium of this song

Sangeet jaaye sarhad ke paar
Sangeet mein hai aisi fuhaar
Pathjhad mein bhi jo laaye bahaar
Sangeet ko naa roke deewar
Sangeet jaaye sarhad ke paar
Ho, sangeet maane naa dharm jaat
Sangeet maane naa dharm jaat
Sangeet se judi kaaynaat
 {this song means music has no boundaries.it can be heard everywhere .
.it can cross the mountains and rivers irrespective of which country it belongs.}
3)Thirdly music has no prejudices,Music is behind the boundaries of religion caste and creed. Music cannot be stopped.No air, no water, no force can stop the power of music.

4)A true artist is next to GOD.He doesn't understand religion.For him everything and everyone is the same.An artist should never mind whom his audiences are ,since the applause sounds the same from whomever it comes.You can never distinguish a clap from whom it has come ...can you??

5)And yes even though am a south indian i can sing Marathi songs which most of my Marathi friends cannot.Given a chance i would have proved it to him and would have made him realize music is no ones possession.No one can label music with religion and caste.

I believe a person who understands this and follows this is a true artist no matter how partial or loyal you are to your birthplace.Being a dancer i would not mind if i have to break into a Lavni or Kuchipudi because my legs would still  tap to the music even if am a bengali or am a marathi if i truly like the dance or the music .So sirjee aapko pranam(gudbye sir)....

Still in search of that true artist who would teach me.....

Mar 20, 2011

Holi -The Festival Of Colours


Holi is a festival of colors as all know.In India it is celebrated with great pomp.The entire street is filled with people spraying colors and splashing waters.This is one of the most awaited festival specially for kids.They just love being drenched in the waters.

(I am sharing a video of Holi this year in India)

This year Holi at my place began with a loud thud  of water balloons being hurled into our house.This loud thud disturbed my forty winks and I was amused by the fun the neighbouring kids were having with water and colors.
I could hear their mums screaming for not even sparing them.The kids drenched their moms and dads with buckets of water.This year i saw some creativity too.People were applying the very famous Jhandu Balm(Of" Munni Fame") on each other.People were even seen enjoying with dye,eggs and everything in which they could see color. No one was spared ;everyone passing from below the building were sent drenched.People were seen enjoying their favourite drink "Bhang"(made from cannabis)

Guess the days of chemical free Holi are gone and these days people play this festival with almost every thing they get.For me Holi like every year is staying hidden inside the four walls of the house fearing attack of water balloons from the young tots.

For me Holi is something more than spraying water and hurling eggs.Holi for me is the victory of the good over evil.Holi sends out a message "Let everyone's life be filled with colors of happiness and joy .Let peace prevail.Let the atmosphere be filled with colors of joy and an aroma of happiness.

Wish you all a happy and safe Holi

Mar 19, 2011

I Am Through

Lonely Days and Lonely Nights
Things ain't the same when 
you are out of sight
Its about you i ponder
My thoughts just wander

I Remember when we first met
u never wanted to talk to me I bet
Those silly fights that we had
Those fights happened am glad
Those "No-Talk" days and nights
 U dint know but they Just added to my plight
 Those funny moments we had
They did make me happy and glad
It dawned to me
That u meant something to me.

Those sweet and naughty moments we have had
Those caring moments we have shared
They would never come again
Never Again Never Again

What do I do to get them back
Without U my life is nowhere on track
I thought , to each other we belong
Then what is it that went wrong.

you left me for an other chick
this thought itself makes me sick
i thought our bond was forever
Never did i imagine our bond would sever
What would I do
With a coward lik U

Now no  more weep and no  more cry
To kick you out i would try
It isn't that chick that made u stray
you're weak hearted and so u fell prey
You don't deserve someone like me
Since you just haven't known thee
Am glad we aren't together
its time to pick  pieces of my life and gather

Its better  to spend  these lonely days and nights
Rather to have U and add to my plight
I am happy the way I am
Not a good lover maybe ,but a good human definitely I am....

Mar 17, 2011

How To Irritate People Around You

Monday mornings are one of the worst days of the week for me. I wake up with a grumpy mood and i look like this.

I drag myself out of the bed .I  decide that i am going to stay grumpy throughout the day as if people around me were the prime reason why the sun rose every Monday .

 Ok!! so now am terribly irritated and now my mission is to irritate all the people around me so that they feel guilty about this "Monday"

Monday is more of a "Moan-day" for me......aargh!!!I have mastered the art of irritating people and just because I am a modest creature i wish to share my expert tips with u ..

So  Mission Irritation begins!!!!( I bet u can learn a lot from these)


1)You have to be totally shameless and careless when you do this. Dont feel guilty at all .

Ok so we are getting back to the steps to follow:

1)When your colleague unlocks his computer and moves away from his desk,go and lock it citing security issues.Do this as many times as u can.Do it even if he turns his neck around.Security is a prime concern...isnt it?

2) When you see someone stacking up papers in their printer for their use ,immediately give print command and take printouts of your favourite cartoons.Once you are done walk proudly with your copies and also applaud yourself for the great work done.

3)Hold a bad singing competition and strain your vocal chords.

4)When your boss is pissed off with you and banging his heads off,look at your colleague and make funny faces and be proud about how humorous you can be(Man!! this truly works..)

5)Set irritating ring tones on your mobile phones and ring it whenever an important call is being made in the adjacent cubicle.

6)Set "Toilet Flush Ringtones" on your cell and after every point is made by your Boss in a conference meet ;play the tone.

7)Whenever your Boss passes by your cubicle, display your extra talents and sing with the highest pitch "Who let the dogs out ??"

8)When you see two people discreetly talking or rather gossiping,shout loudly "Hey ! i heard that" and act as if nothing has happened.

9)Pull the chair when someone is about to sit and appreciate the way the chair swings and turns.

10)Keep changing passwords of every system possible without informing citing security concern .

11)Keep changing food orders at the canteen counter.

12)When you see someone's placed order kept at the counter, rush in when you see that someone approaching the counter and grab the order and beam with pride for your athletic skills.

13) To play x-o-x on important project documents.

14) To stick your colleague's mouse to the desk using invisible cellophane tape.  

Dosage: 1)U can follow all the instructions in one single day for serious mental torture.
              2)Do it  on Mondays and Fridays when there is lots of work to be completed

All the above tips surely work. I  guarantee your victim will tear his hair out and you will feel a sense of satisfaction and happy.

Try it !!!!

Why Am I Here!

zzzz snore....ya that's how my mood is...sitting idly with nothing to do am almost writing with one eye open...hiding behind a pillar from the eyes of the world....

ok so with a brief intro given up here, i would like to add a few things to it...i am damn lazy..With two failed attempts of writing blog...no i didn't fail to create one...i failed to keep it updated....am back again with  determination to keep it updated.One of my closest friends wants to know what goes on in my head ...what is it that am involved with ....what is it that makes my life 'so-called' interesting...

So i thought why not....i can write all that happens in my life..all that i find interesting...all that i wish to share with people...

Am a person who would call up or text my friends to convey my thoughts, sometimes or i think always unasked advices(and still not feel guilty about it he he  because i am always right!!)....i am not the ones who would sit down and write an essay of my thoughts...but since my fans insist i think of doing it..(think??? duh!! u have already started)

To begin with i wasted two weeks thinking about what would be the name of my blog...i couldn't restrict my blog to one single topic...i want to include all the crap and all the topics under one roof...so what other name better than "this and that???"

and my blog address which goes as zindagi unlimited is because  i feel there no boundaries of living life...just live it...don't restrict it ; just live it......

I feel if people would have been giving  a penny for my thoughts then i would have been a millionaire by now :):);)

Mar 14, 2011

Wish You Were Here

Sitting by the window i wish you were here
wish you were here!! just wish you were here!!
seeing the rain drops falling on the pane
reminds me am still sane!!

oh!! I do remember that lovely touch
ohh i still love you so much
do thy remember those lovely words uttered
once again i wish they were muttered

closing my eyes i can feel you here
but i know you are no where near
i wish i could bring you back
and get my life back on track

i know you are there far in the sky
up above the world so high
shining just like a star
 just realized you are so so far

life without you is not the same
it has left me without any aim
what do i do to have u back??
what do i do to get things on track??

if i got a wish that could make things true
would have brought you back from the blue
i know this is far from real
but now only dreams help me heal

why did you leave me here alone
wish i had wings and flown
would have had a world of our own
and would be never alone.. never alone!!!...

Just Wanna Fly

oh i dunno why
i just wanna try
oh i wanna fly, fly and fly
deep into the sky

wanna feel the cool breeze
and forever be at ease
nothing to worry or cry
it would be just me in the sky
no fear can stop me
i can just be ME.

none to rule or bother
none to kill or smother
its gonna be peace over there
wish i could be there ;wish i could be there

wanna b on top of the world
would watch o'er the crowd with wings unfurled
got nothing to worry about losing or winning
am gonna be my own king

wanna obey no rules;wanna make my own
its gonna be my world; my own
no worries about money
its all gonna be about peace and love honey!!

just wanna go high and high
but when would that happen, sigh!!!
Oh i dunno when
but for sure it would happen
would fly fly and fly
deep into the sky

You may enjoy reading !!!