Mar 14, 2011

Wish You Were Here

Sitting by the window i wish you were here
wish you were here!! just wish you were here!!
seeing the rain drops falling on the pane
reminds me am still sane!!

oh!! I do remember that lovely touch
ohh i still love you so much
do thy remember those lovely words uttered
once again i wish they were muttered

closing my eyes i can feel you here
but i know you are no where near
i wish i could bring you back
and get my life back on track

i know you are there far in the sky
up above the world so high
shining just like a star
 just realized you are so so far

life without you is not the same
it has left me without any aim
what do i do to have u back??
what do i do to get things on track??

if i got a wish that could make things true
would have brought you back from the blue
i know this is far from real
but now only dreams help me heal

why did you leave me here alone
wish i had wings and flown
would have had a world of our own
and would be never alone.. never alone!!!...


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