Mar 19, 2011

I Am Through

Lonely Days and Lonely Nights
Things ain't the same when 
you are out of sight
Its about you i ponder
My thoughts just wander

I Remember when we first met
u never wanted to talk to me I bet
Those silly fights that we had
Those fights happened am glad
Those "No-Talk" days and nights
 U dint know but they Just added to my plight
 Those funny moments we had
They did make me happy and glad
It dawned to me
That u meant something to me.

Those sweet and naughty moments we have had
Those caring moments we have shared
They would never come again
Never Again Never Again

What do I do to get them back
Without U my life is nowhere on track
I thought , to each other we belong
Then what is it that went wrong.

you left me for an other chick
this thought itself makes me sick
i thought our bond was forever
Never did i imagine our bond would sever
What would I do
With a coward lik U

Now no  more weep and no  more cry
To kick you out i would try
It isn't that chick that made u stray
you're weak hearted and so u fell prey
You don't deserve someone like me
Since you just haven't known thee
Am glad we aren't together
its time to pick  pieces of my life and gather

Its better  to spend  these lonely days and nights
Rather to have U and add to my plight
I am happy the way I am
Not a good lover maybe ,but a good human definitely I am....


  1. Hey Chii...
    i act luvd day
    itz senti bt makin sense a mixture of super kull waitin 4 moore osum thgz to cum up

  2. Hey Chii....
    Osum composition
    Senti, Mushy bt making Sense :))

  3. Really Sensible...
    I Really Liked it!!!


  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. hey don worry, jst do d things u like 2 do...
    stay busy..
    b/w nicely composed ..


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