Mar 14, 2011

Just Wanna Fly

oh i dunno why
i just wanna try
oh i wanna fly, fly and fly
deep into the sky

wanna feel the cool breeze
and forever be at ease
nothing to worry or cry
it would be just me in the sky
no fear can stop me
i can just be ME.

none to rule or bother
none to kill or smother
its gonna be peace over there
wish i could be there ;wish i could be there

wanna b on top of the world
would watch o'er the crowd with wings unfurled
got nothing to worry about losing or winning
am gonna be my own king

wanna obey no rules;wanna make my own
its gonna be my world; my own
no worries about money
its all gonna be about peace and love honey!!

just wanna go high and high
but when would that happen, sigh!!!
Oh i dunno when
but for sure it would happen
would fly fly and fly
deep into the sky

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