Mar 20, 2011

Holi -The Festival Of Colours


Holi is a festival of colors as all know.In India it is celebrated with great pomp.The entire street is filled with people spraying colors and splashing waters.This is one of the most awaited festival specially for kids.They just love being drenched in the waters.

(I am sharing a video of Holi this year in India)

This year Holi at my place began with a loud thud  of water balloons being hurled into our house.This loud thud disturbed my forty winks and I was amused by the fun the neighbouring kids were having with water and colors.
I could hear their mums screaming for not even sparing them.The kids drenched their moms and dads with buckets of water.This year i saw some creativity too.People were applying the very famous Jhandu Balm(Of" Munni Fame") on each other.People were even seen enjoying with dye,eggs and everything in which they could see color. No one was spared ;everyone passing from below the building were sent drenched.People were seen enjoying their favourite drink "Bhang"(made from cannabis)

Guess the days of chemical free Holi are gone and these days people play this festival with almost every thing they get.For me Holi like every year is staying hidden inside the four walls of the house fearing attack of water balloons from the young tots.

For me Holi is something more than spraying water and hurling eggs.Holi for me is the victory of the good over evil.Holi sends out a message "Let everyone's life be filled with colors of happiness and joy .Let peace prevail.Let the atmosphere be filled with colors of joy and an aroma of happiness.

Wish you all a happy and safe Holi

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