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Images have been taken from various sources in Google


Images have been taken from various sources in Google


Images have been taken from various sources in Google


Images have been taken from various sources in Google


Images have been taken from various sources in Google


Images have been taken from various sources in Google

Jan 12, 2014

Recharge Your Hair...Recharge Your Life

This is an Entry for the Sunsilk Contest on Indiblogger

Few months back,i was totally bored with nothing exciting happening in my life. I decided to add few colors to my life. I pondered what to do, how to do... And i finally decided,i will actually add some colors practically if not to my life, to my hair....

I went to my parlor and asked the lady to get my hair colored. I had always imagined my hair to be burgundy in color. Unfortunately  i ended up forgetting the shade that i wanted to apply on my hair.(yeah ! yeah blame it on  my growing age)

The lady kept guessing, is it blond that you want? I am like.. eww no! A person with a wheatish complexion like me would end up looking like an African bird.. Then she said , what about copper color? And i was like.. emmm.. ok!! Lets try copper...We set out on the expedition of adding colors to my hair and indirectly adding to my life. She kept working on it and finally the time came in when she revealed her experiment on my hair with utmost pride.

I looked at the mirror and shrieked. My hair looked like this

                                      #dont i look like an Australian Imported Rare Breed Bird ? :(:(

.. It not only took away colors from my life, but also from my face.. My face had turned pale. I was not happy with the color et all.. And there was no chance that the color would fade away soon.

I resembled an imported bird with different shades of copper all on my hair. I did not know what to do and i cursed myself to go by the stupid plan.

I somehow wanted to get rid of this newly imported feathers and somehow tried to hide it. On the first day of the office, people were like,"Hello, whats this?" and i tied up my hair in a bun to save myself the embarrassment. I also became the butt of jokes of so many of my friend circles. I decided to get rid of the color by applying the not-so-timely-recalled burgundy color. Home experiments followed suit one after the another. My mom who arrived from Delhi a few weeks later wept and weaned and kept cursing me,"Guptaji will never accept a bahu (daughter-in-law)like this. God! what have i done to see this day"

Lots of melodrama, lots of stress and lots of chemical based color spoilt the texture of my hair. My hair became lifeless. It became dull and drab .The very reason i want to recharge my hair is though i look like an imported costly bird these days, i at least want to look that i belong to a good breed :P I want my hair to regain the shine , luster and beauty back . Only this will add zeal to my life and recharge me too. I wouldn't have to hide my hair in buns, ponytails and under shawls. I can be a free bird...emm gal.. and My hair will start breathing too.

And that is when  my friend suggested me Sunsilk. In her words," Oye birdy, One stop solution to all your hair problems.. Sunsilk!!!Ever touched silk, that would be the texture of your hair once drops of sunsilk fall on your hair. From the seasonal bird to the gal with the beautiful hair, the transition will happen in no time..

And Thanks to Sunsilk ! It did Recharge me Forever!! The results are for you to see....

                                            Doesn't My hair look much better and recharged now??


                                                   #My friend who suggested Sunsilk


Love - One Of A kind

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda

She was dressed as a bride and was waiting for him .
He came in to the room &  made love to her.
She felt like a woman for the very first time.
He satisfied his carnal desires .
Getting up  & Dressing again as a bride she waited......

Jan 8, 2014

Random Thoughts

I do crib a lot in life. A lot about my looks, a lot about my hair, my face etc etc… And I think most of us do thanks to beauty obsessed world; the fair skinned obsessed world that we belong to… Yesterday,some thing happened, reality struck. It made me wonder whether this obsession over looking good, the fad diets, the size zero figure and living life with a lot of restrictions made sense.
I met someone last night. I have known him since childhood. He was always hale and hearty and had no such habits like drinking, smoking. He was neither obese nor malnourished. But yesterday he looked like a bag of bones. Skin hung loose on his petite frame. He looked sick and lost. Someone told me he had been battling liver cancer. He couldn’t drink, eat or sleep. He was holding on to his life. Something in me changed the night I saw him on his deathbed.
I wondered whether cribbing about looking good actually did matter. I wondered whether restricting ourselves from eating, drinking and any other stuff actually mattered. I have seen people following ridiculous diets, abstaining oneself from the simple joys of life. I am not promoting eating junk food or anything over here. But going all bonkers over eating a chocolate mousse isn’t worth it. I wouldn’t say go and hog chocolate mousse every day But then it’s fine if you decide to skip your diet for a last day and indulge in a sinful chocolate mousse, you never know it could be your last one. Do things you feel like doing at the moment. Live in the moment! Live as if this could be your last.
If you missed a  day at gym, hit the gym harder the next day .But don’t waste a single day cribbing over what is lost. I have friends, who crib over the color of their skin, apply face creams, go nuts over preserving their complexion. Taking care of your skin is fine, but looking like a live mummy all 365 days is sick. Let your skin breathe someday; let your skin be exposed to sunlight one day!
We make dietary restrictions, we put us through so many regimes and routines just to live longer , look good and be healthy. It’s a good practice but ensure you don’t take the life out of you! I have friends who never eat out because they think it’s unhealthy. I would say indulge in the simple pleasures of life like an occasional drink, an occasional indulgence in the new chicken Burger that’s recently launched, try street food, have the puchkas or the gol gappas on a rainy day, have the ice golas  someday….You never know when you would be in a situation, where in you want to have all these, but sadly you cant !
Simply live life to the fullest!  

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