Jan 8, 2014

Random Thoughts

I do crib a lot in life. A lot about my looks, a lot about my hair, my face etc etc… And I think most of us do thanks to beauty obsessed world; the fair skinned obsessed world that we belong to… Yesterday,some thing happened, reality struck. It made me wonder whether this obsession over looking good, the fad diets, the size zero figure and living life with a lot of restrictions made sense.
I met someone last night. I have known him since childhood. He was always hale and hearty and had no such habits like drinking, smoking. He was neither obese nor malnourished. But yesterday he looked like a bag of bones. Skin hung loose on his petite frame. He looked sick and lost. Someone told me he had been battling liver cancer. He couldn’t drink, eat or sleep. He was holding on to his life. Something in me changed the night I saw him on his deathbed.
I wondered whether cribbing about looking good actually did matter. I wondered whether restricting ourselves from eating, drinking and any other stuff actually mattered. I have seen people following ridiculous diets, abstaining oneself from the simple joys of life. I am not promoting eating junk food or anything over here. But going all bonkers over eating a chocolate mousse isn’t worth it. I wouldn’t say go and hog chocolate mousse every day But then it’s fine if you decide to skip your diet for a last day and indulge in a sinful chocolate mousse, you never know it could be your last one. Do things you feel like doing at the moment. Live in the moment! Live as if this could be your last.
If you missed a  day at gym, hit the gym harder the next day .But don’t waste a single day cribbing over what is lost. I have friends, who crib over the color of their skin, apply face creams, go nuts over preserving their complexion. Taking care of your skin is fine, but looking like a live mummy all 365 days is sick. Let your skin breathe someday; let your skin be exposed to sunlight one day!
We make dietary restrictions, we put us through so many regimes and routines just to live longer , look good and be healthy. It’s a good practice but ensure you don’t take the life out of you! I have friends who never eat out because they think it’s unhealthy. I would say indulge in the simple pleasures of life like an occasional drink, an occasional indulgence in the new chicken Burger that’s recently launched, try street food, have the puchkas or the gol gappas on a rainy day, have the ice golas  someday….You never know when you would be in a situation, where in you want to have all these, but sadly you cant !
Simply live life to the fullest!  


  1. touching!
    but reality is always stark :(

  2. Yes, i do agree with you ayesha :)

  3. True. We need to understand where to draw the line. Over obsession over looks and material stuff doesn't take you anywhere. That's where a need to be at a higher plane than things purely material comes in. Good post.

  4. So true! We all are part of the rat race trying so hard to fit in to not be deemed outasts!!
    Your writing style is so kewl kudos to you
    Do drop in by my blog too juhiroy827.blogspot.com


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