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Oct 27, 2012

MUKTA JEEVAN- A Heaven On Earth

I have never been this excited to write any blogpost till date.It is always like something has to touch my heart and then only the emotions flow through words.But today the moment i dropped the bag i wanted to write about this. I was more than being excited.I was rather happy or you can say touched.There are no words to express how happy i feel and what i experienced,what i went through

I had been to Mukta Jeevan a heaven  on earth .yes! that is how i would like to put it .It provides shelter to  hundreds of cute tiny tots , its a shelter house for the leprosy,HIV +ve people etc.Its a place where people who have no one to look upto or no one to care are being sheltered.Spread over 60 acres of land this institution has given a new profound meaning of life to many kids and adults.They have found a new way of life. People who cant speak or i would say are mute work for their livelihood .Rather than spending their life begging ,these people live their life with dignity and honour.The inmates of this noble institution taught me to have a positive outlook towards life via their sweet simple way .

We had been there to sing and perform and entertain the people over there since its year end and this is the period of festivals.We were expecting old aged people within the age bracket of 70-80 deserted by their grown up kids.I was in for a surprise when a long queue of  talkative tiny tots with a glint of naughtines in their eyes appeared from somewhere. The first sight of them and i was like "How cute!!" .That made me wonder how could someone just leave their kids and never turn up especially when they are so adorable .This is one question that has been haunting me right from the moment i saw these cute little kids. What followed was two hours of nonstop dhamaka singing and dancing by my colleagues and me .And guess what the children were dancing and singing and going crazy.I have never seen such happiness around me atleast not in my professional world. I have never seen such cute smiles breaking out ever. Their smiles were unadulterated , without ego,carefree and lovely. Their thoughts pure.The host of the show Mr.Divyam Chayya happened to ask the kids what song would you guys like to hear .And i was expecting "Lakdi ki kati " songs that i still like and have been liking right from my childhood.But guess what they wanted to listen to "Saiyyara  from Ek tha Tiger" .Yeah didnt i tell you they were naughty.Salman is a hit among the tiny tots too..

And the way they swayed and danced to all the songs i was awestruck .I was so happy that i got a chance to perform for such cute little kids. I have performed in front of engineers ,doctors etc etc but the kind of happiness and pride that i felt today cannot be expressed. And i was taught a few dance steps by a very chirpy little gal who made me dance to Dhinka chika dinka chika( again a Salman song..Didnt i tell you they all are Salman fans)I am forced to share her pic.She made my day.She has occupied a place in my heart for a long time. Her dance steps i tell you were the cutest and would give Salman a run for money.

                                    My dance teacher for the day !!!
This blog post has been written with an intention and i am going to be selfish and going to be really loud about what i expect out of people who are reading this blogpost. I donot want money , i donot want materialistic things.I want people who think they can dance , sing or rather who think they can spread smiles to come forward visit this wonderful institution and bring happiness to their lives. And trust me the happiness that you would try to give it to them, you are just going to get it doubled.

The kids or rather the inmates over there dont celebrate Diwali or Christmas the way you do.Buying clothes from a branded store is something that they cant afford to. All that you have to do is form a group , visit this place entertain them for two or three hours and just experience the feeling.There is so much you can do for the kids organize competitions , sports ,conduct workshops etc etc. Money isnt everything in life but then life doesnt even go on without it.
Yeah ! you may very well agree with me on this.. This is a thought that comes to me every time i need to shell out money for a rickshaw. People who feel they should donate can come forward and help these people out.On  being asked what the NGO wanted, all they wanted was a laptop for the kids , so that they could be shown some movies ,some educational stuff etc. All those who can help please do come forward and do the needful .These kids are fighting their life out to have a wonderful future..Why not help them a bit?

All those who think they can help in any way by conducting shows for kids , or organizing competitions or rather any kind of help

Please contact


Address: Vehloli, Taluka - Shahapur
District Thane
Pin : 421601
You can also email them at

In case you need any help you can also get in touch with me

It was an honour performing for them.I would love to do it again and again and be associated with sucha  noble institution.

Kudos to the selfless sisters who work even without expecting any fame ,recognition.
Not every one is born lucky some build up their own luck and fortune.Mukta Jeevan is an institution that helps nurture dreams of kids who never even dared to dream:) Lets help them grow wings to fly higher and higher and  achieve all the aspirations in life.

Oct 25, 2012

Barnabas –Book Review

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Barnabas – Bombay’s first detective is all set  out to solve the murder mystery of  an English lady. He is all set to take on the English people and undauntingly solve the mystery murder case. The story is set up in the pre Independence era where India was still under the British rule. But does Barnabas solve the mystery case or ends up being a suspect in the murder .Does Barnabas deserve to  be called as Bombay’s first detective...? Does the culprit get caught ? its for you to read and find out ...

In author’s words:  British India. The summer of 1942. Bombay. From the leafy lanes of Wodehouse Road, a British woman goes missing from her home. Her husband Thomas Stanton, wants to keep the police out of the loop, and thus calls in Bombay’s first Private Detective, Barnabas Mehta. The son of a cook, Barnabas, has been brought up under the tutelage of his father’s employer, Francis Curtis, and knows the ways of the British. But that isn’t enough to solve the mystery for him. His search for Rose leads him to the bylanes of Girgaum where he finds a murder to solve and webs of deceit to traverse. Who would murder Rose so brutally? Family secrets and the machinations of an evil mind – they are all there for Barnabas Mehta to unveil!

 The story revolves around the characters Rose Stanton – An English Lady ,her Husband :Thomas Stanton – a shipping magnate. Francis Curtis: A respectable English  man  Chetan  Mehta : Francis’cook  Barnabas:Chetan’s son. The characters are so well etched out. There are certain characters who are not found during most of the reading in the book but still their characters come out so strong in the end.Every single character has been given due importance and every character comes to life as you flip the pages.The characters portrayed seem so real that they can actually be visualized.

Story : The story revolves around  Rose Stanton the protagonist and her tragic end after she ends up leaving her abusive husband .She has something in her mind when she preplans her escape from the Stanton household with the help of her maid. Surprisingly the plan fails and Rose Stanton is found dead.How?Who did it ? What was the motive? Thrilling and Engrossing to the core.This book keeps you guessing th e murderer till the end  and you are going to end up guessing wrong. I even tried going to the last page trying to know who the murdered was but I had to come back and read the entire stuff to know the culprit behind the cold blooded murder.
Sangeeta Nambiar gets a thumbs up for her fresh simple writing.Her creativity lies In the way she created a web of characters involving each and everyone  at every point in the story.The book gives you a feeling of watching  old television detective serials. Detective Tele serials always give you sleepless nights till the night you find who the murderer was. The book gives you a similar feeling. Dont worry !! you will definitely be able to sleep. The story keeps you hooked till the last page. Not a single moment when you feel like giving the book a miss.
On the whole A book one must read if you are a fan of detective crime stories.Trust me!! The book is going to keep you hooked and booked till you end up finishing the last page. The book cover could have been a  bit more attractive. But then as it is said “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, it actually gets proved after reading the book

Rating : 4/5
Go grab yourself a copy and be engrossed in the coming weekend.

Oct 21, 2012

If I had the power to change

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Change is inevitable. Everything undergoes a change and everyone must adapt to the change.This is what we have been hearing over the ages even though we have never tried to happily accept the change, even though we have never tried to adapt to the change. There are lot  of things that underwent tremendous change our customs, our culture our thoughts but still we do lag behind somewhere.

If I had  the power to change I would wish to change
The pride in  “ ITS  A BABY BOY”  and the humble feelings in  “ it’s a baby gal”
If I had  the power to change I would wish to change
The thought that gals are meant to cook,satisfy their husband and toil all day for the kids
If I had  the power to change I would wish to change
The thought that it’s a lady’s fault that she delivered a baby gal
If I had  the power to change I would wish to change
The thought that  woman wearing the dresses they love to wear are entitled to rape
If I had  the power to change I would wish to change
The thought that boys carry on the legacy ahead
If I had  the power to change I would wish to change
The  entire system  who believe dowry has to be borne by the girl’s family
If I had  the power to change I would wish to change
The outlook towards  prostitutes.
If I had  the power to change I would wish to change
The thought that religion and caste is above love and affection
If I had  the power to change I would wish to change
The belief that every Muslim is a terrorist
If I had  the power to change I would wish to change
The thought that women are a symbol of lust
If I had  the power to change I would wish to change
The  ever rising concept of U and I in a family
If I had  the power to change I would wish to change
The honour in calling “IT’S An ARRANGED MARRIAGE “ and the guilt in “it’s a love marriage”
If I had  the power to change I would wish to change
The age barrier defined for learning new things in life.
If I had  the power to change I would wish to change
The life or rather the very existence of rapists and murderers.
If I had  the power to change I would wish to change
The belief that gave rise to a Kasab and a  hundred more in the making.
If I had  the power to change I would wish to change
The law so that no other girl would ever become a  Jessica Lal.
If I had  the power to change I would wish to change
The blind faith so that no one bothers about Babri Masjid  or a  Ram Temple.
If I had  the power to change I would wish to change
The roads of Mumbai
If I had  the power to change I would wish to change
The money minting politicians of India
If I had  the power to change I would wish to change
The line that I have been listening for 25 years during elections “We work for the people”
If I had  the power to change I would wish to change
The restrictions put on the freedom  of expression of artists
If I had  the power to change I would wish to change
The law that enables any ruling party to put a speedbreaker  on the thoughts of a writer
If I had the power to change I would wish to change
The law that lets political parties do the moral policing in a democratic country
If I had the power to change I would wish to change
 The law that protects Every government official who asks me for a bribe
If I had the power to change I would wish to change
The mannerisms of every pervert auto driver who takes in a foreigner for a ride.
If I had the power to change I would wish to change
The thought among the Indian men that foreigners are easily available for sex.
If I had the power to change I would wish to change
The law that doesn’t prohibit  drunk driving

If I had the power to change I would wish to change
The shame in the statement “ Aaj ka generation “( today’s generation)

If I had the power to change I would wish 
To change myself , I would wish  to be the change I see in others.  

Oct 14, 2012

My First Cat Fight!!

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Yes you read it right!! The first of its kind and so it finds a special place on my blogsite. I am more of a non violent person unless provoked and usually don’t get into fights .By fights I mean physical ones, the ones in which the dress gets torn , the hair is pulled etc etc where as verbal ones are something that I have been accustomed to or rather it is really mandatory for you to be a specialist in one if you travel by Mumbai Locals.

Date : 23rd September 2012
23rd September 2012 was an ordinary day for me just  like all the other days.Few days away from my birthday and being a Sunday I decided to go and shop something for me or rather gift myself few clothes for being exceptionally awesome throughout :P  Well!! Let me cut the crap ...d o gals need reason to shop? Ok!! So here I scoot to Mulund at my sisters place to gift me some piece of clothing to cover up my bulky frame.
Cast : Chitra Nair, Unknown  Maharashtrian  Lady (lets call her  X) , THE kid

Script   :  After shopping i decided to go back home with my hands full of bag and baggage. I was supposed to board a local train from Mulund to Dombivli where i stay.
Keeping my fingers crossed  i just wanted the train to be vacant so that  i could get in my bags in. But as usual Man proposes God Disposes and the train came all crowded.I managed to get inside the train with all the bags and baggages and got a place to stand.The train left Mulund and finally screeched into a halt at Thane station where a dozen of ladies got down and huge massive crowd got in leaving no space to even move their hands. Ms.X got in with her kid tucked at her hips.She came and stood behind me ,both of us facing in the opposite direction. Suddenly after a few minutes, she started yelling ...The conversation or  rather the fight goes this way..Miss X made it a point to bark away in Marathi throughout just to prove the superiority that the localites enjoy unaware of the fact that am too a non marathi speaking Maharashtrian.

Miss X : You are pushing me.( in marathi )
Me : No i am not.The train is quite crowded .I just cant help it.
Miss X: If you cant bear your weight don't put it on me( in marathi )
Me(politely) :Am not pushing you on purpose.I just cant help it.
Miss X :If you cant bear your weight don't put it on me.I have a kid .You dont even understand that..( in marathi )
Me: My weight My issue... You don't feed me neither any one of your family ..So GET LOST!!And you having kids isnt my problem.That is your husband's problem .(winks at others)
Miss X: My father feeds you.We maharastrians feed you.( in marathi )
Me: I know !! your father feeding me huh?> JOKE!!! he couldn't breed you right forget about me..And when you say you have kids, are you happy or sad about it.In the peak hours you are supposed to avoid local trains.
Miss X: Donot teach me you bloody prostitute.!!( in marathi )
The words went ringing in my ears and there was silence all around.
Me: Yeah !! Me a prostitute but better than you .Atleast i don't have kids illegaly like you have and i dont cry over it either .(winks at others again).If the kid is yours you wouldnt have cried to bear the weight of the child..

Source :gndr335fall2011.wordpress.com

Calling me a prostitute in front of others was cool for this lady. But me giving the same thing back was something she couldn't bear. Much to my surprise something happened which had never happened in the last so many years of my travelling in the mumbai locals.
She turned back with the kid tucked( don't ask me where did all the space came from ? Am still clueless about it ) and put all her five fingers with those long nails on my face with all the anger and might she ever could. Her fingers pierced my skin and started bleeding. All these years i used to wonder what i would do if someone assaulted me. I dont know from where did all the courage and all the might came from. i had to do something in self defence. She kept on yelling in Marathi that she would see to it my face is spoilt and she did attempt to. I lost my temper but i didn't want to hurt the kid.All i could get hold of her was her hair .i pulled it hard and gave her one tight slap.I had lost control and gave her two three kicks too. She was scared by my retaliation and hurriedly got down at the next approaching station. My face was bleeding  and all red with anger.I screamed out a warning,"next time you raise hands on any lady in the train ,you would remember me and this tight slap.Dare you touch me again! I swear you wont see the light of the day"

I was shocked !I was surprised by my own courage! 

I am not glorifying violence here or i am not saying am a hero. Few of the points that i want to highlight over here is and share with the people is

1) Don't consider any one meek and timid. Don't underestimate people.
2) You being a Marathi may help you only if you are contesting the elections.No where else people are going to be terrified of the Marathi manoos concept.I have been living in the city for 25years and i deserve all the rights to be here .And our constitution has bestowed upon us the right to move in freely anywhere in the country.
3) And you being a Marathi or whatever wouldn't help gather support from the crowd.If you are wrong, no one will help you not even your marathi manoos.
4) Never expect help from the crowd.They were always mere spectators and will always remain one.Ever heard of a drama without an audience.Just think they are going to be the audience in your well staged drama.
5)I aint a Gandhi.With all the due respect to the man ,i cant ask someone to slap me on my other side while being slapped on one side. For me raising hands on someone is wrong.For me the concept of violence itself is wrong.You can never assault anyone in a train on any public place.No one has the right to touch the other in a harmful way.And if done i am not going to spare .I am not going to spare the one assaulting me because i would never want someone else to go through the same torture that i had to go through.
6) Every lady isn't a prostitute. Calling someone a slut , a whore degrades you more than the person being called so. When you call someone a slut, it shows what class you belong to,what mentality you have.

And is it so derogatory being a prostitute? i respect them because without they being in the city i wouldn't have been safe enough to walk even a mile.

7)  You don't need to be of strong built. If you think you are right and you want to fight the wrong out..no matter how mighty your enemy is , you are going to battle them out.

8)No one feeds me.I work and i feed myself!! I don't live at the mercy of anyone.

9) Its pathetic when you use your language to blurt out expletives. Language was always a medium to bridge gaps and communicate.Sorry to say! but i would say Its a shame to see the rich Marathi language and culture being used for mere show of power and superiority.  i would never use my mother tongue to blurt out expletives.My mother tongue deserves a much higher respect.

10) Life is too short to be spent in anger.When you fight ,make use of abusive language in front of your kids, your kids are never going to remember the unknown people you fight with ...But they would never forget you!! 

11)Last but not the least, when you are right you get all the might and courage to fight the world. You face the world dauntingly!

Oct 6, 2012

I wished....

I look here and there
And into the void I just stare.
Source :scrapsabc.com
Day and nights pass by
But I cant see what changes in the sky
Birds chirp around
All i can hear is their sound
The rising and setting of the sun
Oh!I can see them none.
Quiescent water deep of lake
That i can't see it ,makes my heart ache
Can feel the  pleasure and pain
But how do I see the beauty of rain?
People around me donot have a face
Even though i can feel their warm embrace
I can feel love, make love, and be with my love
But then would I never know who is my love?
I may get my charming prince
Handsome he would be,to my heart i convince.
To a child I can be a mother
Hows the face of my child it would always bother
Of all the senses sight is the delightful
Because eyes are the ones that makes the life colorful
I wonder how it would be
If i had the eyes that could see
I aint sure would it worthy to be(not blind)
But i just wished I could see!! i could see

Waking Up!!!

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25 years down this September has been quite special.I am a libran born in the month of September and this year its even more special because i have completed 25 years of successful existence to my credit.Or rather it was my silver jubilee on this wonderful planet
As rightly said by  Carl Sandburg
“It is necessary ... for a man to go away by himself ... to sit on a rock ... and ask, 'Who am I, where have I been, and where am I going?”
Waking up now that September has ended and so are the celebrations i pondered over the fact as to what all things i have gone through , what all i have missed, what I have become and what I shud have become,what is it that I want.

Source : boa9.info
I believe Life is a roller coaster ride and you need to understand the one who goes to the top always has to come down and that’s what makes it thrilling the ride from top to bottom and vice versa. And the ride is fun when you are with the special people in your life. Waking up , now that September has ended I realized that the following are the things that would mean the world to me no matter what I am, what I become. My close ones would always mean the world to  me and the simple moments with them.Here goes the list....
1.       Have a partner who proudly addresses me as “My wife” in front of everyone
2.       Have kids who rush and hug me when I am back after a hard day’s work.
3.       Touching my parents feet for their blessings before my exams, my birthday
4.       Have a loving dog as a pet who has been longing for his master( read me) to come back home and pat.
5.       Enjoy a cuppa with your special one sharing the events of the day
6.       Enjoy a silent meal with your partner
7.       Enjoy  the silence when you and your partner are all alone in your home.
8.       Enjoy  the drizzling rain on the window pane.
9.       Listen to soft music by the window side and feel the rain pouring heavily
10.   Preserve that one special Card on your birthday which says “You are my life”
11.   Having a good time with your friends
12.   Holding hands while Watching movie
13.   That special kiss by that special someone which leaves you longing for more.
14.   Those late night calls and texts when you are away
15.   That caring message which says “Reached home?” no matter where you are , how far you are
16.   Those moments of shedding tears when your closest friend leaves the country
17.   Those crazy fights and then calling up each other to say,” idiot , I need you.And yes I won the fight and you are guilty “:P
18.   Seeing the specially gifted kids communicate. For me it’s the best form of communication ever
19.   Silently crying under the bedsheet after a fight with a close one.
20.   The smell of the wet mud after the first rain.
21.   That desperation, that madness when your parents are not answering your calls and then finally heaving a sigh of relief when you hear a ‘Hello!”
22.   The moment of pride when someone says ”You made them proud”
23.   The memories of the first stage performance (which was obviously a hit)
24.   My ME- Time  when I get to pamper myself
25.   Calling your friends cute nicknames and see them frown
26.   Your first cat fight!!
27.   Listening to a song and the feeling that the words are meant for you.
28.   The moment when you asked a guy out.
29.   The moment when he rejected /accepted.
30.   The moment when a guy asked you out.
31.   The moment when my dad proudly says “My daughter is a software engineer, a writer, a singer a dancer “ and I feel I am simply proud to be your daughter J
32.   Watching a silly movie and crying my heart out and being embarrassed  when others look at you surprisingly
33.   My first fall in the middle of the road and seeing my friends laugh their guts out.
34.   Reading the pages of my diary.
35.   Experience of teaching a cute little tot and the things he/she taught you.
36.   A long drive with my partner
37.   A Tight hug by my friends , partner ,parents .
38.   The sorry note at your desk when you reach your workplace
39.   When your teacher says ,”You are special”
40.   Waking up now,that September has ended I have realized life is all about the little lighter moments which make your life beautiful
Such  simple moments always make your life meaningful.Be it September be it October its these moments that set in the proper mood of a season called Life J

You may enjoy reading !!!