Oct 6, 2012

Waking Up!!!

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25 years down this September has been quite special.I am a libran born in the month of September and this year its even more special because i have completed 25 years of successful existence to my credit.Or rather it was my silver jubilee on this wonderful planet
As rightly said by  Carl Sandburg
“It is necessary ... for a man to go away by himself ... to sit on a rock ... and ask, 'Who am I, where have I been, and where am I going?”
Waking up now that September has ended and so are the celebrations i pondered over the fact as to what all things i have gone through , what all i have missed, what I have become and what I shud have become,what is it that I want.

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I believe Life is a roller coaster ride and you need to understand the one who goes to the top always has to come down and that’s what makes it thrilling the ride from top to bottom and vice versa. And the ride is fun when you are with the special people in your life. Waking up , now that September has ended I realized that the following are the things that would mean the world to me no matter what I am, what I become. My close ones would always mean the world to  me and the simple moments with them.Here goes the list....
1.       Have a partner who proudly addresses me as “My wife” in front of everyone
2.       Have kids who rush and hug me when I am back after a hard day’s work.
3.       Touching my parents feet for their blessings before my exams, my birthday
4.       Have a loving dog as a pet who has been longing for his master( read me) to come back home and pat.
5.       Enjoy a cuppa with your special one sharing the events of the day
6.       Enjoy a silent meal with your partner
7.       Enjoy  the silence when you and your partner are all alone in your home.
8.       Enjoy  the drizzling rain on the window pane.
9.       Listen to soft music by the window side and feel the rain pouring heavily
10.   Preserve that one special Card on your birthday which says “You are my life”
11.   Having a good time with your friends
12.   Holding hands while Watching movie
13.   That special kiss by that special someone which leaves you longing for more.
14.   Those late night calls and texts when you are away
15.   That caring message which says “Reached home?” no matter where you are , how far you are
16.   Those moments of shedding tears when your closest friend leaves the country
17.   Those crazy fights and then calling up each other to say,” idiot , I need you.And yes I won the fight and you are guilty “:P
18.   Seeing the specially gifted kids communicate. For me it’s the best form of communication ever
19.   Silently crying under the bedsheet after a fight with a close one.
20.   The smell of the wet mud after the first rain.
21.   That desperation, that madness when your parents are not answering your calls and then finally heaving a sigh of relief when you hear a ‘Hello!”
22.   The moment of pride when someone says ”You made them proud”
23.   The memories of the first stage performance (which was obviously a hit)
24.   My ME- Time  when I get to pamper myself
25.   Calling your friends cute nicknames and see them frown
26.   Your first cat fight!!
27.   Listening to a song and the feeling that the words are meant for you.
28.   The moment when you asked a guy out.
29.   The moment when he rejected /accepted.
30.   The moment when a guy asked you out.
31.   The moment when my dad proudly says “My daughter is a software engineer, a writer, a singer a dancer “ and I feel I am simply proud to be your daughter J
32.   Watching a silly movie and crying my heart out and being embarrassed  when others look at you surprisingly
33.   My first fall in the middle of the road and seeing my friends laugh their guts out.
34.   Reading the pages of my diary.
35.   Experience of teaching a cute little tot and the things he/she taught you.
36.   A long drive with my partner
37.   A Tight hug by my friends , partner ,parents .
38.   The sorry note at your desk when you reach your workplace
39.   When your teacher says ,”You are special”
40.   Waking up now,that September has ended I have realized life is all about the little lighter moments which make your life beautiful
Such  simple moments always make your life meaningful.Be it September be it October its these moments that set in the proper mood of a season called Life J


  1. Lovely.... So many of them I wish too and it doesn't matter what month it is... BTW belated birthday wishes to u...

  2. Nicely worded post Chitz :)
    The thoughts expressed here do ring a bell in my head; even I feel the same :)
    I must say points 9 and 27 appeal to me as well, as they are related to music :)
    Queer how both these numbers are actually square and cube of 3.
    Keep it up.

    Check out my take on this topic :)



  3. @jay : Am glad u liked it :)

    @manjulika : Thanks a lot .keep reading :)


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