Oct 14, 2012

My First Cat Fight!!

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Yes you read it right!! The first of its kind and so it finds a special place on my blogsite. I am more of a non violent person unless provoked and usually don’t get into fights .By fights I mean physical ones, the ones in which the dress gets torn , the hair is pulled etc etc where as verbal ones are something that I have been accustomed to or rather it is really mandatory for you to be a specialist in one if you travel by Mumbai Locals.

Date : 23rd September 2012
23rd September 2012 was an ordinary day for me just  like all the other days.Few days away from my birthday and being a Sunday I decided to go and shop something for me or rather gift myself few clothes for being exceptionally awesome throughout :P  Well!! Let me cut the crap ...d o gals need reason to shop? Ok!! So here I scoot to Mulund at my sisters place to gift me some piece of clothing to cover up my bulky frame.
Cast : Chitra Nair, Unknown  Maharashtrian  Lady (lets call her  X) , THE kid

Script   :  After shopping i decided to go back home with my hands full of bag and baggage. I was supposed to board a local train from Mulund to Dombivli where i stay.
Keeping my fingers crossed  i just wanted the train to be vacant so that  i could get in my bags in. But as usual Man proposes God Disposes and the train came all crowded.I managed to get inside the train with all the bags and baggages and got a place to stand.The train left Mulund and finally screeched into a halt at Thane station where a dozen of ladies got down and huge massive crowd got in leaving no space to even move their hands. Ms.X got in with her kid tucked at her hips.She came and stood behind me ,both of us facing in the opposite direction. Suddenly after a few minutes, she started yelling ...The conversation or  rather the fight goes this way..Miss X made it a point to bark away in Marathi throughout just to prove the superiority that the localites enjoy unaware of the fact that am too a non marathi speaking Maharashtrian.

Miss X : You are pushing me.( in marathi )
Me : No i am not.The train is quite crowded .I just cant help it.
Miss X: If you cant bear your weight don't put it on me( in marathi )
Me(politely) :Am not pushing you on purpose.I just cant help it.
Miss X :If you cant bear your weight don't put it on me.I have a kid .You dont even understand that..( in marathi )
Me: My weight My issue... You don't feed me neither any one of your family ..So GET LOST!!And you having kids isnt my problem.That is your husband's problem .(winks at others)
Miss X: My father feeds you.We maharastrians feed you.( in marathi )
Me: I know !! your father feeding me huh?> JOKE!!! he couldn't breed you right forget about me..And when you say you have kids, are you happy or sad about it.In the peak hours you are supposed to avoid local trains.
Miss X: Donot teach me you bloody prostitute.!!( in marathi )
The words went ringing in my ears and there was silence all around.
Me: Yeah !! Me a prostitute but better than you .Atleast i don't have kids illegaly like you have and i dont cry over it either .(winks at others again).If the kid is yours you wouldnt have cried to bear the weight of the child..

Source :gndr335fall2011.wordpress.com

Calling me a prostitute in front of others was cool for this lady. But me giving the same thing back was something she couldn't bear. Much to my surprise something happened which had never happened in the last so many years of my travelling in the mumbai locals.
She turned back with the kid tucked( don't ask me where did all the space came from ? Am still clueless about it ) and put all her five fingers with those long nails on my face with all the anger and might she ever could. Her fingers pierced my skin and started bleeding. All these years i used to wonder what i would do if someone assaulted me. I dont know from where did all the courage and all the might came from. i had to do something in self defence. She kept on yelling in Marathi that she would see to it my face is spoilt and she did attempt to. I lost my temper but i didn't want to hurt the kid.All i could get hold of her was her hair .i pulled it hard and gave her one tight slap.I had lost control and gave her two three kicks too. She was scared by my retaliation and hurriedly got down at the next approaching station. My face was bleeding  and all red with anger.I screamed out a warning,"next time you raise hands on any lady in the train ,you would remember me and this tight slap.Dare you touch me again! I swear you wont see the light of the day"

I was shocked !I was surprised by my own courage! 

I am not glorifying violence here or i am not saying am a hero. Few of the points that i want to highlight over here is and share with the people is

1) Don't consider any one meek and timid. Don't underestimate people.
2) You being a Marathi may help you only if you are contesting the elections.No where else people are going to be terrified of the Marathi manoos concept.I have been living in the city for 25years and i deserve all the rights to be here .And our constitution has bestowed upon us the right to move in freely anywhere in the country.
3) And you being a Marathi or whatever wouldn't help gather support from the crowd.If you are wrong, no one will help you not even your marathi manoos.
4) Never expect help from the crowd.They were always mere spectators and will always remain one.Ever heard of a drama without an audience.Just think they are going to be the audience in your well staged drama.
5)I aint a Gandhi.With all the due respect to the man ,i cant ask someone to slap me on my other side while being slapped on one side. For me raising hands on someone is wrong.For me the concept of violence itself is wrong.You can never assault anyone in a train on any public place.No one has the right to touch the other in a harmful way.And if done i am not going to spare .I am not going to spare the one assaulting me because i would never want someone else to go through the same torture that i had to go through.
6) Every lady isn't a prostitute. Calling someone a slut , a whore degrades you more than the person being called so. When you call someone a slut, it shows what class you belong to,what mentality you have.

And is it so derogatory being a prostitute? i respect them because without they being in the city i wouldn't have been safe enough to walk even a mile.

7)  You don't need to be of strong built. If you think you are right and you want to fight the wrong out..no matter how mighty your enemy is , you are going to battle them out.

8)No one feeds me.I work and i feed myself!! I don't live at the mercy of anyone.

9) Its pathetic when you use your language to blurt out expletives. Language was always a medium to bridge gaps and communicate.Sorry to say! but i would say Its a shame to see the rich Marathi language and culture being used for mere show of power and superiority.  i would never use my mother tongue to blurt out expletives.My mother tongue deserves a much higher respect.

10) Life is too short to be spent in anger.When you fight ,make use of abusive language in front of your kids, your kids are never going to remember the unknown people you fight with ...But they would never forget you!! 

11)Last but not the least, when you are right you get all the might and courage to fight the world. You face the world dauntingly!

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  1. Great post.. The issue with locals .. they feel as if they own damn bloody every thing on the land..


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