Oct 6, 2012

I wished....

I look here and there
And into the void I just stare.
Source :scrapsabc.com
Day and nights pass by
But I cant see what changes in the sky
Birds chirp around
All i can hear is their sound
The rising and setting of the sun
Oh!I can see them none.
Quiescent water deep of lake
That i can't see it ,makes my heart ache
Can feel the  pleasure and pain
But how do I see the beauty of rain?
People around me donot have a face
Even though i can feel their warm embrace
I can feel love, make love, and be with my love
But then would I never know who is my love?
I may get my charming prince
Handsome he would be,to my heart i convince.
To a child I can be a mother
Hows the face of my child it would always bother
Of all the senses sight is the delightful
Because eyes are the ones that makes the life colorful
I wonder how it would be
If i had the eyes that could see
I aint sure would it worthy to be(not blind)
But i just wished I could see!! i could see


  1. Eyes are truly the best gift we have got from Mother Nature. Your poem beautifully put into perspective all the reasons we have to be thankful for this wonderful gift! Kudos!

    My world, my thoughts, my musings...

  2. @upasaana : Am glad u liked it :)


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