Oct 27, 2012

MUKTA JEEVAN- A Heaven On Earth

I have never been this excited to write any blogpost till date.It is always like something has to touch my heart and then only the emotions flow through words.But today the moment i dropped the bag i wanted to write about this. I was more than being excited.I was rather happy or you can say touched.There are no words to express how happy i feel and what i experienced,what i went through

I had been to Mukta Jeevan a heaven  on earth .yes! that is how i would like to put it .It provides shelter to  hundreds of cute tiny tots , its a shelter house for the leprosy,HIV +ve people etc.Its a place where people who have no one to look upto or no one to care are being sheltered.Spread over 60 acres of land this institution has given a new profound meaning of life to many kids and adults.They have found a new way of life. People who cant speak or i would say are mute work for their livelihood .Rather than spending their life begging ,these people live their life with dignity and honour.The inmates of this noble institution taught me to have a positive outlook towards life via their sweet simple way .

We had been there to sing and perform and entertain the people over there since its year end and this is the period of festivals.We were expecting old aged people within the age bracket of 70-80 deserted by their grown up kids.I was in for a surprise when a long queue of  talkative tiny tots with a glint of naughtines in their eyes appeared from somewhere. The first sight of them and i was like "How cute!!" .That made me wonder how could someone just leave their kids and never turn up especially when they are so adorable .This is one question that has been haunting me right from the moment i saw these cute little kids. What followed was two hours of nonstop dhamaka singing and dancing by my colleagues and me .And guess what the children were dancing and singing and going crazy.I have never seen such happiness around me atleast not in my professional world. I have never seen such cute smiles breaking out ever. Their smiles were unadulterated , without ego,carefree and lovely. Their thoughts pure.The host of the show Mr.Divyam Chayya happened to ask the kids what song would you guys like to hear .And i was expecting "Lakdi ki kati " songs that i still like and have been liking right from my childhood.But guess what they wanted to listen to "Saiyyara  from Ek tha Tiger" .Yeah didnt i tell you they were naughty.Salman is a hit among the tiny tots too..

And the way they swayed and danced to all the songs i was awestruck .I was so happy that i got a chance to perform for such cute little kids. I have performed in front of engineers ,doctors etc etc but the kind of happiness and pride that i felt today cannot be expressed. And i was taught a few dance steps by a very chirpy little gal who made me dance to Dhinka chika dinka chika( again a Salman song..Didnt i tell you they all are Salman fans)I am forced to share her pic.She made my day.She has occupied a place in my heart for a long time. Her dance steps i tell you were the cutest and would give Salman a run for money.

                                    My dance teacher for the day !!!
This blog post has been written with an intention and i am going to be selfish and going to be really loud about what i expect out of people who are reading this blogpost. I donot want money , i donot want materialistic things.I want people who think they can dance , sing or rather who think they can spread smiles to come forward visit this wonderful institution and bring happiness to their lives. And trust me the happiness that you would try to give it to them, you are just going to get it doubled.

The kids or rather the inmates over there dont celebrate Diwali or Christmas the way you do.Buying clothes from a branded store is something that they cant afford to. All that you have to do is form a group , visit this place entertain them for two or three hours and just experience the feeling.There is so much you can do for the kids organize competitions , sports ,conduct workshops etc etc. Money isnt everything in life but then life doesnt even go on without it.
Yeah ! you may very well agree with me on this.. This is a thought that comes to me every time i need to shell out money for a rickshaw. People who feel they should donate can come forward and help these people out.On  being asked what the NGO wanted, all they wanted was a laptop for the kids , so that they could be shown some movies ,some educational stuff etc. All those who can help please do come forward and do the needful .These kids are fighting their life out to have a wonderful future..Why not help them a bit?

All those who think they can help in any way by conducting shows for kids , or organizing competitions or rather any kind of help

Please contact


Address: Vehloli, Taluka - Shahapur
District Thane
Pin : 421601
You can also email them at

In case you need any help you can also get in touch with me

It was an honour performing for them.I would love to do it again and again and be associated with sucha  noble institution.

Kudos to the selfless sisters who work even without expecting any fame ,recognition.
Not every one is born lucky some build up their own luck and fortune.Mukta Jeevan is an institution that helps nurture dreams of kids who never even dared to dream:) Lets help them grow wings to fly higher and higher and  achieve all the aspirations in life.


  1. The way you have described it, it sounds like such an enriching and fun experience. Kudos to you for the initiative. And thank you for sharing contact details. You truly make it sound like heaven on earth.

    My world, my thoughts, my musings...

    1. Thanku Upasana .All i would want people is to promote and spread the word so that people can come forward and atleast make a single day special for the kids..


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