Nov 4, 2012


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What is life if full of care
We have no time to stand and stare
                                  - W.H.Davies

The above lines by poet Davies tells us what would be life if all we had to do was worry about different things in life.Why not pause,take a halt and  assess the beauty around you.There are so many things that we see on a day to day basis but then the beauty behind it remains hidden.The things around us teach us so many minute things to live on life but we neglect them in the long run.We dont have time for anything rather anybody.All we are bothered is to run..right from morning 7 to catch a train to evening 7pm to reach home.Why the hurry ? Why the worry?Apply brakes to your overspeeding vehicle of life...

Ever seen a rainbow? The common excuse would be where do we get to see the rainbow these days? Ya ! ya i know you eagerly watch out daily for rainbows.(am pretty sure you havent seen one in years). The rainbow is made up of seven different colours as we all know violet,indigo,blue green ,orange, yellow, red. I find the rainbow extremely beautiful the semicircle beam like structure in the sky, i used to wait eagerly for the rainbows to come during childhood days. The rainbow has taught me  that inspite of being completely different we can still be together.We can still be close to one another inspite of having differences

Ever noticed the balloon man in a fair selling balloons? Everytime he lets the balloon in the air my heart used to leap with joy during childhood days and it still does. A bit of child refuses to grow in every single person.And i still crave for the balloon like i always used to .the balloons though simple have taught me a simple funda of life.. When the balloon man releases the balloon high into the sky , we feel a wave of happiness engulfing us , the reason is unknown but yes we do feel happy when it goes higher and higher.Just like the balloons if we let our ego,tensions and worries away there would be onlyplace for happiness in life.

Ever been a part of rowing boats or have you ever tried to row a boat.Wow the sight of the boat on  the clear still waters is always refreshing.Me beinga keralite , the sight of boats on the clear and clear backwaters of kerala isnt an unsual sight. Paddling the boat ,simple as it may seem gave me a new meaning to life, it taught me that just like you need to push back to move the boat ahead.Similarly in  life you need to push back your current and past stages of life to move ahead in life.

Ever seen mute and deaf kids communicating ..You will always find this mention in most of my blogs because i am quite fascinated by the way they communicate flawlessly and without any difficulty.Here even though we can talk and communicate with our family members ,friends , husband/wife , there are times when they dont understand you.You scream your lungs out but still things remain the same.People dont get your point.These deaf and mute children have taught me a simple thing that you dont need voice to communicate, your thoughts should strike a chord. Next time your wife is throwing pans at you while proving her point ask her to read my blog :P

Simple things in life teach us many valuable lessons in life. Just because there is beauty hidden in evey simple life right from the grain of sand to the sun in the sky, dont try to infer teachings if a crow shits on you the next time.No lesson is going to come out of it ..its a crow's shit and it was the crow's time to attend nature's call ..that's it!! :P
Jokes apart in life its not just important to learn lessons from life .. its very necessary to implement in daily walk of life

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