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Images have been taken from various sources in Google


Images have been taken from various sources in Google


Images have been taken from various sources in Google


Images have been taken from various sources in Google


Images have been taken from various sources in Google


Images have been taken from various sources in Google

Jul 31, 2013

All That Matters ...................

This post is written as a part of ‘All that Matters’ contest at BlogAdda.com in association with INK Talks 2013.

What is it that actually matters in life? Is it friends, foes,is it words of encouragement, criticism etc that is really essential to chase that one dream of yours, that one dream that people say you are not capable of ,but gives you sleepless nights because you know you can.
All that matters to achieve anything in life is the belief that I CAN DO IT.As the proverb goes , "Believe and you are half way there" . To achieve any dream , or any task that people consider impossible, belief in one's capabilities is essential. Belief in oneself teamed up with hardwork can help you achieve anything in life. It is not essential that you may get everything in the first go .. but for sure success will be yours one day. 
I am someone who takes up all sorts of criticism in a positive way. If people tell me you can't do it, i am programmed in a way, that i take up the challenge and prove them wrong. And i believe the best feeling is in doing something that people say you cant. 

There is one story that i have read during my childhood days somewhere ( hard to recollect ) but have been an inspiration throughout .I wish to share the same with all of you via my blog.

This is the story of a bunch of tiny frogs who had arranged a running competition. The winner would be the first one to reach the top of a tower.

People gathered to cheer the frogs. The race started , the frogs leaped higher and higher. People shouted,"This is difficult. You cant do it!" .Some said, "This one is impossible. No way you are going to win "

On hearing this, a bunch of frogs gave up .A few collapsed one by one.

There were some who kept trying. As they leapt higher and higher, they too heard people saying ,"Go away!You cant do this"

All the frogs collapsed except for one. This frog won the race.

All the frogs were amazed as to how this frog had won the race. They were curious as to how the frog won the race.

A tiny frog asked the winner frog about it and it turned out that the frog was DEAF

The moral of the story that i learnt from this piece of wisdom is Donot listen to people who try to bring you down. Steer away from negative influences. And the first and the most important thing is believe in your dreams. Chase them .Believe in yourself. And just turn a DEAF ear to people who say you can't achieve your dreams.

All you need is a problem....

 This post is an entry for Franklin Templeton Investments partnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012 on Indiblogger

Do we actually need education to bring out an innovation.? Do you actually need the MBA degree to start a flourishing business? Have we actually made a use of all the formal degrees and certificates that we have bagged in schools, colleges etc.? These are some questions that get raised while you see this video

This video is about a simpleton Arunachal Muruganantham, who is a school dropout but thought of something big. As innocently he puts his idea forward, he says this idea to create hygienie conditions for women during their menstrual phase came out of his desire to please his newly wedded wife. He had seen his wife  hiding a piece of cloth which she used during her menstrual cycle. Arunachal , though a school dropout , out of his immense love for his wife thought using a piece of cloth was unhygienic for his wife . But his wife had bluntly told him, "If i start using sanitary napkins, there would be no money left for us to eat and feed the family" That is when Arunachal thought that he should do something to replace this highly expensive sanitary napkins with his low cost sanitary napkins which met the same health standards.That is when he started using the T and E method rather the trial and error method and designed the first low cost sanitary napkin which he successfully tested on himself when all the ladies started turning down his advances ;)
And as he says, to lead a meaningful life all you need is  a problem. And the technique or the design you choose to solve your problem can be called as a business.
I can totally relate to what Arunachal's wife had to say about the cost of sanitary napkins because I myself have used clothes for a major period of time to curb expenses . And the rashes that the clothes created would be extremely painful. Women have to bear through so much of pain already during the menstrual days; the clothes and rags simply add to their woes. Slowly and gradually i shifted to sanitary napkins and the rashes started disappearing.Had i been aware of such low cost napkins, I  would have opted for them rather than going for clothes.  I totally agree with the fact that this is actually the second Silent White Revolution that would take India by storm if given a chance to evolve and grow.
The technique that he has used to create napkins is a major breakthrough in the manufacturing of sanitary napkins. I still cringe daily to shell out that huge amount every month to buy those sanitary napkins . Such an invention is a major boon for ladies in the rural areas as well as the metropolitans who are exposed to dirt, pollution . Their unhygienic method of using clothes can now be replaced by Arunachal's low cost sanitary napkins. The other best part that i see in this innovation is a lot of employment generated due to this small scale industry. A lot of women would get employment opportunities to work in the manufacturing unit of the sanitary napkins. A lot of rural women would get employment opportunities and be financially independent. 760 machines have been set up by Arunachal in 23 states of India and around 7000 women are working currently. If we help this idea grow, Arunachal's vision to create million rural employment for women would be a reality.
Arunachal has humbly proved you don't need education to start a business. All you need is a problem and a desire to solve the problem.

Am Deaf .. Not Dumb

 This post is an entry for Franklin Templeton Investments partnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012 on Indiblogger

The world of silence has always intrigued me. I have always wondered how people communicate without talking. It has made me stop and wonder how people express even without talking or making a lot of noise as we do. I would look at people who were deaf and mute ,communicating and I would find myself a misfit in their world. They would be seen happily communicating, laughing and expressing ideas. They made me wonder,  whether  yelling , screaming and shouting necessary to express oneself , when the sign language or being silent conveyed more information . I would always wish to be a part of that particular group and honestly their conversations seemed more exciting and interesting because it would be all gestures teamed up with expressions. I always wished to learn this sign language but I never knew how to go by it. But this young lady Ruma Roka did something that I just dreamt of.Watch her out here

Ruma Roka is an ordinary woman who did an extra ordinary feat.She , like me was intrigued by the world of silence and decided to explore this world and empower this percent of population who had a weak or no hearing sense , but dreams that seemed to have no boundaries.She learnt the sign language herself and tried to explore the meaningful silence in their world. She realised that this world had unspoken and unheard potential that had to be brought out. She set up her institution to train such students and she wanted to see these kids in MNC's just like any of us working in a 9-5 shift and earning a decent income. Her dream turned into reality with her student Karan Bahadur making it to one of the leading MNC in Pune.

A clip in her video shows a young deaf girl student being taught to talk  like we do. The few seconds of the video make you feel restless and it actually makes you get into the skin of the girl and realise how difficult is to get a deaf and mute kid to talk like any of us. Roma highlights the fact that most of the "doctors" stress on the fact that what if  your child is born deaf, she may be able to speak and parents then start training their kids in the most pathetic way ever(as shown in the video) Why can't we accept someone the way they are..? Why can't we accept the diversity?Why cant we accept that every individual is unique ?

I believe India is totally insensitive to the needs to differently abled people. We have no systems, nothing in place for these people.  I dread to imagine if I would have ever been deaf or mute, how I would have survived in a country like ours where there is no scope of development for people like me. It’s not everyday that people like Roma Ruka come forward and bring about a world of change. It’s highly essential for us to accept the fact that a person may be deaf but they may not be dumb. A person may be differently abled(I wouldn’t want to call them disabled. Even the word Disable has an “able” in it.) but he/she may be good at several other things.  We need to identify this potential and use it in the development of our country.  We never bother to give a thought , that a person may not be able to speak or convey the message like we do , but then they to have a brain of their own to think. Its highly essential  to give a voice to their thoughts.

It’s necessary to have training centers led by several such Roma’s  where in even deaf and mute people can give voice to their thoughts. I hardly know of any school in my town where in these specially challenged people are trained or they are employed. It’s the need of the hour that we have special schools for the specially challenged people, have special faculty to train them, have special training techniques, and also an effective cell that looks into the fact that these people are not exploited( because this is the section of the society that would never speak out even if they are exploited). 

 Why isn’t sign language made a compulsory language in the teaching courses like B.Ed ? Why isn’t it made mandatory that the employers be trained in sign languages apart from other foreign language like German, Japanese. Why isn’t Sign language getting a universal recognition? Why aren’t we even giving a thought about exploiting the silent but potential resources of our country to achieve our dream of being a super power? The reason is WE ARE INSENSITIVE….We feel they cant speak, so why speak for them ?

We overlook the fact, that this silent part of India could be brimming with potential. It’s high time, we become a bit more sensitive to the needs of these people. It’s high time that we create job opportunities for differently abled people. It’s high time we cater to the needs of India’s deaf population. It’s high time we change our thoughts that only two legged person, with proper eyesight and hearing ability are HUMAN and only they are capable.  “Change the thought and you will change the world”, as a famous proverb goes; Roma did exactly the same thing. From 6 students in her apartment to 1500 students , she has made around 500 of her students financially independent .  She has proved that Deaf people are not actually dumb. 

According to me, being deaf or dumb by birth isn’t a SIN, but paying a deaf ear to the needs of  such differently abled people is a SIN

Jul 21, 2013

I Saw ! I Learnt And I Will Remember For Life!!

I am sharing what 'I Saw and I Learnt' at BlogAdda.com in association with DoRight.in

 Life is full of learning experiences provided we have a positive outlook towards life. I am someone who tries to learn lessons from the smallest of the inanimate to the largest animate things around. And when it comes to learning i have no qualms in learning something valuable from a person of any creed, caste , age group. I would want to share smallest of the smallest values that i have learnt from unknown strangers to known ones .
Value No 1 :
Right outside my office , we have a tea stall where in the employees throng in large numbers just for a break, to discuss the happenings of the day. Mostly it's a male dominated area and we ladies stay away because its also a smoking joint. But then one day , I and few of my friends decided to check in and have a cup of tea with some spicy snacks for accompaniment . We were busy gossiping ,when suddenly a small kid in tattered clothes came begging. I am a very emotional person and seeing kids undergo this kind of a life is something that hurts me even more. I didn't want to give the kid   money and hence decided to buy some snacks for the kid. The kid was hungry and wiped the plate clean. He seemed to have enjoyed the snacks served. I was happy seeing a kid eat to his heart's content. The child happily looked at me . I asked him," Did  you like it ?" I got no response. The child kept looking at me happily and didn't seem to understand my question.  The child got up, gave the most pleasant smile ever... walked a few steps and then turned back . He waved a flying kiss at me and walked away. Some one in my group of friends who is a regular at this joint said, "The kid is mute and deaf".I was deeply touched by his gesture because i believe that was his way of saying THANKS in the cutest way ever.
Everyday we forget to thank so many people who are instrumental in making our every single day worth living. We owe them so much and still we fail to thank them for what they have been doing for us. For eg. Our Moms who have been working all these years to give us a smooth life,the newspaper guy who sees to it there is a continous supply of newspapers, The milkman etc etc. And after joining the corporate jungle,somehow the word THANKS is lost somewhere.Here  by thanks i mean, the genuine thanking feeling that  comes straight from the heart and not the formal "Thanks and Regards" even if we dont regard the person concerned. I learnt from the tiny tot , what a change a simple Thanks could make in our life. 

Value no 2: India boasts about being a secular country .But its at very few places that I have seen people practicing what they preach. I recently visited a Gurudwara- a place of worship for Sikhs.And i was in for a sweet surprise .What i saw over there was something that not only surprised me but also made me happy.The only place of worship where in I have seen people serving humanity and practicing "Serving Humanity is service to God".People from all caste , creed , come in and worship. People from highly rich and influential families come in ,forget about their status and get involved in the cleaning of the gurudwara, picking up shoes of the devotees etc.It reminded me of the fact that no matter how successful you become in life, you should always be humble, be down to earth ,serve humanity , help people in need and praise the Lord!!No one  is big or small.All are equal in the eyes of the God. This was a wonderful lesson i carried with me as i walked out of the Gurudwara.

Value no 3: As i said if you have a positive outlook towards life, and you look forward to learning lessons even from bad experiences ;then even a balloon can give you loads of wisdom.

Everytime a balloon is thrown up in air, it fills our heart with happiness.We love seeing the balloon going high up in the sky and we wish it reaches higher than ever. Similarly at times, letting our grudges against people, ego that we carry, bitter feelings that we nurse should be let out and should be set free from our body.Trust me!!! the feeling is similar to that of seeing the balloon go higher and higher.We would feel light at heart and happy too .Small changes in life bring about a great deal of positivity.

Value No 4: Years back, a newspaper article carried a news about an acid attack victim, who was attacked by her own husband. A survivor with her whole face scarred ,and her confidence to live life burnt to ashes went on to live her life with the same zeal, confidence and vigour.She went on to do a great deal of work for burn victims like her.
What I found amazing in this real life story was the self less work she did for the other burn victims.  She attended the World Burns Conference in Michigan; in 2008, she made it to the UK for a Masters in Development and Human Rights;. Aware only too well of the purgatory a burns victim in India lives through, she wanted a way out. She then started a non-profit organization called Palash, after the flame colored flower called Flame of the Forest. This NGO wants to reach out to are usually inconspicuous. Through this NGO, she wanted to reach out to the Burns survivors, particularly those who suffer disfigurement, are to a greater degree than people with physical or even mental disabilities, a secluded lot.

Her story always reminds me of the fact, that there are much bigger problems in life other than silly relationships,heartbreaks etc. Her story inspires me to face every hurdle in my life with utmost vigour. She is an inspiration for me at every step.An unknown face, a burnt face inspires me to deal with obstacles in my life and to bring the best out of all the problems that i face.

And I Blushed ...

He was new to my campus. He would enter the laboratory and my heart would skip a beat

He would be surrounded by his gal pals. My eyes would search for him. Would pine for his attention.

We never talked. I was too shy to talk.

I would stay silent, lost in my thoughts. Whenever  our eyes met, my eyes would shy away and look elsewhere

Wondered whether it was love or infatuation.

Wondered whether to make the first move or not.

Took my first move, opened up my heart. Said , " I feel i am in love with you"

"Don't know whether you too feel the same .Would wait for an answer", I blurted out and shied away

No, came in the instant reply! My heart  broke . Dreams shattered.

Days passed by but tears failed to stop. Broken but determined went back and decided to be friends again.

Became best of friends with him..Not once did I ever ask him out again.... Years passed by and our  friendship blossomed.

Suddenly One day , while travelling together in the crowded Locals of Mumbai  he said," I think i have fallen for you and can't live without you".

Our eyes met. His hand searched for mine. He held my hand oblivious of  the crowd and asked , "Will you be mine forever?"

I was numb with shock ... He became anxious ..

I stared at him in disbelief. Tears swelled up in my eyes. ... He waited for an answer....

Tears rolled down gently down my cheeks . He planted a kiss on my cheeks.....

And I blushed.....

                                   Source :ayumalicious.blogspot.com 

Jul 7, 2013

When You Say Nothing At All..

 This post is chosen as a WOW post as a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda

Silence amidst  us leaves me smothered
The disturbing calm engulfs the peace of my mind
I see the distances increasing amidst us
When you say nothing at all...

Days when you would mumble 

sweet nothings
Those cozy moments, those mushy talks
I end up thinking of those endless conversations
When you say nothing at all.....

Things have changed, times have changed
Lonely Supper times, Lonely dinner times
It hurts , it pains , it drives me insane
When you say nothing at all....

Words now have lost its meaning
Gestures now Go unseen and unnoticed
My Love,I crave For Those Endless Blabber
When you say nothing at all.....

Want To Battle Out This Unnerving Void
I now Long For Those Silly Fights,
To Reinstate The Torn Threads Of Our Love
When you say nothing at all....

You may enjoy reading !!!