Jul 31, 2013

All That Matters ...................

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What is it that actually matters in life? Is it friends, foes,is it words of encouragement, criticism etc that is really essential to chase that one dream of yours, that one dream that people say you are not capable of ,but gives you sleepless nights because you know you can.
All that matters to achieve anything in life is the belief that I CAN DO IT.As the proverb goes , "Believe and you are half way there" . To achieve any dream , or any task that people consider impossible, belief in one's capabilities is essential. Belief in oneself teamed up with hardwork can help you achieve anything in life. It is not essential that you may get everything in the first go .. but for sure success will be yours one day. 
I am someone who takes up all sorts of criticism in a positive way. If people tell me you can't do it, i am programmed in a way, that i take up the challenge and prove them wrong. And i believe the best feeling is in doing something that people say you cant. 

There is one story that i have read during my childhood days somewhere ( hard to recollect ) but have been an inspiration throughout .I wish to share the same with all of you via my blog.

This is the story of a bunch of tiny frogs who had arranged a running competition. The winner would be the first one to reach the top of a tower.

People gathered to cheer the frogs. The race started , the frogs leaped higher and higher. People shouted,"This is difficult. You cant do it!" .Some said, "This one is impossible. No way you are going to win "

On hearing this, a bunch of frogs gave up .A few collapsed one by one.

There were some who kept trying. As they leapt higher and higher, they too heard people saying ,"Go away!You cant do this"

All the frogs collapsed except for one. This frog won the race.

All the frogs were amazed as to how this frog had won the race. They were curious as to how the frog won the race.

A tiny frog asked the winner frog about it and it turned out that the frog was DEAF

The moral of the story that i learnt from this piece of wisdom is Donot listen to people who try to bring you down. Steer away from negative influences. And the first and the most important thing is believe in your dreams. Chase them .Believe in yourself. And just turn a DEAF ear to people who say you can't achieve your dreams.

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  1. Wow! I also believe the same, all that matters is self-belief! Good luck! :)


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