Jul 21, 2013

And I Blushed ...

He was new to my campus. He would enter the laboratory and my heart would skip a beat

He would be surrounded by his gal pals. My eyes would search for him. Would pine for his attention.

We never talked. I was too shy to talk.

I would stay silent, lost in my thoughts. Whenever  our eyes met, my eyes would shy away and look elsewhere

Wondered whether it was love or infatuation.

Wondered whether to make the first move or not.

Took my first move, opened up my heart. Said , " I feel i am in love with you"

"Don't know whether you too feel the same .Would wait for an answer", I blurted out and shied away

No, came in the instant reply! My heart  broke . Dreams shattered.

Days passed by but tears failed to stop. Broken but determined went back and decided to be friends again.

Became best of friends with him..Not once did I ever ask him out again.... Years passed by and our  friendship blossomed.

Suddenly One day , while travelling together in the crowded Locals of Mumbai  he said," I think i have fallen for you and can't live without you".

Our eyes met. His hand searched for mine. He held my hand oblivious of  the crowd and asked , "Will you be mine forever?"

I was numb with shock ... He became anxious ..

I stared at him in disbelief. Tears swelled up in my eyes. ... He waited for an answer....

Tears rolled down gently down my cheeks . He planted a kiss on my cheeks.....

And I blushed.....

                                   Source :ayumalicious.blogspot.com 


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