Jul 21, 2013

I Saw ! I Learnt And I Will Remember For Life!!

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 Life is full of learning experiences provided we have a positive outlook towards life. I am someone who tries to learn lessons from the smallest of the inanimate to the largest animate things around. And when it comes to learning i have no qualms in learning something valuable from a person of any creed, caste , age group. I would want to share smallest of the smallest values that i have learnt from unknown strangers to known ones .
Value No 1 :
Right outside my office , we have a tea stall where in the employees throng in large numbers just for a break, to discuss the happenings of the day. Mostly it's a male dominated area and we ladies stay away because its also a smoking joint. But then one day , I and few of my friends decided to check in and have a cup of tea with some spicy snacks for accompaniment . We were busy gossiping ,when suddenly a small kid in tattered clothes came begging. I am a very emotional person and seeing kids undergo this kind of a life is something that hurts me even more. I didn't want to give the kid   money and hence decided to buy some snacks for the kid. The kid was hungry and wiped the plate clean. He seemed to have enjoyed the snacks served. I was happy seeing a kid eat to his heart's content. The child happily looked at me . I asked him," Did  you like it ?" I got no response. The child kept looking at me happily and didn't seem to understand my question.  The child got up, gave the most pleasant smile ever... walked a few steps and then turned back . He waved a flying kiss at me and walked away. Some one in my group of friends who is a regular at this joint said, "The kid is mute and deaf".I was deeply touched by his gesture because i believe that was his way of saying THANKS in the cutest way ever.
Everyday we forget to thank so many people who are instrumental in making our every single day worth living. We owe them so much and still we fail to thank them for what they have been doing for us. For eg. Our Moms who have been working all these years to give us a smooth life,the newspaper guy who sees to it there is a continous supply of newspapers, The milkman etc etc. And after joining the corporate jungle,somehow the word THANKS is lost somewhere.Here  by thanks i mean, the genuine thanking feeling that  comes straight from the heart and not the formal "Thanks and Regards" even if we dont regard the person concerned. I learnt from the tiny tot , what a change a simple Thanks could make in our life. 

Value no 2: India boasts about being a secular country .But its at very few places that I have seen people practicing what they preach. I recently visited a Gurudwara- a place of worship for Sikhs.And i was in for a sweet surprise .What i saw over there was something that not only surprised me but also made me happy.The only place of worship where in I have seen people serving humanity and practicing "Serving Humanity is service to God".People from all caste , creed , come in and worship. People from highly rich and influential families come in ,forget about their status and get involved in the cleaning of the gurudwara, picking up shoes of the devotees etc.It reminded me of the fact that no matter how successful you become in life, you should always be humble, be down to earth ,serve humanity , help people in need and praise the Lord!!No one  is big or small.All are equal in the eyes of the God. This was a wonderful lesson i carried with me as i walked out of the Gurudwara.

Value no 3: As i said if you have a positive outlook towards life, and you look forward to learning lessons even from bad experiences ;then even a balloon can give you loads of wisdom.

Everytime a balloon is thrown up in air, it fills our heart with happiness.We love seeing the balloon going high up in the sky and we wish it reaches higher than ever. Similarly at times, letting our grudges against people, ego that we carry, bitter feelings that we nurse should be let out and should be set free from our body.Trust me!!! the feeling is similar to that of seeing the balloon go higher and higher.We would feel light at heart and happy too .Small changes in life bring about a great deal of positivity.

Value No 4: Years back, a newspaper article carried a news about an acid attack victim, who was attacked by her own husband. A survivor with her whole face scarred ,and her confidence to live life burnt to ashes went on to live her life with the same zeal, confidence and vigour.She went on to do a great deal of work for burn victims like her.
What I found amazing in this real life story was the self less work she did for the other burn victims.  She attended the World Burns Conference in Michigan; in 2008, she made it to the UK for a Masters in Development and Human Rights;. Aware only too well of the purgatory a burns victim in India lives through, she wanted a way out. She then started a non-profit organization called Palash, after the flame colored flower called Flame of the Forest. This NGO wants to reach out to are usually inconspicuous. Through this NGO, she wanted to reach out to the Burns survivors, particularly those who suffer disfigurement, are to a greater degree than people with physical or even mental disabilities, a secluded lot.

Her story always reminds me of the fact, that there are much bigger problems in life other than silly relationships,heartbreaks etc. Her story inspires me to face every hurdle in my life with utmost vigour. She is an inspiration for me at every step.An unknown face, a burnt face inspires me to deal with obstacles in my life and to bring the best out of all the problems that i face.

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