Jun 18, 2011

What Color Do I Paint?

  While  returning  from the office  I have my company bus  to drop me home and I feel lucky and   blessed  because I don’t  have to face the hassles of the local trains which the common man in Mumbai has to go through   while  travelling  to their workplace and then back home. My bus drops me  near the east west  connecting bridge and the only hassle that I have to face is to cross the over  crowded bridge pushing and punching the pervert man, people who are always in a hurry and some who never want to reach home and just use the bridge to loiter around or coochie-coo with their partners. By the time I reach the western end of the bridge I am a sight to see,hair all messed up, my specks in  a balancing mode , my bag hanging precariously on one of my shoulders Once I cross the swarm of people   I heave a sigh of relief to find myself alive and that I haven’t been a victim of stampede.
One day as usual I wrestled my way out to find a lady sitting on the bridge with a   baby on her lap. Nothing seemed unusual about her and I thought she’s one among the beggars who   just want to earn their livelihood   by begging and by doing nothing else. As days passed by,I found out that the lady was blind. I find her sitting there at the same place daily. I see at times the baby crying and she feeding the baby. I   don’t know how she reaches the bridge who helps her or how does she take care of the child. How  she manages her little world is still a big question,a mystery to many of us born with eyesight. Seeing her I have often pondered what is it to be blind. What do they see? What colors she could see? What color the sky would appear to her???I wondered whether she had seen her child,whether she had seen the father of the child. 
Thinking of her or rather passing by her daily reminds me of several other visually impaired people   who see no color in life except black and white.How hapless is it to be appended to the stick,to be dependent on people to move ,eat  ,sleep ,live etc….
Of all the senses, sight must be the most delightful.
-Helen Keller
And we all do agree to what Hellen Keller has said . Eyes are one of the best creations by God and both, who have it and the ones who don’t have it know the worth of it. I often wonder What color do I Paint their lives with??? I want to fill in those colors in their lives which the privileged one’s enjoy. I want them to enjoy the canvas called as life and the various colors splattered on it. I managed to pen down a few lines just to share the plight of visually impaired people, on what things they miss and why their life is colorless or plainly black and white..

I look here and there
And into the void I just stare.
Day and nights pass by
But I cant see what changes in the sky
Birds chirp around
All i can hear is their sound
The rising and setting of the sun
Oh!I can see them none.
Quiescent water deep of lake
That i can't see it ,makes my heart ache
Can feel the  pleasure and pain
But how do I see the beauty of rain?
People around me donot have a face
Even though i can feel their warm embrace
I can feel love, make love, and be with my love
But then would I never know what is my love?
I may get my charming prince
Handsome he would be,to my heart i convince.
To a child I can be a mother
Hows the face of my child i would always bother
Of all the senses sight is the delightful
Because eyes are the ones that makes the life colorful
I wonder how it would be
If i had the eyes that could see
I aint sure would it worthy to be(not blind)
But i just wished I could see!! i could see
As mentioned in the above poem a visually impaired person misses out on almost all the important aspects of life. A single day if I forget wearing my specks I end up creating a mess.I end up bumping into people ,I end up doing things wrong.I wonder how they manage to live without those  natural specks.
 I wish to color the life of every blind person so that they too can see the rose red in color, sky in its cool blue color, a rainbow which is a union of colors. For them every other thing would be the same either in black or in white. I wish to add the colors to their imagination. I wish to color their life with the paint of love so that every visually impaired person could get the opportunity to see the prince/princess of their   dreams. What life it is if a mother cannot see her own creation ,her own baby. I wish to color their life’s with the unique and most mesmerizing color of parenthood. I wish them the color of beautiful dawn and dusk in their life. 
Just try blindfolding yourself and staying the same way the whole day and try doing things.Y es!! helpless is the word…So through this article I need to pass on the message  “Donate Your  Eyes  “  so that after you, someone lives through your eyes and sees the wonderful world through your eyes

Let’s make someone’s life colorful  today and give them a better tomorrow.

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  1. Hey.. This is Kunal.. Just came to know about your blog from Sujit..
    I must excellent blog.. First para is the exact situation I face these days... and the remaining part will make me think now while crossing the bridge when I see someone like this...
    And the photo used is extremely apt for the blog topic.. Too Good..

  2. Very touching post, Chitra. Good luck for the contest.

  3. @Kunal - hey hi...thanks buddy... ur appreciation means a lot

  4. @Dazzle Diva- thanku so much :)

  5. hey shreya here. thanks for sending me the link. your blogs are supa good...!!! very thoughtful and interesting. i am amazed at the kind of observation you have, the way you look at things. very crisp and refreshing writing. and humorous too. wow. a lot of things to learn from you!! and hearty congratulations. may you win more accolades. hoping to see more of your writings

  6. @shreya- thaku so much dear...ur appreciation means a lot :)

  7. Chitra, I see another winning post form your pen.. No words... Good Luck and will my life be colourful ?

    Someone is Special

  8. @Someone is special- thank you so much...fingers crossed hopefully i make it...i loved ur post too....

  9. Nice sentimental article, on the plight of blind person, good wake up call Shreya

  10. @Vasumathi--- thanku so much..Vote for me at Indivine

  11. Dear Chitra

    Very touching post! I am moved!
    Well written:)

    Good Luck!

  12. @Deepa - i am glad u liked it...

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  13. Hey nice post dear! :)

    Loved your verses!

    Keep Posting!

    Indie! :)

  14. very touching post! What colour do I paint!! Nice poem too!

  15. Beautiful post! Good luck.

  16. just speechless!!!!

    beautifully written and ur writing has a tremendous flow.

    Gud luck for the contest. This article deserves a recognition in form of a prize.

  17. @neeraj kumar- i am so so glad u people have liked it

  18. Beautifully written. Eye donation, even I included that point in my post!!
    Have a wonderful day.


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