Jun 30, 2011

My Gadget Speaks For Me

This article is an official entry for the Dell Change Is Easy Contest on indiblogger.

Technology has changed lives. We have come a long way with new developments and technologies springing up every single day. Apple was just a fruit when I was born and now so many years later my phone is called an apple. Similarly blackberry was a fruit for all of us once upon a time and now it’s the name of a mobile phone that people crave for. Things have changed and Change has been easily accepted. People have moved on with change. today when I say “ I brought a blackberry” , the thought that would come to every single mind would be of a blackberry phone rather than the fruit, and no one would even ask “fruit or the phone?”

Guess that’s the impact gadgets and technology has had on human lives. Whatever gadgets have been invented , they have been created with human beings,and their comfort in mind. Or we can say gadgets have been built by man for the human race and have a humane touch to it. For eg. Nokia phone –connecting people or Iphone which screams out “Touching is Believing” .Somewhere it has qualities which we have ; touching or connecting people,in some or the other way where it does have a striking resemblance.

The moment I saw the topic “how gadgets reflect your personality “sponsored by DELL I really had to think hard as to which gadget would represent me. I asked my friends as to which gadget reflects my personality.I was amused by the answers. Some said you are like a bread toaster ; u just cant keep things to yourself they keep popping out. Someone said you are like a coffee vending machine; one press of a button and there you go on and on. A cleanliness freak friend said you are like a vacuum cleaner “you eat all the garbage ie.street food” I was like Whoa! look at the way they are dropping subtle hints  J

The gadget that I frequently use these days more than any other gadget is my hurricane lamp with usb .Thanks to the frequent power cuts that forces us to stay armed with gadgets like these specially during the rainy season. I think I would rather let my gadget talk what they think is common among both of us till the time I am winding up with my important work.

Hurricane Lamp With USB says:                                                                           

Hurricane Lamp With USB
I guess you all know what I am and what I am used for. I was brought in by my master ; your fellow blogger because she stays in a place where load shedding  is  quite common.
I have been living with her since a long time and I have known her really well. Ah!! she is such a sweetheart.
Talking about sweetheart I feel she does have some of my characteristics *Glows with pride*   

Same Same Inch pinch!!

1) Consistent: We both are consistent .Just like my flame is consistent and doesn’t flicker I have seen her being consistent with her studies and whatever she has done in her life.She has always studied keeping me close to her and she has been consistently  clearing the exams with flying colors.

2) Helpful: I have spent my life adding lights to the life of people. I realized she is helpful when she kept me out of the house at night during one of such load shedding sessions so that others could find their way.I didn’t like staying out with so many mosquitoes howering over but then the motive behind her this action made me happy

3) Temper: Just like the way I get hot, she too loses her temper easily.

4) Mood Swings : I have this special ability to glow in different colored flames.My color changing flames are just like her frequent mood swings; sometimes happy ,some times angry and sometimes sad. Her mood just keeps fluctuating.

5) Naughty:
She is one of the brats in the colony who keeps on hiding toys of children, scaring oldies in the dark, teasing guys, I must tell u she’s an Adam Teaser. I have been silent witness to many of her pranks. I too be naughty at times and I refrain from glowing many a times when she presses the knob and specially when she needs me the most.I like to see the naughtiest gal being frustrated.

No Way! We Are Not The Same !!

1) Curvaceous Figure: Yeah this is what my fellow gadgets envy me for. I have got a body that I can flaunt and that is something she lacks. But yes the change is easy and she can easily attain my body type. .I hope she is reading this *Giggles*

2) Jealousy:  I know her little secret; She is jealous of the next door Pinky(shhh!! Keep it a secret) and yeah this is something I can never be.Its these qualities that make a human, a human.

3) Charging: I need to be constantly charged to work properly or I feel damn low at times *Sulks* But my memsahib isn’t like this. She is all charged up for every occasion. She just wants a reason to step out of the house no matter what time of the day it is.

4)Chatterbox - She is one helluva chatterbox.Whenever i try grabbing my forty winks ,she starts chitchatting over the phone.She switches me off and then sits next to me chitchatting,gossiping. Don't I have a life??!!! *Sigh! Rolls eyes*(voice from the background-"that Varun Sharma from Citibank was so handsome..blah blah blah!!!)I guess she is coming.

And Shhh!!! Let all this be a secret!!! Ohh !! there she comes…and I think she would switch me off.. No!! No!!! (Switched off)

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  1. Nice and different way of writing blog for the contest... Loved it.

  2. @neeraj-thank u so much.....

  3. @farila ji= thanku so much mam!!!

  4. "She just wants a reason to step out of the house no matter what time of the day it is.."???!! NONSENSE...!!! Rest all is Supa...!!! :) :D

  5. hahahaha it was hilarious ! nice read..keep the good work up :-)

  6. @Suneal- ninak vendi nyan vechatonda :P:P love u...and thanku

  7. @mishi- thanku ...am glad u liked it :)

  8. wow!! this is totally different from the ones i read for the contest!! Loved the way you presented it and hey your hurricane lamp is so cutey cutey!! :)

  9. @Cindrella--- thanku so much....:)

  10. excellent article I think its far better than mine.congratulations

  11. @parth-ohh thanku so much........

  12. Good one. We live in the times of more & more power cuts.

  13. @roshan- i agree....we live in the dark even in this 21st century :(

  14. Interestingly creative! Think you gonna win this contest.. All the best :)

  15. @indigenou= thanku so much..hopefully imake it :)

  16. nice way of connecting with your hurricane lamp..
    It was something out of the box..really liked it..:)

  17. @ankit jain--- thanku so much

  18. @hey! that is a very unique sort of a post... loved the way you wrote it! :)

  19. Good stuff and welcome to the blog world !

  20. @anukriti- thanku so much :)


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