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Nov 11, 2016

Dear Zindagi!

 “I am writing a letter to life for the #DearZindagiactivity at BlogAdda“.

Dear Zindagi ,

Words fail me when I think of writing you a letter to express my gratitude and love towards you.
You have been a roller coaster all the time.Whenever I think I have hit a new low,you take me to the highest pedestal .And when I think I have reached  the highest point in my life ,and think I am the best and the greatest  ,you take me back to the lowest point again reminding me that times can change. And that you need to move with the change.
You teach me every time, that if you want to witness a rainbow you need to bear the rain.

I am not sure what I should be more grateful for ...
for teaching me to stand back on my toes with every baby step I took and fell on my knees. Or
For losing my rank in the exams but still teaching me a lesson that ranks don't determine your potential your knowledge does
For teaching me to be an independent individual all my life and slaying it completely.
For making me believe in Mills and Boons kind of romance
For teaching me that it is okay to take the first step in your relationship ...be it expression of my feelings or being sorry about something
For helping me deal with my anxiety neurosis ,depression and coming out strong .
For teaching me it's okay to lose .
I am not sure what I should be thankful for. I know you have been harsh on me on certain days...you have had your share of mood swings. You have put me through trials and tribulations but am not complaining because you never promised me it would be a bed of Roses.
I am so enchanted with the idea of experiencing you that I feel on certain days that am losing out on time to be with this boon called 'Zindagi' .
I remember the breakups,heartbreaks, frustrations that you brought along but your every chapter just taught me that this too shall pass and it's just one of your bad days.
I feel blessed that I am one of the few lucky ones who got 29 years of experiencing you.

There are times when I have felt you had a different script of living for me; when I have felt I could have had it all...But every time this thought crossed my mind, you questioned me on my face if I would have been as grateful as I am now if I had it all.

I am besotted with the wonderful surprises you have brought along when I have felt my life had become so  dull.You always keep me on the edge of the seat wondering what next?
There would be times when I would want to give up on you but you have always taught me to battle out all the struggles you are going to bring along.... so bring it on!.

I have ultimately learnt that Zindagi or life isn't a burden....it's the expectations and dreams we weave that make it a burden.We must learn to deal with failures as well as success.

You have taught me the value of having you with every breath I take and with every beat of my heart.

You are such a beauty Dear Zindagi, I have felt this on every single day when I have met new people  , when I have visited new places,with every experience I have had.

I have always believed that l should experience you like it's my first and the last rendezvous with you, I want to indulge you with all the love ,madness ,laughter,tears and spoil you to the core.

I always wanted to be  a free bird but you taught me that actual freedom is to break free of all the thoughts , all those people , all those customs that bring you down in life.
When I turn back to see you in retrospect,all i feel is gratitude.

Thanks Zindagi!

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