Images have been taken from various sources in Google


Images have been taken from various sources in Google


Images have been taken from various sources in Google


Images have been taken from various sources in Google


Images have been taken from various sources in Google


Images have been taken from various sources in Google


Images have been taken from various sources in Google

Jan 31, 2013


This is a guest post written by  ShankarNarayanan Murali

Life gets going like the waves that get washed away…
Or is it the search of the shore that makes the wave go away J
Reaching the shore makes the wave complete
Reach for the stars and never wait to compete
Life is a lesson learnt one day at a time
Don’t rush through too fast, cos the minutes won’t come again
Love it to the fullest till the last second…
It doesn’t matter u end up first or second !!!
Be the same when you fall or you rise
                                             Just make sure you live life king size

About the poet: A multi talented persona, who writes occasionally and writes only heartfelt posts.This is a poem out of his many collection of poems which i have stolen with his due consent to be published here.Honest opinions expected and appreciated :)

Jan 24, 2013


This is my entry for theHarperCollins–IndiBlogger Get Published contest, which is run with inputs from Yashodhara Lal and HarperCollins India.

Love has no boundaries .Love knows no caste .Love is accepting the person with all the minor flaws ,with all the hardships and with all the obstacles.When you are in love, you are blind to the society,to the hundreds of questions the people ask you at every walk of life.When you are in love, everything seems to be right.And when you think you are in love with the right person, you also get an energy, a strength from an unknown source to face the world and proclaim your love for the same.

This is the story of Chanda, a village belle  in her twenties who spends her life working in the farms  and feeding her ailing her parents.Chanda is a shy coy village belle staying in Chandrapur who would always steer away from the company of young men.Chanda is a recluse lost in her dreams.She always dreams of having a grand marriage and of her prince riding on a white horse to whisk her away.Her life goes all topsy turvy when she gets raped by the Village Sarpanch's son.To revert the wrong done,the Sarpanch decides to get his son married to Chanda.She decides to fight the battle for justice and denying the marriage proposal.Vikram an engineer by profession professes his undying love for Chanda and decides to marry her against all odds.Sarpanch and the villagers are dead against Vikram's marriage to Chanda .Chanda who also starts loving Vikram for the wonderful human he is, finds herself stuck between the Village khap panchayat and her true love Vikram. On one hand Chanda faces opposition and social outcast of her family and other hand Vikram's love. What will be Chanda's condition? Should she marry her rapist?Is this the justice she deserves ?Doesnt she deserve Vikram's love even though she has been raped brutally?Read on to know the brutality and the lost humanity in and around Chanda's life.

This is the story of a rape victim that the author read in one of the newspaper's year back written with a twist of love to the original story.The author wants to propagate the message that in a rape don't treat the victim as a criminal.Accept Rape Victims!!!Give them a new life!!

Promote my idea

to get my story published :)

Jan 23, 2013

Scrabble Mania

This note is written for all those who wanted to know about my scrabble event at Bangalore -20th January 2013

Wondered what should be the title of the post which is going to describe the best two days of my life and this is the closest I could come to – Scrabble Mania…  A lot of madness, a lot of friendships, an enriched vocabulary, exciting prizes, nervousness, and nail biting moments is what you get to experience. No one goes a loser back home; Its always a win-win situation. Even if you lose the game you get to learn a lot of stuff from so many talented people from different parts of the world
About the Game:
Scrabble, a word game which I am very sure everyone must have played at least once in their life and yes I can connect to all those who played this game long back in their childhood and left it at it. I too was oblivious of this game being being played on an international level at an extensive scale till IGATE happened to me. IGate has been hosting Scrabble Tournament for the Last 9 years, this year being the 9th and the best. This event is almost like a carnival where people from every corner of the world battle it out with each other to prove their mettle. The event is for Corporate Level (team events), College Level(team events),  and International  Level(individual events). The inter corporate and intercollege tournaments begin in the month of December every year. 87 to 90 teams both at intercollegiate level and corporate level across the country battle it out every year in the month of the December and make way for the best 14 teams to compete with each other at Bangalore where the finals of the Scrabble Tournament are held. The entire credit goes to Shankarnarayanan Murali – Senior Employee Engagement Manager Of Igate who has been organizing this and many other such events. An event worth experiencing !An event worth being a part of.
Why This Game :
This is a game I see myself playing as I grow old with my family, my husband, my kids and my grandkids( if I stay alive by then :P).There is no running here and there and yeah for burly people athletics and gymnastics is definitely not an option. Who would like to see me running in those skimpy shorts :P Atleast I wouldn’t want to see myself like that. I connect myself to this game. I have the vocabulary and I feel this is the best way to use it.
Personal Note:
This year was my second year at Bengaluru representing my company at the intercorporate level. Battling out the best teams we managed to secure a spot among the top ten best corporate teams of India. By we, I mean the most humble, intellectual ,down to earth  Shankarnarayanan Murali and  Chitra Nair ( you obviously know how good I am ;);) ) paired up to beat the teams at intercorporate level and were the leading team for 3 out of 5 games. The pairing just happened due to some mistake in the selection during the intra level tournament but the mistake was totally worth it  JJ I had the vocabulary and Murali had the much needed strategy which made us the best team. Beating the best teams and securing a decent 8th position in the tournament has given us reasons to be proud. The event also marks the beginning of a wonderful friendship . The event gave me an opportunity to interact with the best brains of India .The cutest and the most remarkable game that I witnessed was of a 70 year old guy(or rather uncle as I would like to quote ) and a 10 year old boy. Their talks and the game was so cute and the same time inspiring.  A event one must not miss at any  cost .For more details get in touch with me at Chitra.528@gmail.com because i can just go on and on :)

And this note has been written to convey special thanks to my friend Murali or rather M.s Murali or  Shankarnarayanan Murali or rather Mike Murali(for he creates magic on stage with his awesome compering and show hosting)who has been a great support throughout , and who kept me motivated during the every single move. You made me feel proud about myself, saw to it that i am not disappointed during the entire game. Thanks a lot M.S :)
Gals,you are going to be surely floored with this gentleman's charming persona...For more details about him too ,you can get in touch with me ;);)


Jan 16, 2013

Jack And Jill

This post is a part of the Gillette Satin Care Contest in association with BlogAdda.com

This is the story of Jack And Jill
Who fell in love from head to heel.
They  met in a  high school
 In the school
Sitting besides each other on a stool
 Jack was naughty
And Jill was haughty
Jack was a tall dark and a handsome boy
Jill was pretty, cute and very coy
Soft and silky were her curl
Lost in dreams she would twist and twirl.
Jack, a smartie talked chitter chatter chitter
And all the gals would go dreamy and flattered.
Jack fell in love with her sexy eyes
And Jill drooled over his strong arms and thighs.

Coffee mill Date
Jack and Jill Didn't go to the hill ­
to fetch a pail of water
Instead they went to coffee mill
for  a cuppa and chitterchatter.
He mumbled and fumbled
She fumbled and jumbled.
He mustered courage and blurted out
"Divine are you, and I find you hot
Sexy, beautiful and what not"
She blushed and said
"When i see you, Mr.Redhead
My knees go weak and cheeks dark red".
She removed her coat,
And cleared her throat
She pulled him close,
And their breath froze.
She put his arms around his neck
On his cheek ,she gave him a peck.
Looking at her arms, he let out a cry
And his throat went thirsty and dry.
Her arms were hairy just like ape
Long and thick , it made him gape.
Hairy Jill
She (thought in her mind):
" I wish I had opted for hair removal
My hair is going to be his seal of disapproval"
She cried and cried
And knew, she would never be his bride.
She confessed to him, that  She had tried
Lotions and creams from world wide
Nothing helped and nothing worked
And this had left Jack shocked and irked
An idea crept into Jacks mind
Ran to a shop, leaving her behind
Came her knight in the shining armour
Wielding his brand new Gillette Armor (Razor).          
Across the arm, went the razor zip zap zoom
Her satin like skin, began to bloom
Happy with joy their hearts leapt
Hugging each other, with joy they wept.
Gone are the hairy days ,so she dares to bare(her arms)
Blessed she feels with Gillete Satin Care :)

Happily Ever After -Thanks to Gillette Satin Care

 Image Sources:

Happily Ever After -Thanks to Gillette Satin Care :  123rf.com
Coffee Mill Date :Wallcoo.net 
Hairy Jill:depositphotos.com
In the school :google.com

Jan 11, 2013

Domestic Violence And You!!

Sia (name changed) is a software engineer working with a reputed IT firm. Got married at an early age of 21 by her parents and yes it was an arranged marriage to a scientific officer .The marriage ceremony was grand. After al it was a matter of prestige and honour. She felt her parents had chosen the Mr.Right for him. He was her knight in the shining armour. But guess destiny had something else in store for her. Within days of marriage, she was subjected to torture and harassment. Four years later , the condition is still the same. She is in a dilemma ,she is unable to leave her husband because her parents refuse to take her back, she lives in an unknown city where she doesn’t belong to, She has no one to support.Her friends are ready to get her out of the terrible marriage but she lacks the confidence to do so.

This is the case of most of the women in the society , when we boast of women empowerment, financial independence etc etc. One thing that we must accept is that no matter where we reach, no matter how strong we grow,Indian women still lack the courage to leave their abusive husbands, fight against the society and grow on her own.Who is to be blamed?

Find the entire article on Glad2bwoman.com... My first ever article for A Women Website.

Jan 8, 2013

Fight Back - Guest Post From Glad2bawoman.com

One more ‘new’ year. Yes, we have bid adieu to 2012 and have ushered in 2013 with open arms, or wait, have we? Deep down somewhere, aren’t we still haunted by the heart-rending mishap that shook the country a couple of weeks back? Even though I haven’t yet mentioned a word about it, I’m sure most know which catastrophe I’m talking about. She who had to die, has succumbed to death failing in her long-drawn struggle to cling on to life. But we who are still alive, mustn’t we do something substantial to not let her death go in waste, and show due respect to not only her but also our lives, in return?
Yes, it is high time to retaliate. To fight back. To raise a voice. Such pitiable state of affairs cannot be allowed to continue. We cannot afford to cheerfully proclaim that we have averted the supposed doomsday, when the reality screams at us that the world indeed has perished, we are simply in denial of it. What’s worse, such a monstrous crime against an innocent girl has invited hypocritical remarks, ridiculous laws and many insensitive statements from the various “illustrious” personalities of our nation. Some say that women should not be allowed to carry mobile phones, some opine that wearing skirts should be prohibited, still some others believe that girls should be given much freedom so as to avoid such cases of harassment and violence against women. Is this what civilization and humanity is all about? Has mankind stooped down to such base levels that they need to impose subservient “rules” on women’s behaviour and conduct, so that they do not have to suffer men’s bestiality and animal-like instincts?
It is the need of the hour now to let them all know that we not fragile, helpless, servile creatures who have to lead their lives on the terms that others lay out to them. As human beings, we have every right to think, act, speak and carry out our lifestyle the way we prefer, and not be subject to anybody else’s tastes and choices. We have proved our mettle in every realm, be it at home or the workplace, and thus, we deserve autonomy and self-dependence to be “ourselves.” We need not rectify our dressing sense, “mend our ways”, or restrain our freedom to stay “safe.” We do not live in the ancient ages anymore. It is the era of awakening and advancement, and it makes no sense to repress women and their inner power by curbing their liberty. Democracy will only be reduced to a farce if such incidents continue to occur, and as their repercussions, women are expected to draw limits on their lives.
We need some radical changes in the system to put an end to these evils, and no pragmatic solution can be arrived at if such nonsensical things against women emancipation keep resurfacing. We are moving ahead, and not going back in time, so it is the duty of every citizen of India to conceive progressive remedies to redress such a burning issue of our age and times. We can no longer simply go on witnessing such injustice, but rather, we must put up a fight against it and uproot this social malady altogether. Enough of words, let us show some positive action.

Guest post from www.glad2bawoman.com.
 Glad2bawoman is an online media company with a growing community of over 75,000 members. For women and about women, the articles on the site encompass a variety of topics including Health, Empowerment, Leisure, Fashion and Relationships.

Jan 6, 2013

And The World Became Silent Again....

Early thursday morning huge crowd had gathered near Ram Milan Mithaiwala's shop at the Kacchi  Mitti  lane. The Kacchi  Mitti  lane has been famous since the British Era for it boasted of selling agricultural products.Kachi mitti  sold everything that came directly from the soil and so the name "Kachhi Mitti". Right from soil to  pesticides , vegetables  to grains, fruits and pulses Kachi Mitti had it all. People would flock in from villages and other states to get  agricultural products at a cheaper wholesale value. But this thursday it was different. People had gathered in numbers  and were pushing each other to have a glance .Some said  it was a hit and run accident case. Some gossiped it was a cold blooded murder. Some were asking to get in the police .Some rushed in to get the ambulance. The  victim had succumbed to injuries. Some were trying to stay away fearing the interrogation. Everyone around were clueless.

Anuj was in a hurry. He was late by minutes today. He avoided the crowd. The pleas for help fell on his deaf ears. He was in a hurry to reach the bus stop.
 He would daily arrive in at the exact time at the bus stop hoping to see her.
She would be there exactly at the same time to catch her bus to college
She was beautiful, attractive and graceful. She had those soft curls touching her soft cheeks
Her hair would fall on her face when she would smile and laugh.
She had the most beautiful eyes ever he had seen. Her eyes had a hundred tales to narrate.
She would carry a hand woven satin peacock blue bag ,and it just added more elegance to her persona. She had a penchant for multicoloured glass bangles and they would make the clinking sound everytime she tried to tuck her locks of hair behind the ears.

Source : coolgraphic.org
  She would be waiting whenever he would rush in to the stop. He craved for a  glimpse of her  everyday . He would be mesmerised and lost in her till the bus took her away.
She would look at him and smile at times. He seemed to be lost in the chaotic crowd. He knew he was madly in love with her.
The world was always a noisy place for him but he found solace in her.
Thursday too was the same  for Anuj. He came in rushing to see her. She  was no where to be found. He crossed the road and went to the bus stop and waited for an hour but she was no where to be found. By this time the crowd  near the Ram  Milan Mithai stores had dispersed.The victim's body had been rushed to the hospital.
Her bus came in at the usual time ,picked up the passengers and left.
He was dejected.
Hoping  to see her again the next day  he walked back again the Kachi Mitti lane .
On his way back, his eyes fell on something on the road.
The peacock coloured bag soaked in blood laid scattered on the road with books and pages strewn all around.
The colourful bangles all broken into pieces surrounded the bag. They had stopped clinking forever
And  the world was silent again!!!

You may enjoy reading !!!