Jan 24, 2013


This is my entry for theHarperCollins–IndiBlogger Get Published contest, which is run with inputs from Yashodhara Lal and HarperCollins India.

Love has no boundaries .Love knows no caste .Love is accepting the person with all the minor flaws ,with all the hardships and with all the obstacles.When you are in love, you are blind to the society,to the hundreds of questions the people ask you at every walk of life.When you are in love, everything seems to be right.And when you think you are in love with the right person, you also get an energy, a strength from an unknown source to face the world and proclaim your love for the same.

This is the story of Chanda, a village belle  in her twenties who spends her life working in the farms  and feeding her ailing her parents.Chanda is a shy coy village belle staying in Chandrapur who would always steer away from the company of young men.Chanda is a recluse lost in her dreams.She always dreams of having a grand marriage and of her prince riding on a white horse to whisk her away.Her life goes all topsy turvy when she gets raped by the Village Sarpanch's son.To revert the wrong done,the Sarpanch decides to get his son married to Chanda.She decides to fight the battle for justice and denying the marriage proposal.Vikram an engineer by profession professes his undying love for Chanda and decides to marry her against all odds.Sarpanch and the villagers are dead against Vikram's marriage to Chanda .Chanda who also starts loving Vikram for the wonderful human he is, finds herself stuck between the Village khap panchayat and her true love Vikram. On one hand Chanda faces opposition and social outcast of her family and other hand Vikram's love. What will be Chanda's condition? Should she marry her rapist?Is this the justice she deserves ?Doesnt she deserve Vikram's love even though she has been raped brutally?Read on to know the brutality and the lost humanity in and around Chanda's life.

This is the story of a rape victim that the author read in one of the newspaper's year back written with a twist of love to the original story.The author wants to propagate the message that in a rape don't treat the victim as a criminal.Accept Rape Victims!!!Give them a new life!!

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  1. Nice....it will be interesting to see how u handle the subject...kinda challenging to make a short story of it....i like your writing :)

    1. thanks ritesh :) am nt sure how am gng to spin out an entire story out of it :P

  2. Hehe, arey me also in the same fix...My story 'Love story of a Housemaid' also, for some supernatural reason, got shortlisted. And now I'm wondering how to weave it into a proper story.

    If you find time someday, then my blog 'Some Bedtime Stories' awaits your steps. http://thirstydesires.blogspot.in/

    Till we meet again. Ciao :)


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