Jan 11, 2013

Domestic Violence And You!!

Sia (name changed) is a software engineer working with a reputed IT firm. Got married at an early age of 21 by her parents and yes it was an arranged marriage to a scientific officer .The marriage ceremony was grand. After al it was a matter of prestige and honour. She felt her parents had chosen the Mr.Right for him. He was her knight in the shining armour. But guess destiny had something else in store for her. Within days of marriage, she was subjected to torture and harassment. Four years later , the condition is still the same. She is in a dilemma ,she is unable to leave her husband because her parents refuse to take her back, she lives in an unknown city where she doesn’t belong to, She has no one to support.Her friends are ready to get her out of the terrible marriage but she lacks the confidence to do so.

This is the case of most of the women in the society , when we boast of women empowerment, financial independence etc etc. One thing that we must accept is that no matter where we reach, no matter how strong we grow,Indian women still lack the courage to leave their abusive husbands, fight against the society and grow on her own.Who is to be blamed?

Find the entire article on Glad2bwoman.com... My first ever article for A Women Website.


  1. This is the story of 50% of the womens in India.But They don't have courage to leave their husband.I think their may be some minor fault of her parents who leave her alone in such condition only because of what society will say.They thought we could adjust but sometimes everything is spoil.I went to
    All India tour and travel many cities but the condition is same I found.

    1. they need to fight back jenifer without thinking abt the society people etc


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