Jan 31, 2013


This is a guest post written by  ShankarNarayanan Murali

Life gets going like the waves that get washed away…
Or is it the search of the shore that makes the wave go away J
Reaching the shore makes the wave complete
Reach for the stars and never wait to compete
Life is a lesson learnt one day at a time
Don’t rush through too fast, cos the minutes won’t come again
Love it to the fullest till the last second…
It doesn’t matter u end up first or second !!!
Be the same when you fall or you rise
                                             Just make sure you live life king size

About the poet: A multi talented persona, who writes occasionally and writes only heartfelt posts.This is a poem out of his many collection of poems which i have stolen with his due consent to be published here.Honest opinions expected and appreciated :)


  1. way to go Murali!!!............well written!!...n there you are with another professional tag in kitty....Keep writing :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks gayatri i am glad u liked it.. wil convey the same to the poet :)


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