Jan 8, 2013

Fight Back - Guest Post From Glad2bawoman.com

One more ‘new’ year. Yes, we have bid adieu to 2012 and have ushered in 2013 with open arms, or wait, have we? Deep down somewhere, aren’t we still haunted by the heart-rending mishap that shook the country a couple of weeks back? Even though I haven’t yet mentioned a word about it, I’m sure most know which catastrophe I’m talking about. She who had to die, has succumbed to death failing in her long-drawn struggle to cling on to life. But we who are still alive, mustn’t we do something substantial to not let her death go in waste, and show due respect to not only her but also our lives, in return?
Yes, it is high time to retaliate. To fight back. To raise a voice. Such pitiable state of affairs cannot be allowed to continue. We cannot afford to cheerfully proclaim that we have averted the supposed doomsday, when the reality screams at us that the world indeed has perished, we are simply in denial of it. What’s worse, such a monstrous crime against an innocent girl has invited hypocritical remarks, ridiculous laws and many insensitive statements from the various “illustrious” personalities of our nation. Some say that women should not be allowed to carry mobile phones, some opine that wearing skirts should be prohibited, still some others believe that girls should be given much freedom so as to avoid such cases of harassment and violence against women. Is this what civilization and humanity is all about? Has mankind stooped down to such base levels that they need to impose subservient “rules” on women’s behaviour and conduct, so that they do not have to suffer men’s bestiality and animal-like instincts?
It is the need of the hour now to let them all know that we not fragile, helpless, servile creatures who have to lead their lives on the terms that others lay out to them. As human beings, we have every right to think, act, speak and carry out our lifestyle the way we prefer, and not be subject to anybody else’s tastes and choices. We have proved our mettle in every realm, be it at home or the workplace, and thus, we deserve autonomy and self-dependence to be “ourselves.” We need not rectify our dressing sense, “mend our ways”, or restrain our freedom to stay “safe.” We do not live in the ancient ages anymore. It is the era of awakening and advancement, and it makes no sense to repress women and their inner power by curbing their liberty. Democracy will only be reduced to a farce if such incidents continue to occur, and as their repercussions, women are expected to draw limits on their lives.
We need some radical changes in the system to put an end to these evils, and no pragmatic solution can be arrived at if such nonsensical things against women emancipation keep resurfacing. We are moving ahead, and not going back in time, so it is the duty of every citizen of India to conceive progressive remedies to redress such a burning issue of our age and times. We can no longer simply go on witnessing such injustice, but rather, we must put up a fight against it and uproot this social malady altogether. Enough of words, let us show some positive action.

Guest post from www.glad2bawoman.com.
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