Jan 23, 2013

Scrabble Mania

This note is written for all those who wanted to know about my scrabble event at Bangalore -20th January 2013

Wondered what should be the title of the post which is going to describe the best two days of my life and this is the closest I could come to – Scrabble Mania…  A lot of madness, a lot of friendships, an enriched vocabulary, exciting prizes, nervousness, and nail biting moments is what you get to experience. No one goes a loser back home; Its always a win-win situation. Even if you lose the game you get to learn a lot of stuff from so many talented people from different parts of the world
About the Game:
Scrabble, a word game which I am very sure everyone must have played at least once in their life and yes I can connect to all those who played this game long back in their childhood and left it at it. I too was oblivious of this game being being played on an international level at an extensive scale till IGATE happened to me. IGate has been hosting Scrabble Tournament for the Last 9 years, this year being the 9th and the best. This event is almost like a carnival where people from every corner of the world battle it out with each other to prove their mettle. The event is for Corporate Level (team events), College Level(team events),  and International  Level(individual events). The inter corporate and intercollege tournaments begin in the month of December every year. 87 to 90 teams both at intercollegiate level and corporate level across the country battle it out every year in the month of the December and make way for the best 14 teams to compete with each other at Bangalore where the finals of the Scrabble Tournament are held. The entire credit goes to Shankarnarayanan Murali – Senior Employee Engagement Manager Of Igate who has been organizing this and many other such events. An event worth experiencing !An event worth being a part of.
Why This Game :
This is a game I see myself playing as I grow old with my family, my husband, my kids and my grandkids( if I stay alive by then :P).There is no running here and there and yeah for burly people athletics and gymnastics is definitely not an option. Who would like to see me running in those skimpy shorts :P Atleast I wouldn’t want to see myself like that. I connect myself to this game. I have the vocabulary and I feel this is the best way to use it.
Personal Note:
This year was my second year at Bengaluru representing my company at the intercorporate level. Battling out the best teams we managed to secure a spot among the top ten best corporate teams of India. By we, I mean the most humble, intellectual ,down to earth  Shankarnarayanan Murali and  Chitra Nair ( you obviously know how good I am ;);) ) paired up to beat the teams at intercorporate level and were the leading team for 3 out of 5 games. The pairing just happened due to some mistake in the selection during the intra level tournament but the mistake was totally worth it  JJ I had the vocabulary and Murali had the much needed strategy which made us the best team. Beating the best teams and securing a decent 8th position in the tournament has given us reasons to be proud. The event also marks the beginning of a wonderful friendship . The event gave me an opportunity to interact with the best brains of India .The cutest and the most remarkable game that I witnessed was of a 70 year old guy(or rather uncle as I would like to quote ) and a 10 year old boy. Their talks and the game was so cute and the same time inspiring.  A event one must not miss at any  cost .For more details get in touch with me at Chitra.528@gmail.com because i can just go on and on :)

And this note has been written to convey special thanks to my friend Murali or rather M.s Murali or  Shankarnarayanan Murali or rather Mike Murali(for he creates magic on stage with his awesome compering and show hosting)who has been a great support throughout , and who kept me motivated during the every single move. You made me feel proud about myself, saw to it that i am not disappointed during the entire game. Thanks a lot M.S :)
Gals,you are going to be surely floored with this gentleman's charming persona...For more details about him too ,you can get in touch with me ;);)


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