Jan 16, 2013

Jack And Jill

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This is the story of Jack And Jill
Who fell in love from head to heel.
They  met in a  high school
 In the school
Sitting besides each other on a stool
 Jack was naughty
And Jill was haughty
Jack was a tall dark and a handsome boy
Jill was pretty, cute and very coy
Soft and silky were her curl
Lost in dreams she would twist and twirl.
Jack, a smartie talked chitter chatter chitter
And all the gals would go dreamy and flattered.
Jack fell in love with her sexy eyes
And Jill drooled over his strong arms and thighs.

Coffee mill Date
Jack and Jill Didn't go to the hill ­
to fetch a pail of water
Instead they went to coffee mill
for  a cuppa and chitterchatter.
He mumbled and fumbled
She fumbled and jumbled.
He mustered courage and blurted out
"Divine are you, and I find you hot
Sexy, beautiful and what not"
She blushed and said
"When i see you, Mr.Redhead
My knees go weak and cheeks dark red".
She removed her coat,
And cleared her throat
She pulled him close,
And their breath froze.
She put his arms around his neck
On his cheek ,she gave him a peck.
Looking at her arms, he let out a cry
And his throat went thirsty and dry.
Her arms were hairy just like ape
Long and thick , it made him gape.
Hairy Jill
She (thought in her mind):
" I wish I had opted for hair removal
My hair is going to be his seal of disapproval"
She cried and cried
And knew, she would never be his bride.
She confessed to him, that  She had tried
Lotions and creams from world wide
Nothing helped and nothing worked
And this had left Jack shocked and irked
An idea crept into Jacks mind
Ran to a shop, leaving her behind
Came her knight in the shining armour
Wielding his brand new Gillette Armor (Razor).          
Across the arm, went the razor zip zap zoom
Her satin like skin, began to bloom
Happy with joy their hearts leapt
Hugging each other, with joy they wept.
Gone are the hairy days ,so she dares to bare(her arms)
Blessed she feels with Gillete Satin Care :)

Happily Ever After -Thanks to Gillette Satin Care

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  1. Very cute and creative poem..
    Loved it..


    1. Thankss manjulika just an attempt and the ideas just kept flowing :)

  2. It's very cute & beautiful poem. Leaving a cute smile on my face. Lovely! :)

  3. Thanks Gayatri :) am so so glad u r liked it :)


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