Images have been taken from various sources in Google


Images have been taken from various sources in Google


Images have been taken from various sources in Google


Images have been taken from various sources in Google


Images have been taken from various sources in Google


Images have been taken from various sources in Google


Images have been taken from various sources in Google

Nov 27, 2012

Till Death Do Us Apart :)

She was beautiful . He, handsome.

Had fallen in love  during the college days.

He was smitten by her looks and crazy about her. She was his life.

Years later,

she still looked beautiful. She still ruled his heart. The hurdles of life hadn’t deterred her. The wrinkles near her eyes made her even more beautiful he had felt.

The last they were together was at a funeral. She had managed to look her best even then. He was lost in her beauty when the body was being buried deep.

Heap of Soil now covered the coffin.

And he silently wept.!

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Nov 25, 2012

Going Down The Memory Lane

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Days turn into weeks, weeks into months , months into years and so on. And all that stays with us forever are memories of the same. I am a self confessed photo maniac.I love being captured in the frame  though these days due to my bulky figure I actually manage to get into the frame. Whenever it’s a function, its an occasion I see to it I am being clicked. It’s  lovely to have moments captured and then relive them years later.Initially I used to be very conscious as to how I am looking in each and every pic. But then a friend of mine, told me once “Photos are for memories , doesn’t matter how people look in it. The more the weird people look , the more memorable memories associated with it”  Pictures as memorabilia can bring the best and the worst memories out.  Even though I have a lot of wonderful pics each with a story behind it, I would like to share the one below.

Source :My parents :p
   Started learning dance( bharatnatyam )  at the age of 5, I was an average learner.Shy to perform in front of so many parents and students I would always hide and dance behind the huge number of students dancing. And my teacher would stil very smartly find out whenever I missed a beat or whenever I wasn’t upto the mark. I would have my classes every Friday morning. So called “Good dancers” or my batchmates would come up and occupy the  front positions and do every thing to grab teachers attention. They would come with their moms (whom I believe had nothing better to do than giggle at others).Whenever I did something weird , I would find them giggling.i would find my batchmates giggling. Being al alone in the merciless crowd , with my mom nowhere around I soon started finding the dance class , more of a trauma. I started finding reasons to bunk my classes. Till the age of 14, dance was just a routine for me. it was a way to keep my mom happy. It was her dream to see me perform. At the age of 14, my parents thought I must have my Arrangetram (i.e the first stage performance) where hundreds of audience  come in and the dancer performs for around 3 hours nonstop. The practice goes on for a year before performing in front of the strong audience. It takes a lot of hardwork and perseverance to master the dance moves.

Now coming to why the photo is really special. During my practice sessions, a lot of things changed. No more I was surrounded by my bully dance mates and their parents. My mistakes were not laughed at or frowned upon. A new level of confidence gave birth . I began to enjoy the dance form.  This photograph was snapped during my Arrangetram performance  11 years back where a new dancer in me was born.  I danced as if no one was watching me.I danced for myself. I  got into the skin of the character and essayed the roles effortlessly. The only compliment  I still remember was someone from the audience came backstage and told me, ”When you peformed the role of Duryodhana and stripped off Draupadi’s saree,  I got goosebumps. You were so natural”. And after that there has been no looking back.

For me the photo reminds me of my journey from an average to a better dancer. The picture reminds me of my struggle to achieve something good.The pic reminds me of my mom’s dream getting fulfilled. The pic is a reminder of how slim I was back then :P Jokes apart it makes me proud everytime I look at it because it reminds me of the things I have achieved as also keeps me rooted to the ground when I think of my old days. It arouses a new level of confidence whenever am low and reminds me that everyone can achieve what they wish for in life only if they work hard for it.

Everytime I look at this pic i can hear just one strong voice coming out of it which says, “You can do it!!! No one can stop you , nothing can deter you .The race is yours , the fight is yours and you will always emerge successful only if YOU WISH TO”

Nov 19, 2012


Nothing ached my heart more in the last week, not even the news of the ailing health of a political leader than the news of an Indian dentist Savita who was denied abortion citing religious laws.Gruesome Murder!!That is what it is .Everyone right from the doctor to the hospital must be stopped from functioning in the medical world!! I have now started believeing that sensitivity is fast disappearing from the medical arena. Not being offensive but it’s a fact that not all but there are definitely a lot of doctors and medical practitioners who are insensitive to their patients needs.

When I am sick , even the presence of my doctor makes me feel good.That is because of the positive vibes and the sensitive approach of my doctor towards me which makes me feel he is my hero.He is going to get me back on the track. Yes!! your doctor is your GOD when you are not well and I am sure all would agree to this.  I am surprised and shocked and I would like to know whether there is something called as medical ethics. Does religion stand tall over these ethics. But what is the use of talking now.. A wife is lost! A daughter is lost!
Do we every time have to wait for something gruesome as this to change old laws and regulations??
Recently I had been to a sonography centre to get my routine checkup done. This was my first sonography to be done and my first ever visit to such a centre. Waiting patiently for the doctor to come, I spent two hours moving here and there and controlling my urge to pee because the water needs to be retained In the body for accurate test.( As advised by my doctor). The gal sitting at the counter came and without taking into consideration as to which patient had been waiting since how long started taking random numbers and started writing down few details. It was two hours since I have been waiting and I was now restless because I had not relieved myself because the tests were still pending. I went in and told her about it and she is like go and relieve yourself and wait for an extra hour. Not willing to wait for an extra hour I sat in the waiting area patiently waiting for my turn.
Next to me around 30 expecting mothers were sitting. She came out and asked out loudly “Who is the first one to arrive?”  I raised my hand.
And she yelled out “Are you pregnant?” Thirty faces turned to me waiting eagerly for an answer. I was too shocked with such a question which I believe I have never even asked myself. She kept going on “  Write down your husband’s name etc  etc”  I managed to say “Excuse me I am not pregnant “ .The question is do I have to discuss my medical history infront  of 10-15 unknown people sitting around there just because someone is ignorant of the medical ethics. My medical history or rather anyone’s should be known only to his/her doctor and no one else. My medical history is my business and not anyone else’s. Having issues of hormonal imbalance and an irregular menstrual cycle, I decided to check in at a gynaecologists  place. On asking whether I was married I said no. As soon as I told her about the irregular menses and my relationship status, there was an outburst and she is like go get your pregnancy test done. I was like, ”Excuse me!!i am not pregnant” . And she is like that is for me to decide. Once the tests were done and the tests came out negative she became all sensitive and was like you know today’s generation blah blah bullshit. My question is will the doctors decide what an individual has to do with his /her life. The only duty of the doctors is to treat the patient well and see to it no harm is done to the physical and mental health of the patient. What if the individual is an unwed mom   ? What if she wants to raise a child without a father? Does she have to give explanations to the hundred people around her? I don’t think it’s any one’s business as to what one does with her /his life.

I have been to dispensaries where every single person comes to know what the other is going through.
This kind of an arrangement is fine when the patient is suffering from fever /cough . But this doesn’t work well when an individual is suffering from diseases like HIV/AIDS.

The privacy of a patient isn’t being respected . The moment a patient leaves the dispensary corridors everyone right from the compounder to the receptionist everyone  learns about what an individual is suffering from. The privacy must be restored in the system. Everyone right from the doctors to the ward boys must be trained to be sensitive and the way their approach should be towards a patient. Coming back to Savita’s case I think medical ethics and rules should be made above religion, caste and creed. Medical facilities should be made available equally to rich and poor. Today it is Savita, tomorrow it could be any of us. It better we face the  reality  and try to change things before it hits us hard.

Nov 16, 2012

Book Review - The Bankster

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Ravi Subramaniam has come out with yet another Finance based thriller The Bankster.In the writer's own words In Angola, a covert CIA agent is about to exchange weapons for blood diamond.
In Kerala, an elderly man will do whatever it takes to fulfil a promise made to a dying son.In Mumbai, an international bank is stunned by the mysterious deaths of its key employees.
The protagonist has a hard task to fight the clock so that he stays alive to uncover the truth. Will he succeed in this?

The plot: 
After the relatively minor money Laundering Scam that hit the Greater Boston Global Bank(GB2) in the Incredible Banker, Ravi Subramanian builds an even deeper web with The Bankster, this time weaving in a Global Conspiracy that will not only mar the Banks reputation but entire countries development plans, the enemy this time is from outside… or maybe not. 
Source :gingerchai.com
When key GB2 employees lose their lives in an interval of just about 48 hours, Karan Panjabi – one time GB2 employee and now a Financial Journalist – tumbles upon the trails of a sinister conspiracy, and what starts as a quest to bring his friend’s murderers to book, ends up in a thrilling journey into the depths financial crime this time having roots outside the country. Ravi Subramanian continues to put forth detailed and interesting insights into the world of Global Banking and it’s not an exaggeration when the Wall Street Journal calls him “The John Grisham of Banking”.
Underlining the Conspiracy, The Bankster, provides an interesting facet of corporate life that those working in any corporate not necessarily a financial house, would be able to connect to almost instantly.
The many stories and parallel plots that the book begins with, will leave you a little flustered midway, but as the pieces start falling together and the stories start to converge, it would be worth it. In any case, if you are curious enough, rest assured you won’t keep the book down till you are done. Another point that stalls the otherwise exciting plot is the climax which seems to be stretched a little more than necessary and the manner in which Karan unfolds the conspiracy in the climax could have been a little less dramatic and quicker on the point.
All in all The Bankster proves a good read, and as is the case with Ravi’s prior books on banking, leaves you a little wiser about the banking sector and the importance of trust in the financial sector which should be put down with great caution lest you come across a Bankster in the disguise of a neatly polished and courteous Relationship Manager at your bank.

Also  what i found impressive was the book cover .The book gives a final touch to the thriller aspect of the book. The cover itself indicates that there is a mystery hidden deep inside the book to be unearthed.

Review : 4/5

Grab a copy of the book and start reading.Not all are lucky like me to get an autographed book signed by Ravi Subramanian

Nov 8, 2012

Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana

Luv  Shuv  Tey  Chicken  khurana !!

Direction: Sameer Sharma
Actors: Kunal Kapoor, Huma Qureshi, Rahul Bagga

 Its an early Monday morning, you have an appointment with a doctor and things don’t come out pretty well after a series of tests and examinations, you miss the office(thanks to your doctor)you are all low and this happens to you..  The name is cool and you have heard it a zillion times and you plan to wish this so called hyped cool flick. You buy tickets , then realize you have misplaced it somewhere and then you go all the way convincing the manager of the multiplex to let you in .. for what? FOR THIS !! LUV SHAV TEY CHICKEN KHURANA!!! You are all happy you get permission to watch the flick without the tickets. As you pass by the Manager gives a devilish smile and you wonder whats in store for you...
Source :latestsongsnews.com
We enter the theater and 15 minutes into the theater only 15 people in the entire multiplex. I keep hoping its going to be crowded but end up realizing its only 15 of us whose going to watchi this uber cool named flick “LUV SHUV  TEY CHICKEN KHURANA”
The film is set up in Punjab  and is basically the story of a middle class Punjabi family. Ohmi Khurana  leaves his home in Punjab to make it all big in UK where he ends up borrowing a lot of money from the baldie villain role played by Munish Makhija.
Munish Makhija in his trademark Haryanvi accent is the best thing about the entire movie.In an attempt to pay back the entire money Ohmi Khurana comes back to Punjab to his family comprising of Daarji(Vinod Nagpal) ,Jeet (Ohmi’s cousin brother), (Chachi) played by Seema Kaushal, Chacha played by Rajendra Setihi( and Titu Mama  played by  Rajesh Sharma.
The family owns a dhaba which gets closed down after Darji’s ailing health.The dhaba was famous for its Chicken Khurana made by some secret ingredient known only to  Darji who has unfortunately lost his memory and also the secret recipe .The family accepts Ohmi forgetting all the past and Ohmi gets all closer to the family. The second part of the story is how Ohmi Khurana  reopens the closed Dhaba and how Chicken Khurana recipe is again brought back to life.
The characters Titu Mama and the character played by Munish Makhija  add zing to the Story. The first part of the story is all about the ingredients being introduced one by one to the cooking pot called as the big screen.The flavours get added . The second part is exactly the time taken for  an entire average meal to  cook.The second part of the story is dull  and dragged unnecessarily. The much needed tadka is missing in the Chicken Khurana. The second part of the story makes you curse and ask “WHY GOD !!WHY”. The roles have been played efficiently. Farting has been given prime importance in the story and  its my believe it would sweep  away the maximum number of awards for the “Best actor in a supporting role” The soundtrack  Luni Hasi sung by Harshdeep kaur is catchy and it goes with the theme.Had the script been a bit strong the movie would have been  a box office blockbuster. The characters have portrayed the roles effortlessly and flawlessly. Kunal kapoor looks the best and gals who already like him are bound to love his smart looks. For guys who are still drooling at huma Quereshi’s Gangs of Waseypur look, here she is a total disappointment look wise.
My view : If you have too much money to waste and you don’t know how to spend it call me BUT DON’T WASTE MONEY OVER THIS FLICK. I have seen my friends cursing me after the movie and  giving me the scorned looks which am not going to forget very soon.

Rating :  You still waiting to read the rating.. Mad O  WAT?? Run with your money and run for your life.. its going to make your ever boring life even more depressed  :P

Nov 4, 2012


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What is life if full of care
We have no time to stand and stare
                                  - W.H.Davies

The above lines by poet Davies tells us what would be life if all we had to do was worry about different things in life.Why not pause,take a halt and  assess the beauty around you.There are so many things that we see on a day to day basis but then the beauty behind it remains hidden.The things around us teach us so many minute things to live on life but we neglect them in the long run.We dont have time for anything rather anybody.All we are bothered is to run..right from morning 7 to catch a train to evening 7pm to reach home.Why the hurry ? Why the worry?Apply brakes to your overspeeding vehicle of life...

Ever seen a rainbow? The common excuse would be where do we get to see the rainbow these days? Ya ! ya i know you eagerly watch out daily for rainbows.(am pretty sure you havent seen one in years). The rainbow is made up of seven different colours as we all know violet,indigo,blue green ,orange, yellow, red. I find the rainbow extremely beautiful the semicircle beam like structure in the sky, i used to wait eagerly for the rainbows to come during childhood days. The rainbow has taught me  that inspite of being completely different we can still be together.We can still be close to one another inspite of having differences

Ever noticed the balloon man in a fair selling balloons? Everytime he lets the balloon in the air my heart used to leap with joy during childhood days and it still does. A bit of child refuses to grow in every single person.And i still crave for the balloon like i always used to .the balloons though simple have taught me a simple funda of life.. When the balloon man releases the balloon high into the sky , we feel a wave of happiness engulfing us , the reason is unknown but yes we do feel happy when it goes higher and higher.Just like the balloons if we let our ego,tensions and worries away there would be onlyplace for happiness in life.

Ever been a part of rowing boats or have you ever tried to row a boat.Wow the sight of the boat on  the clear still waters is always refreshing.Me beinga keralite , the sight of boats on the clear and clear backwaters of kerala isnt an unsual sight. Paddling the boat ,simple as it may seem gave me a new meaning to life, it taught me that just like you need to push back to move the boat ahead.Similarly in  life you need to push back your current and past stages of life to move ahead in life.

Ever seen mute and deaf kids communicating ..You will always find this mention in most of my blogs because i am quite fascinated by the way they communicate flawlessly and without any difficulty.Here even though we can talk and communicate with our family members ,friends , husband/wife , there are times when they dont understand you.You scream your lungs out but still things remain the same.People dont get your point.These deaf and mute children have taught me a simple thing that you dont need voice to communicate, your thoughts should strike a chord. Next time your wife is throwing pans at you while proving her point ask her to read my blog :P

Simple things in life teach us many valuable lessons in life. Just because there is beauty hidden in evey simple life right from the grain of sand to the sun in the sky, dont try to infer teachings if a crow shits on you the next time.No lesson is going to come out of it ..its a crow's shit and it was the crow's time to attend nature's call ..that's it!! :P
Jokes apart in life its not just important to learn lessons from life .. its very necessary to implement in daily walk of life

You may enjoy reading !!!