Nov 8, 2012

Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana

Luv  Shuv  Tey  Chicken  khurana !!

Direction: Sameer Sharma
Actors: Kunal Kapoor, Huma Qureshi, Rahul Bagga

 Its an early Monday morning, you have an appointment with a doctor and things don’t come out pretty well after a series of tests and examinations, you miss the office(thanks to your doctor)you are all low and this happens to you..  The name is cool and you have heard it a zillion times and you plan to wish this so called hyped cool flick. You buy tickets , then realize you have misplaced it somewhere and then you go all the way convincing the manager of the multiplex to let you in .. for what? FOR THIS !! LUV SHAV TEY CHICKEN KHURANA!!! You are all happy you get permission to watch the flick without the tickets. As you pass by the Manager gives a devilish smile and you wonder whats in store for you...
We enter the theater and 15 minutes into the theater only 15 people in the entire multiplex. I keep hoping its going to be crowded but end up realizing its only 15 of us whose going to watchi this uber cool named flick “LUV SHUV  TEY CHICKEN KHURANA”
The film is set up in Punjab  and is basically the story of a middle class Punjabi family. Ohmi Khurana  leaves his home in Punjab to make it all big in UK where he ends up borrowing a lot of money from the baldie villain role played by Munish Makhija.
Munish Makhija in his trademark Haryanvi accent is the best thing about the entire movie.In an attempt to pay back the entire money Ohmi Khurana comes back to Punjab to his family comprising of Daarji(Vinod Nagpal) ,Jeet (Ohmi’s cousin brother), (Chachi) played by Seema Kaushal, Chacha played by Rajendra Setihi( and Titu Mama  played by  Rajesh Sharma.
The family owns a dhaba which gets closed down after Darji’s ailing health.The dhaba was famous for its Chicken Khurana made by some secret ingredient known only to  Darji who has unfortunately lost his memory and also the secret recipe .The family accepts Ohmi forgetting all the past and Ohmi gets all closer to the family. The second part of the story is how Ohmi Khurana  reopens the closed Dhaba and how Chicken Khurana recipe is again brought back to life.
The characters Titu Mama and the character played by Munish Makhija  add zing to the Story. The first part of the story is all about the ingredients being introduced one by one to the cooking pot called as the big screen.The flavours get added . The second part is exactly the time taken for  an entire average meal to  cook.The second part of the story is dull  and dragged unnecessarily. The much needed tadka is missing in the Chicken Khurana. The second part of the story makes you curse and ask “WHY GOD !!WHY”. The roles have been played efficiently. Farting has been given prime importance in the story and  its my believe it would sweep  away the maximum number of awards for the “Best actor in a supporting role” The soundtrack  Luni Hasi sung by Harshdeep kaur is catchy and it goes with the theme.Had the script been a bit strong the movie would have been  a box office blockbuster. The characters have portrayed the roles effortlessly and flawlessly. Kunal kapoor looks the best and gals who already like him are bound to love his smart looks. For guys who are still drooling at huma Quereshi’s Gangs of Waseypur look, here she is a total disappointment look wise.
My view : If you have too much money to waste and you don’t know how to spend it call me BUT DON’T WASTE MONEY OVER THIS FLICK. I have seen my friends cursing me after the movie and  giving me the scorned looks which am not going to forget very soon.

Rating :  You still waiting to read the rating.. Mad O  WAT?? Run with your money and run for your life.. its going to make your ever boring life even more depressed  :P

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