Nov 16, 2012

Book Review - The Bankster

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Ravi Subramaniam has come out with yet another Finance based thriller The Bankster.In the writer's own words In Angola, a covert CIA agent is about to exchange weapons for blood diamond.
In Kerala, an elderly man will do whatever it takes to fulfil a promise made to a dying son.In Mumbai, an international bank is stunned by the mysterious deaths of its key employees.
The protagonist has a hard task to fight the clock so that he stays alive to uncover the truth. Will he succeed in this?

The plot: 
After the relatively minor money Laundering Scam that hit the Greater Boston Global Bank(GB2) in the Incredible Banker, Ravi Subramanian builds an even deeper web with The Bankster, this time weaving in a Global Conspiracy that will not only mar the Banks reputation but entire countries development plans, the enemy this time is from outside… or maybe not. 
When key GB2 employees lose their lives in an interval of just about 48 hours, Karan Panjabi – one time GB2 employee and now a Financial Journalist – tumbles upon the trails of a sinister conspiracy, and what starts as a quest to bring his friend’s murderers to book, ends up in a thrilling journey into the depths financial crime this time having roots outside the country. Ravi Subramanian continues to put forth detailed and interesting insights into the world of Global Banking and it’s not an exaggeration when the Wall Street Journal calls him “The John Grisham of Banking”.
Underlining the Conspiracy, The Bankster, provides an interesting facet of corporate life that those working in any corporate not necessarily a financial house, would be able to connect to almost instantly.
The many stories and parallel plots that the book begins with, will leave you a little flustered midway, but as the pieces start falling together and the stories start to converge, it would be worth it. In any case, if you are curious enough, rest assured you won’t keep the book down till you are done. Another point that stalls the otherwise exciting plot is the climax which seems to be stretched a little more than necessary and the manner in which Karan unfolds the conspiracy in the climax could have been a little less dramatic and quicker on the point.
All in all The Bankster proves a good read, and as is the case with Ravi’s prior books on banking, leaves you a little wiser about the banking sector and the importance of trust in the financial sector which should be put down with great caution lest you come across a Bankster in the disguise of a neatly polished and courteous Relationship Manager at your bank.

Also  what i found impressive was the book cover .The book gives a final touch to the thriller aspect of the book. The cover itself indicates that there is a mystery hidden deep inside the book to be unearthed.

Review : 4/5

Grab a copy of the book and start reading.Not all are lucky like me to get an autographed book signed by Ravi Subramanian

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