Jun 17, 2011

Blogging Ka Pehla Pehla Prize

 Its 16th of June and my eyes are all set on the Indi blogger webpage, right from morning am just eager to know who the winner is. I thought I dint have a chance to win with so many experienced bloggers competing with me..I wondered whether they (the honorable jury)would have atleast read  the article.( http://zindagiunlimited.blogspot.com/2011/05/beauty-lies-deep-within.html)The total number of people who had read my article were mere 60, atleast they were the ones who acknowledged that they read my article and gave their valuable comments. The clock went tick tock and all I did the whole day was checking and rechecking the website again and again. At night by 10pm I thought of going through it for the one last time before I hit the bed and what do I see!!! It was a Miracle!!!! My name was in the winners list

I wondered whether “Chitra “written in the Winners list was actually me.I went and clicked on the link and Wow!!! My blog opened.!! That was me!!!!The first expression when I realized it was ME!!!was something like this…


And then something like this:


I just broke out into a jig and flung the door open of my room and hurried to tell it to my parents.My parents were extremely happy and I was all happy too..
What is so special about this award is not that am winning 3000 bucks, I would have been happy even if it would have been 10 bucks as prize money. For me the money didn’t matter, what mattered to me is being on the list with so many expert bloggers .The award is an encouragement for lazy people like me who need to set their mood to pen down their thoughts. Right nowI am on cloud nine. Its an achievement to know people actually love my thoughts and yes write now I feel like a Miss World Contestant who’s just won the crown .I always used to wonder why those gals on ramp would be speechless and would often be like the pic above when they won the crown. Today I realize what it feels to sharpen your skills in something you are not good in naturally and then give everyone a run for their money. And yes!  me too going to come up  with the winning speech.Here it goes:
“This prize is dedicated to my parents because now they have finally realized what I do on the internet all the time and they have no issues with me sticking to it forever now.  To all my friends who ask me whether I am working for FB. Guys working for FB was never this fun. To Karanji aka Abhishek Karande  (yes now don’t be humble…you definitely need credit for this) who gave me the idea to pen down my thoughts ,may be because he himself didn’t want to suffer alone listening to my nonstop bakwas.To my sister who is the architect of my blog.The entire look is her effort. And to all my friends who after reading say with a suspicious look “kaha se dhapa?”(From where have you stolen this??) And to the bus gang who never read any of my articles but are the first to shamelessly ask “party kabhi hai ?(when is the party?)” To Suneal whos been a support big time. To “Appy Iyer” aka G.R.I who’s one statement “ I was yawning and yawning when I read your blog and then later on complimenting my blog(Even though I don’t know which one is true the yawning part or the compliment J :P your comments have definitely encouraged me to write better.
And yes to the wonderful indi bloggers  who have read my article patiently J

Phew!!!! That was indeed a long speech but then they deserve the credit J


  1. And to the bus gang who never read any of my articles but are the first to shamelessly ask “party kabhi hai ?(when is the party?)”

    This is not fair..
    I always read your articles...
    I mean.. from last 3 articles... I have read your articles... :-)

  2. congratulations!!!

  3. Arey suzii majority ki bat kar rahi hu...du u expect .F to read my blogs...and wo log nai padhte to mujhe aur acha lagta hai...unke besharmi hi to unki USP hai and dats y we bond so well :) thanks to the besharmi we have it in us


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