Mar 17, 2011

How To Irritate People Around You

Monday mornings are one of the worst days of the week for me. I wake up with a grumpy mood and i look like this.

I drag myself out of the bed .I  decide that i am going to stay grumpy throughout the day as if people around me were the prime reason why the sun rose every Monday .

 Ok!! so now am terribly irritated and now my mission is to irritate all the people around me so that they feel guilty about this "Monday"

Monday is more of a "Moan-day" for me......aargh!!!I have mastered the art of irritating people and just because I am a modest creature i wish to share my expert tips with u ..

So  Mission Irritation begins!!!!( I bet u can learn a lot from these)


1)You have to be totally shameless and careless when you do this. Dont feel guilty at all .

Ok so we are getting back to the steps to follow:

1)When your colleague unlocks his computer and moves away from his desk,go and lock it citing security issues.Do this as many times as u can.Do it even if he turns his neck around.Security is a prime concern...isnt it?

2) When you see someone stacking up papers in their printer for their use ,immediately give print command and take printouts of your favourite cartoons.Once you are done walk proudly with your copies and also applaud yourself for the great work done.

3)Hold a bad singing competition and strain your vocal chords.

4)When your boss is pissed off with you and banging his heads off,look at your colleague and make funny faces and be proud about how humorous you can be(Man!! this truly works..)

5)Set irritating ring tones on your mobile phones and ring it whenever an important call is being made in the adjacent cubicle.

6)Set "Toilet Flush Ringtones" on your cell and after every point is made by your Boss in a conference meet ;play the tone.

7)Whenever your Boss passes by your cubicle, display your extra talents and sing with the highest pitch "Who let the dogs out ??"

8)When you see two people discreetly talking or rather gossiping,shout loudly "Hey ! i heard that" and act as if nothing has happened.

9)Pull the chair when someone is about to sit and appreciate the way the chair swings and turns.

10)Keep changing passwords of every system possible without informing citing security concern .

11)Keep changing food orders at the canteen counter.

12)When you see someone's placed order kept at the counter, rush in when you see that someone approaching the counter and grab the order and beam with pride for your athletic skills.

13) To play x-o-x on important project documents.

14) To stick your colleague's mouse to the desk using invisible cellophane tape.  

Dosage: 1)U can follow all the instructions in one single day for serious mental torture.
              2)Do it  on Mondays and Fridays when there is lots of work to be completed

All the above tips surely work. I  guarantee your victim will tear his hair out and you will feel a sense of satisfaction and happy.

Try it !!!!


  1. yes...
    To add a few..
    1) Intentionally forget names of Ppl.. and ask them ..
    "Kya naam hai tera"..? :-P
    2) wish hello/good Morning to everyone except your boss...
    Your boss 'hates' this one thing.. But u can'f afford to upset ur Boss.. Now when he's pissed off and is trying to avoid eye contact.. Just then surprise him and greet him wid a big smile..

    3) If u hv got 2 bosses.. whom u report.. Tell that u hv spoken wid other bos abt this... Be careful .. this only works if the 2 boss' really dont care to communicate wid each other...

    Enuf for d day..

  2. hehe..v funnyy..!! hw many of these have u actually tried??!! ;)


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