Jul 12, 2012

Review: I, Rama Age of Seers Book-1 by Ravi Venu for Blogadda

Review: I, Rama Age of Seers Book-1 by Ravi Venu for Blogadda
I, Rama
Age of Seers Book-1 by Ravi Venu
Immortality has a Price

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This book is Ram’s Version of the Ramayaana and all the events associated with the same. Ramayana , one of the greatest epics ever has been retold with the writer trying hard to put in all the effects that one would have seen  in the tele serial Ramayana that used to be aired years back.The writer has tried to depict the story in such a way so that the reader ends up visualizing the different scenes.“The Age of Seers, Volume One” of Rama’s story, outlines how Vishwamitra andseveral others controlled the planet and made it secure for modern day humans.The entire story is in a flashback mode, sometimes Rama reminiscing about his childhood, with Lakshmana adding some small detail, and sometimes through another voice, like that of his father, Dasaratha, relating the story of his curse, or the sage Vishwamitra, relating the story of the demons. The story is on full pace from page to page neatly put in a way how Rama would have experienced every event in his life. The story is also about the way how the brothers were trained in warfare and other art forms.

What I found a bit discouraging was the darkness associated with the book. The cover is so dark and in no way represents Ramayana .Only once you read the name of the book that you get an idea as to what it is.As also Ram narrating the story is something I couldn’t digest. As also the story isn’t that gripping and captivating .I am someone who would love to see such stories on an idiot box i.e my tv rather than read the stuff. So that could be one of the reason why I wouldn’t have found the book captivating. But still I did find the story narration going dull at places.

One thing I liked is the statement written at the back of the book which is one of the main reasons why I chose to  read the book ,” There will be a time when men will fight among themselves in the name of God, when peace will fail; at that time a part of me will re-emerge ..”  Another thing that I liked is the author took the risk of experimenting with a topic as vast as this . I also liked the way about how Kaikeyi is portrayed as a strong lady, a woman of substance. As also i  found the book informative at places ,specially the death of Shravan which i wasn't aware of. So the book is informative.As also for people who have no idea about Ramayana and would want to have a brief idea about the same,This book is good for you.
Overall Review : Give it a Miss!!
You can purchase the book if you are more of a Mythology person at Flipkart.com

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