Jun 4, 2012

Honor ?Dishonor ? WTF?

This post comes after watching Satyameva jayate’s todays episode and since I feel strongly about it , I decided to pen down my thoughts …

A gal from XYZ caste marries a guy of PQR caste ,decide to live their life happily , get killed cpz they have dishonoured their family ,they have dishonoured the rules of the society.... dishonor ??…really???

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Where does the honor lie in honor killing? Where does the honor lie in killing their own children ,grandchildren.. Is this what we want to pass over the lineage .. this crime driven mentality??? Does the pride and honor get restored after killing two innocent people? Which pride and honor are we talking about..The pride to kill one’s own daughter and sister ..or the pride to make their life miserable..hunt them down as if they are criminals…. Which pride are we talking about.. ?

Who decides what is right ? Who decides what is wrong.? Who gives the society the right to impose such harsh decisions on individuals.. Excuse me.. Which society are we talking about.. ?The society which plays a mute spectator to thousands of gals being trafficked out for few penny.. The society which believes in harassing the daughters in law for dowry,,, The society which never reaches out to help an acid attack victim..Which society are we talking about.. The dead still society which doesn’t move or feel the pain of the people?

Who decides what is right for an individual.- a parent,uncle,brother,law?. Who sets up the very rules and policies defining this society?The parents who once gave life and then become thirsty for their own daughter/son’s blood..The parents which sell their own daughters to be free of tension..The parents who think a boy child was much better than a gal child… The uncle? The uncle who doesn’t bother to sell of his neice on the pretext of giving her a job..an uncle who doesn’t bother to kill your parents over plot dispute.. the uncle who gets you married to an elderly fellow for some meagre money... The brother? The brother who doesn’t think twice before raping his own sister...The brother who doesn’t think twice before killing his sister for property... The law? The law who takes years to announce the Verdict of the most gruesome crimes...the law that never punishes the guilty...? I don’t have the answers to these questions...Do you have them?

Are we supposed to listen to these people and bring our next generations into life.. Who decides my life and death? I don’t think I wish to give the rope of my life to those who don’t value life...The very essence of good living or living the right way is following the principles of humanity,love,injustice,peace,secularism etc... No other law ..no other decision by the panchayat or any other system stand above these valuable principles ...

My life Is mine.. I didn’t come to this world because someone wanted me to.. I was destined to come to life.. It was Gods Decision and he would decide how I would die and how I would live..Only he has the right to control the reigns of my life...

Though the questions would remain unanswered...all I would love to say is the society which boasts of honor and pride is nothing but an infrastructure built on unethical thoughts,injustice,lost humanity,ruthlessness etc which is not something one must boast about.. Listen to your kids.. Listen to them..what they want.. the society would never give you shelter if you are sick..the very society who would encourage the killing of your daughters and son,. would never bother to turn around and see what is your state.. For the parents all I would love to say is what love and affection do you talk of giving your children when you couldn’t even give them the freedom to choose their way of living..

Love is Freedom ! Love knows no bondages....


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