May 29, 2012

My Take On Relationships – Take 2

Recently attended a break up party of one of the acquaintances,who’s bf was caught cheating with another colleague of hers. I feel proud that I played a bit in bringing the whole issue in front of her. What followed was the 4year old relationship going kaput and the 2year relationship with the other chick expectedly going kaput!. What I expected was an emotional melodrama .But much to my surprise nothing of that sorts happened. What followed was a party and peace…Oh how do I forget bitching… ;)

Another one friend who ended up her relationship recently was also seen putting up a brave front and using some well deserved adjectives for her partner and yeah it did tickle our ribs ..

One married friend who lives in with her estranged husband coolly passes off her concerns about her future put by her relatives saying “ As of now I get to live for free in Mumbai what else can I ask for”.

I guess Gone are the days when girls would weep and wail over a relationship gone awry. No crying,no depression gals are emerging stronger out of their broken relationships and coming out much better than before ever.I wouldn’t deny the fact that there are still a certain percentage who would wail and weep over a broken relation.. Does weeping over spoilt milk makes sense..? May be this is the policy the new generation gals seems to be adopting. As also when there are many fishes out there in the pond why sob for a particular one .. Right ? ;)

Sobbing and weeping only doesn’t indicate you gave your heart and soul to a particular relationship.So concluding that a female wasn’t serious about her relationship just because she didn’t weep and wail and cry out to the world doesn’t make sense ..rather its utter nonsense. Girls are now putting forth a strong front. As also when the partner is found guilty of cheating , gals are not waiting and weeping.They are moving on in life which I think is the best solution out of an abusive and disrespectful relationship.

What I found lovely was the amazing spirit to bend the rules and come out of an abusive or a relationship without freedom. It’s the courage I salute where gals have decided to put a stop to the ongoing emotional trauma ,give a damn about what the society would think or rather thinks.. But according to me does the society actually think about you.. ? Does it.. If yes then the amount of torture women are subjected to would have never occurred.

So in case you in a relationship devoid of freedom,walk out of it.. because its high time you think about yourself …

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  1. Changing times; changing norms. My blog, in the beginning was named This 'n That!


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