Mar 24, 2013

Braids & Plaits

This is a prize winning entry for the ‘Beautiful Ends To Your Beautiful Braids‘ contest, powered by Indiblogger  for Dove Split Ends Rescue System

If you have read Locks and Mane -2 and Locks and Mane – Part1, you would know how controversial the topic hair is in my house and how dove has been a rescuer all my life. Aunties and uncles , grandmoms and grandpas all  have an opinion about something that grows on my head. You cut an inch of it and you get into a controversy. You color it a bit and they would end up colouring  your life hell with all the emotional stories and melodrama.Ah!! that is when I feel how lovely childhood days were. Childhood days meant  care free days.It was never a question of concern as to how I looked, how my haircut looked, how plump  I was. Nothing!! Nothing mattered.
During my nursery days , I had cute curly hair . And whatever haircut I opted for, the ends would curl up.No one ever tried to figure out what haircut my mom had given me. It all looked the same, just the names were different. And for me whatever my mom did to my hair meant the final verdict. Whatever she decided was the best, had to be the best. My curly look…

As I grew up, it was my mom’s wish or rather my mom dreamt of both we sisters having long straight hair.She cropped my cute curly hair just because she wanted to (yeah no one bothered to ask me anything!!). She took her lovely scissors and tried her hand at haircutting. And that is when I got the bald look. I sported it at such a young age  (And you gave all the credit to the likes of Persis Khambatta and other baldies.. huh!!!)My hair unlike me was bold enough to go with its own choice and grew wavy.Am sure some weird chemical reactions took place and then what shot up were wavy mane. Here is how I looked ( my wavy hair growing days)when I could wear that lovely underwear without being slapped with lawsuits for obscenity

the middle one in the blue underwear is me*blushes*

Mom was the in charge of the Dermatology department and  Every Sunday, oiling,shampooing,conditioning resulted in  some good quality shoots to grow. Though my hair wasn’t the best , I still loved it. My mom used to tie up plaits for school ,my hair all oiled and in place. Even a tornado wouldn’t be able to move a strand for sure; it would all be in place. The ends never got a chance to split.They were oiled and glued to each other. I guess even they were scared of my mom’s fury.However the ends of my hair  met a tragic end (or I would say funny!! When I now think of my  childhood days)
I was a nerd in school and I would be glued to my books all the time .I would be lost in my world of maths and science with no interest in fashion. I had this huge black framed specks which wasn’t in fashion then as it is now and my hair oiled and tied up in plaits. By now you would have an idea how I looked.It was my craft exam and I was pathetic in drawing and crafts. My cow would look like a lion and vice versa. And for me getting a C in drawing and crafts would mean the end of the world. We were asked to make a chain of beads and making a chain would involve thread, needle and threading the needle which was nothing short of a herculean task for someone who had poor eyesight like me. I got busy with my craft making with my long plaits behind me. My plaits were long enough to be on my classmate’s desk sitting behind me in case I sat erect. I had this naughty classmate of mine (who was sitting behind me )who displayed his craftsmanship on my hair ends.I was too lost to have realized that my hair ends were being worked upon. The first thing my mom till date notices on both of us siblings are 1) the gold chain that we are forced to flaunt(being a true southie) 2) hair length. And I walked out of my exam hall like a dumb chick and my mom noticed the hair ends were all uneven. It took her no time to realize what had happened and then all the hell broke loose.What followed was complaints to the principal ,c omplaints to the boy’s family and complaints everywhere. But what remained unchanged were the crisscross ends of my hair.I was excited that now my hair would have to be cut so that they become even and that’s what followed suit. My mom became all melodramatic and me all ecstatic. Those were the sweet childhood days.
I also ended up having a chewing gum stuck at the end of my plaits once(now dont ask me how!! am still clueless) which again resulted in chopping off my shoots. And comeon! those were my childhood days and looks never mattered....

Now I am a full grown 25 year old working professional who has no time to look after her hair. Thanks to the busy schedules that we all have. It is exposed to dust ,dirt pollution every single day. Now my mom thinks am too old enough to take care of myself. The hair is no longer oiled regularly. The hair has been cut short . The hair becomes greasy every third day. When mom retired, dove came into my life and now handles the Dermatology department. Dove has always made peace with my hair. The problem of greasiness, and dandruff were all solved by the broad range of Dove shampoo and conditioners( you can see the pics of my hair in my earlier articles).But Being in the USA for few months and after being exposed to harsh climatic conditions over there, I returned back with a dry scalp and lots of split ends .My hair had become rough like a coir. The ends were so rough that it could be mistaken for a dish scrubber L I was distressed and my mom refused to touch my hair. She blamed my carelessness and lack of oiling  the hair(her only treatment for all kinds of ailments) as the main reason . And unlike childhood days , i couldnot afford to walk into my office with those dry,frizzy hair with those split ends which added to the beauty .....grrrr!!! I was planning to trim my hair further but i wondered what would be left of my (now)short hair if i trimmed it again and that is when Dove SPLIT END RESCUE SHAMPOO came to my rescue. The number of ends that refused to be back together are all lovey dovey and are back together …Thanks to the cupid that Dove played and helped them getting back together. The number of split ends have drastically reduced and my mom is happy because she thinks its her oil that has worked. It is actually the fiber activities in the Dove Split End Rescue System that have reduced the damage caused. They worked deep down the dry,dead strands and have given them a new life.And now when i tie up my hair in plaits they look wow! Thanks Dove… You put an end to my woes

And as the famous saying goes

                                                       All’s well that Ends Well J


What if every story doesn’t have an happy ending… the story of your hair would never have a tragic end with Dove at your rescue… Try out!!



  1. The photos look good... I feel as if I am watching an old classic :)

    1. Hey thanks a lot ranjith... and i think this is the first time you visiting my blog.... or rather commenting... thanks a lot...

      By the way isnt the post worth reading ;)


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