Nov 2, 2011

Locks And Mane

 This article is the prize winning entry of Dove Indiblogger Contest.

Thanks dove for giving me an opportunity to put in the woes of my hair in front of the world.((what did u guys thanking you for the envious hamper …NAH!!!!)

Having lustrous beautiful hair is a matter of pride among gals,and obviously among men too(who likes to be bald??anyways!!) People have always strived hard to keep their hair beautiful. People have always loved their hair and their hair has loved them in turn too I believe.But then I never had an interest ever to keep it maintained. I never cared whether it was long, short,knotty etc etc…I didn't understand what “bad hair days” meant.  Every day meant the same for me,knotty!!.

I would love to give in details of the journey of my hair which have stood thick and thin all these 24years with me :)

Those pretty curls: I had the best curls ever when I was a child.please have a dekko at the pic below .smooth and cute and curly to the core. I looked cute too then :P. But I dunno what my parents were upto  ;they chopped off those curly locks(which would have made a style statement as of now just like kangana ranaut’s).Sigh!!! Never mind!!   

Those curly wurly kangana ranaut hairstyle ..phew :(

After the bald look , which every child has to keep willingly or unwillingly in India as a part of rituals, I could see new shoots popping up.It never mattered to me then as to what was popping on top of my head.But the curls were gone and came the wavy hair.

Those pesky lice:

As a kid,my hair was adorned with those tiny creatures called lice like most of my peers then .Ohhh those days of itching and scratching scalp is something everyone can connect to.Every Sunday it would be a ritual to get up early in the morning and sit next to my mom who would take up the cleaning process.Mom would pour bottles of Medicare- the only shampoo for lice that was available then, and comb out those pesky creatures.

Those Long plaits:
I had long hairs till my hip. My mum loved long hairs on her daughters and yeah she was in 
charge of the maintenance too.Our long hairs were the subject of pride for my
mom atleast.When I was in my school I never knew of any other hairstyles other than 
those plaits.My hair used to be damn Oily all thanks to my mom who had this notion 
and still have,oiling hair regularly would help in the growth of hair.She thinks her
daughters had the best hair though we don’t agree to it. My classmates would call 
me “tel-cut” in hindi(tel= oil in hindi) which meant oil slick .Rest is left to your 
wildest imaginations as to how my hair would look in  those days.
That  unexpected cut:

I was in standard 6 th I believe when we were appearing for our craft exams and I had this naughtiest boy sitting behind me for exam.We were always at logger heads and  he showed up his creativity and chopped off half my plait as a part of his creativity during craft exams.i was so dumb I dint realize.its only when I reached home  that my mom figured it out..We as kids were never allowed to even talk about haircut and this was almost like a sin.What followed this simple innocent creativity by the kid was helluva fights and complaints to the school authorities.

College Days ;

Finally mustered the courage to chop my hair short and I went for the first Deep U cut .Wow!!! that was liberating,I promised to myself I would now take care of my hair.Deep within I knew these were false promises .But then what is wrong in making one.Studies ate up most of my time forget self care.I used to look like that typical geek,with those solid thick glasses and oily hair. Yeah not to forget I used to pamper them with shampoos once in a while and at times use Rasnadi podi   an ayurvedic powder for hair massage.
Many haircuts followed after that, step cut, step with layer,etc etc.  It was highly liberating for me. The haircuts meant freedom from the bonds of traditional customs.

Experimenting with color:  One Sunday afternoon when there was nothing to be done, I and my sis thought of experimenting with haircolor.And I was the guinea pig. After cutting the sachets and following the directions I finally let her apply the brown color on my hair . and Voila!!! It was superb!!!!
Hair color application was followed by regular oil massages and conditioning.And yes my hair did look wonderful.This was something that happened years ago and yeah the fairy tale ended soon.
Current Scenario:
  Till the last month my hair looked like a body scrubber. Rough, lacked luster and dull. The best part of my hair then, was that it always the resembled the out of bed look or rather the unkempt look that was in or rather the rage of the month. They were dull all thanks to the pollution that I was exposed to during my daily travel to the office.And I being extremely careless let my hair be the way it was. Last week I checked in into my parlor and asked her to cut my hair  the way she wanted .I just had one condition that the length shouldn't decrease and it should look DECENT. The lady put her hand in my hair and found her hands stuck in a maze of knots and I could see in the mirror she was disgusted to the core.But then she tried to be extremely polite and said your hair needs special care. I said ,”OK go ahead , you have half an hour of time do whatever you want to with that time”. Then what she did was a magic.My hair regained all the lustre,shine and I was sitting there amazed. She asked me the list of things that I used for hair which I cant reveal here (DUH!!!because I am writing for dove ). And then she prescribed me Dove Serum and Dove Hair Mask. She said  the application of these products were mandatory for hair like me. And I did hop into buy them and have been using it for a while.My hair has regained its lost lustre and beauty. I felt like kissing my hair.That is when I realized when u use the proper stuff that your hair loves,its going to love you back for pampering it.!!It was wonderful!!!

Here is the proof :)

I Love this Change....

And so when u dropped the envious gift hamper(Thank you so much)!!! home,my joy knew no bounds.I went crazy!! Yay!! Yippee!!! 

Thanks for caring and making me what I deserve to be,to look and to feel.Love u Dove!!!


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  3. Glad to know that ur hair got a shiny feel after the parlor visit.

    Good narration of your hair journey.

  4. @Neeraj- thanku so much :)Yeah its really a WOW feeling.. four days of travelling and the hair is still smooth :)

  5. What a journey and beautifully chronicled..

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