Nov 19, 2011

Letter To My Best Buddy -Sneha Parihar :)

My only GF of four years , my engineering batch mate of four years,my half sister..this is Sneha for you!!!!

I still remember the first day i met her 6 years back, a little gal with a tomboyish look and dressup.We spoke for few minutes and we knew somewhere deep inside that we are going to rock the rest of the days in our engineering college.I would like to thank all those who left us ;because without you guys going away this wouldn't have been  possible. Our journey has been through ups and downs a hundred times but then it has managed to be rock steady again .Sneha was always the smartest and me always the boldest.It was a rare combination. We met , we dreamt, we made it through the dull days of job search and studying together,the years of gossip(me being her only source of NEWS),our talk about guys, our different tastes, our likes and dislikes were as different as chalk and cheese,our crushes , the bucket of tears we shed for those stupid crushes :D,we fell in love at the same made it and one couldn't ,singing during those boring lectures and being literally thrown out,going to bandra church and spending time at bandstand to overcome the worst tensions of our life,going to siddhi vinayak and buttering up god after every single semester,the birla mandir visits,years of being together for each other,being a shoulder to weep for one another ,being there even without asking for it..whoa!!! those were one of the best days of my life..

Today as you leave for  Germany all i can say is I am going to miss you every single second.our times that we spent together,our night outs,our favourite gola wala ,our last project together and the fights we had for going to crave for all those moments to come back again. 6 months of time isnt a  big deal for people who hear...and i have been trying to console myself with the same too but then i wonder whom i would rush to when i need to vent out all my frustration ,vent out all my anger.. This 6 months is going to be real long for me and i am going to wait for you to come back .I am waiting for the day you call me up and say "Chitra am coming back".

I am really proud of the fact that you have made were always the smartest among both of us..I am so happy you are going to make your parents proud..I could see that in their eyes today.I felt relieved when i left your place because i know nothing can go wrong now.This is your first step towards success and no one can stop you.I have never been this excited about someone going abroad . Am so happy for you because  your dreams are going to be true.Jo ladki Mixer ka ek button nai dabana janti wo aaj se khud khana banayegi :D (remember your mum telling me this ??)

Sneha all i can is we are going to stay the same way as we are now.Nothing would change ,am going to be still the same.And am going to miss u like hell.Its going to be really difficult for me and am going to sulk for sure.This is one friendship am so much in love with .
Sneha,you were never that social, i wish you become one after being there.And yes you must flaunt what you have got..That sexy black dress looked WOW on you!!!! Have a blast,party like hell ,enjoy your stay in Germany like nething..this time is never going to come back,make the most of it and have a helluva fun time.....

Love u loads!!!Take Care!!!And leave the rest to me ;):)
Germany Watch out !!!!Sneha is cominnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg!!!!!


  1. Hi,

    Can't say a nice post cuz it would make me feel a bit guilty of not appreciating properly. Not good but an AWESOME post. Way too up on the epitome of awesomeness. Very touchy, just made me miss my BFF's who ain't with me right now, made me miss my school friends, college life. I hope the best for your friend.

    Aakash Kokz

  2. @aakash- thanku so much..!!i never thought someone would actually read a personal post and appreciate it...thanks buddy :)....


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