Nov 17, 2011

I am not Twenty Four - Blog Adda Book Review

Book Review: I Am Not 24

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Description: This is the story about a Mba graduate Saumya  and the men in her life Shubro,Mallapa and Amit. This story focuses on the rollercoaster ride that her life sets into once she completes her Mba degree and joins Lala Steel. Frustrated on being recruited to work in a place called as Toranagallu and forced to leave her high profile life in Delhi ,she finds solace in Mallapa and then a hippie Shubro whom  she finds on the way to Hampi. You start thinking that it is going to be a usual love triangle but then it doesn’t go the way you expect. Mallapa meets with an untimely death even before he could profess his love for Saumya, where as shubro is a hippie who professes his love for Saumya but then he is some one who believes in the Move-On Theory and leaves Saumya mid way leaving her clueless about his whereabouts ..The story begins with the protagonist going to  find her hippie “BF” as the author has quoted. So whether Saumya finds her hippie bf or not is something that you guys have to read and find out.

Review: The first thing that I loved about the book is the book cover. As it is said the book is not judged by the cover,I actually judged the book by the cover. I found the book cover suave, Stylish which describes  Saumya at her best. But then the story was disappointing and not up to my expectations.The character of Saumya is well etched out in the book. She is properly described as the Delhi gal who is all interested in fashion and style. Her Friend Amit is another one character that I felt is properly written because people like Amit are easy to find in every educational institution and everyone can relate one of your classmates with him. Shubro is another character well etched out whom you can imagine in front of your eyes as you read the story .He is someone who believes living life to the fullest with booze,women and weed around him. He is someone who follows the Move on Theory and believes in moving out of places at the end of 30 days So kudos for bringing these characters to life.

I seriously couldn’t relate the name of the book and the story. There is only one line mentioning am not 24 in the entire book and I seriously couldn’t get the concept of love as per age. Love is love after all .Its blind at whatever age u fall in one.

The story is dragged in between when there are several incidents of accidents at the blast furnace and the steel plants where I seriously had to flip pages. One or two incidents as a filler would have been bearable but then it becomes gross as we go flipping the pages. The part where Shubro leaves Saumya midway keeping his blog site open in her laptop was something really filmy. I mean it’s like you want the girl or you don’t want her. Why would you play the hide and seek stuff!!! I seriously found that part hard to accept and digest. There could have been a better reasonable end to the story.
And calling a hippie your BF who left you midway for you to find him all on your own is something I again found stupid. The grammar mistakes and the spelling mistakes should have been avoided.

Now the questions is should you buy this book ? It would be better if you borrow the book because it wasn’t a pleasant experience reading this.

My Rating : 2/5. This rating is for the book cover +character Saumya +Shubro

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