Nov 12, 2013

Love Forever!

This post is an entry for Platinum Day of Love Contest on Indiblogger

When you are in love, everyday is like a platinum day  of love. There are ups and downs in every relationship but there are moments captured in each of them which form memories and get framed in the sands of time.
I am a die hard romantic and i see love in the simplest of the stuff that my partner does for me. Everyone does silly stuff when they are young, everyone tries to woo you when you are hot , sexy and young.
For me my platinum day of love would be when :
 - I grow old, i no longer have a figure to flaunt and my partner still finds me beautiful.
- I grow old and he finds my body beautiful even with those stretchmarks and post pregnancy marks.
-  I grow old and still we would have that one weekend coffee date. the typical filter coffee that i would make for him or the one he would make for me.
- We would see our grandchildren growing up and he reading stories to them and me.
- He would worry about me not taking my medicines .
- He would worry about me returning home late .
- He would occasionally bring flowers for me from the  local flower market.
- He would bring me "one saree" that would have such awful designs but would insist on me wearing it.
-When I would pose in for a photograph with him and still find him handsome like always.


-When we would fight and not talk for days,and he would make attempts to break the ice.

- When he would cook me my favourite meal once in a while.
- Our long walks together discussing our life and our moments spent together.
- when I am fast asleep after a hard day’s work and  he puts a warm blanket on me

- When I cook terribly and he says “It’s yummy”

- when he would kiss me goodnight, and i would pray to wake up every morning next to him.

All these are some rare moments ; are rare and unique like the platinum.
For me love is eternal just like "platinum" the metal which stands for love and purity. For me love is all about growing old with my partner. Its all about living for the one special person ,accepting them with their imperfections and making it a perfect platinum life full of such wonderful platinum moments. 

i believe Love is like a bottle of wine which just gets better and better as we age and if your's is such a love that has grown lovelier over the years,mark this milestone by getting your partner platinum love bands which would be an epitome of your everlasting love.



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