Nov 17, 2013

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

This post was an entry to Read Leaf Poetry India Award

Early Mornings When I walk by
In a Hurry, to Reach my Office Nearby
Across the lane, she walks out of her home
In tattered clothes, she would walk and roam

Her eyes ask questions, a hundred
They gleam at the sight of Bags and books
Down she looks,and silently lifts her basket
Carrying the burden on her tender shoulders.

On being asked, what would you want to be
"A doctor ", she replies with glee
Breaking into an angelic smile
She walks away.....

A Lost Child hood, Hundred Broken Dreams
She silently gets lost in the crowd of Millions
Selling her wares,Selling her innocence
Pushed and Shoved in the crowds

On my way back,I Find her sitting alone
A broken doll , a broken toy would lay by her side
Nothing to study, nothing to look forward for
A day of Struggle just sets by.

No crayons would add the hue
No spray paints would add that color
Hardships and struggles have marred her life
Colors of Worry Now Fill The Palette Of her Life

A boulevard of broken dreams she lives in
Having Lost Her way to A Carefree Childhood,
Stuck in a maze of poverty
She stares into the void with empty eyes

Unsure of what the future beholds for her
Unsure of what the next morning awaits
She slips into deep slumber on the pavement
Skeptical of waking up alive the next day....


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